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    ❝ Tired of not being able to contact your fellow roleplayers? Lost without a plot to discuss? Well, it's your lucky day, because THE SIGNUPS AND PLOT DISCUSSION FORUM has got a plan for you!❞

    Just an OOC for the roleplay PROJECT ➛ CRUSH. Feel free to chat in here! c:
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  2. I found the OOC! This RP sounds really fun, hope my charrie gets accepted!
  3. n un I've messaged you back with some changes, but everything else seems A-OK!
  4. :) I've finished the edits now too, so I hope we get some more people interested soon!
  5. I have no idea which character to use. I mean, none of my regulars even come close to fitting, but... new characters always sound so...iffy because I don't know them yet.
  6. But getting used to a new character is like making a new friend! ;)
  7. I'm sure you'll figure something out! n un
  8. I know! I'm making her from scratch. Figured I'd start by answering the questions, and then I'd give her a name and age and such, something that fits her personality. And woow, do I love her already! SHE IS SOOO MUCH FUN!
  9. YAY, a fun charrie! I hope our charries can get along well ^.^ Can I stroke her?
  10. ehehehe. only if you don't mind her stroking you back. eheheheh
  11. Does she bite?
  12. Sometimes. Shes on the list now, so you can go check her out.
  13. *goes peeping* Oh wow, her name. I'm sorry, but I shall never be able to pronounce it!

    And i've just realized i screwed up my grammar for the first 2 short answers >.<
  14. Ah, just ignore the patronymic and her surname, and focus on her first name and the diminutive of it. You can call her Vera or Verushka, although I doubt anyone who isn't familiar with Russian nicknames would think to call her Verushka without being told to....
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  15. Hmm....
    *looks at amazing people*

    Damn, I can't make up my mind; perhaps I'll see what you wonderful role players created, and then I'll think about it~!

    EDIT: Oh, wow~!
    I love your character, Murasaki-sama~!
    She's so unique~!
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  16. Thank you Nue. I wanted to make her...different. booky, but not shy. confident, but not a tom boy, you know?
  17. Sure thing; I'm the same way in real life.
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  18. Wow, I'm glad to see that people have taken interest in this! :-)
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  19. It just occurred to me...How is one supposed to access rooms one, four, seven and ten? They don't connect to the hallway? I know you made the maps last night, soo..didn't expect them to be perfect. I like the mistake. its fun.
  20. Ahaha, well, let's just pretend there's a great big hallway that connects everything? :'D
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