Project Archangel goes to Hell

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  1. The scientist where working harder then ever as the life form in the energy bubble was not moving but the head scientist Josh was surprised to see that he multiple burns and what looked like scars where starting to heal as he wrote down notes.

    "Healing on his own interesting he is I will say that. Anything else we have on this man any documents or anything?" He asked the computer team but they all shook their head as they couldn't decode some of the files as you need a hacker pro to decode this crypted things. Josh sighed as he sat down and looked at the man and writes down notes thinking about it all.


    The agents watched as five major terrorist where dragged in by Sasha and her massive dog named shade that agents learned to fear very quickly and if you didn't you learned really fast to fear it. It dragged two males by the legs to the prison and threw them in along with the other one Sasha had. She slammed the door close and scowled darkly.

    "Pricks" she scowled as she turned and walked to her office her large fluffy black dog (humans see) trotted after her Nd she opened the door to find a male in her seat . Her eyes went cold and eyes brows went low and angry "get out of my seat before I decide to shoot you. Who are you and why you here?" She demanded not knowing this was her new partner. Sasha looked like a deadly viper in all honesty her very hot ...almost unhuman hot body made her attractive and simmer. But her voice was beyond scary and threatening. Her large dog snarled verily not liking this male there fangs bared and eyes narrowed into deep slits. Her dog was like four feet tall.
  2. Emily checked her watch for what felt like the thousandth time that morning, "I starting a new job" she said as she looked in the mirror and grabbed her car keys of the side, closing the door to her small one bed apartment she raced down the stairs to the underground garage, "come on girl“ she purred to her almost had it mini cooper as she turned the key. With her eyes some what closed she breathed a sigh of relive as the engine kicked in first time " well done" she cooed as she pulled out of the garage and on to the main road.

    It didn't take her to long to get to the base where she would be working and as she walked in a rather large female asked for her ID badge handing it over Emily stood stock still and waited until the woman handed it back and buzzed her through "just walk straight down that corridor take the lift to the bottom floor, turn left and it's the last door down there your key card will allow you to enter" with that said the woman turned and continued what ever she was doing before Emily had shown up. With her head held high Emily walked towards the lift and started her descend ok you have this you will be fine just relax and stay calm she told her self as the doors opened on the bottom floor. As the last door got closer she could hear voices talking she had heard a lot of how clever and amazing Josh her new boss was but that was all.

    With a deep breath she opened the door and walked in had a look around and her heart almost stopped as she saw a guy with longish hair tied at the back with a face of an angel please don't let him be my boss she said to herself as she stepped closer. "Hello I'm Emily, it's my first day here" she said with a smile and a slight reddening to her her cheeks.


    Darrius walked into work as he always did "good morning good looking" he said and winked at the woman behind the desk as he walked through the security check. Once through he saw one of his friends some one he had worked with on and off for years "hey James, hows the love life" he called over as he strolled up to Jame. "shut up you dick how's yours?" James asked as he slapped Darrius on the back both men chuckled to themselves "yeah same as always nothing non-existent" Darrius smiled " but today is a new day and I get to meet my new partner Sasha" at the name James went as white as a sheet "Yo dude whats with the face?" Darrius asked "Just don't piss her off and for gods sake don't flirt with her she will wear you nuts as earings if you do" James said as he was called off by his own partner "good luck mate" he shouted as he rounded the corner. What the hell is up with him Darrius thought as he knocked on the door to Sasha's office.

    No reply came "oh well looks like I will just have to wait" he said as he opened her door and let himself in. The first thing he noticed was the huge chair behind the desk, with a cheeky grin on his face he walked over and sat down placing his hands above his head "now this is the life" he said as he closed his eyes with a smile.

    Just as Darrius got cozy he heard the door open and the woman who walked through took his breath away he hadn't even heard what she had said but the look in her told him he was in big trouble. Standing slowly Darrius noticed the huge dog damn that's a bear not a dog he thought as he straightened to his 6" 7ich "listen I'm sorry about that I just wanted to see what the view was like from the top of the food chain" he said with a smile and held his hand out "I'm Darrius, your new partner" he said as he slowly walked around to the front of the desk.
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  3. Josh turned his chair and looked at Emily and smiles "hello and welcome to the project zone. I am Josh the boss of the project zone come ill show you around" he said and walked down the hallway and to the large lab room where there where nine scientist with them there. They where working on computers, in the middle was the room was a ball of engery and inside was a golden winged male .

    "This is the archangel of the project we don't know really anything about him then he can heal his wounds" Josh said walking forward slowly and stood before the ball of engery smiling gently. The ball hummed with power it glows green and blue and golden swirls around it.


    Sasha sighed and took his hand and her grip was very hard as she smiles as she brought him to his knees in pain from her grip. She smiles as she looked down at him.

    "I'm Sasha your boss" she said and let go and walked to her chair and flopped on the chair as her bear sized dog growled slightly at him and walked past him and went to Sasha desk and laid beside her carefully growling gently.

    "So tell me a little about yourself there hmmmmm also who made you my partner I will need to talk with him" said slowly looking at him darkly her stunning bright brown eyes where fixed on him. Her eyes looking at him sharply and leaned back in the chair.
  4. Damn it was the first thought to run through Emily's mind as the extremely hot guy in front of her said he was Josh. As he stood up Emily took a deep silent breath and followed him as he showed her around. Walking into the room that was obviously the main room she looked around at the others sitting at the computers typing and analyzing everything on the screen. Feeling somewhat more relaxed Emily smiled as she took in the ball of energy her mouth dropped to the floor the being inside was amazing to behold, everything from his skin to the wings on his back looked as if he had jumped out of one of her fantasy book.

    Looking up at Josh she closed her mouth " wow.....ok then this is new on me" she said trying to conceal her shock, She couldn't take her eyes of the man or the energy ball the colors where intense but not painful to the eyes. With a slight cough to clear her throat she turned to Josh " so how long has he been here? and how long have you been working here trying to find out anything about him?" she asked trying her best not to show her shock.


    As Sasha griped his hand he felt the bones squeezing inside and couldn't help but fall to his knees shit she is a lot stronger then she looks he thought as she walked away. Darrius stood up and rubbed his hand for a moment as he listened to her voice, "All I know is I got a message late last night that I was to meet you here and you where my new partner, the only other thing I can tell you is it came through with no number so in my books that would be the highest of the high" he said as he stood there looking at her.

    After he finished talking and before she could say anything he opened his mouth " do you mind if I sit here" he said pointing to the seat in front of her on the other side of the desk. Not wanting to offender her in anyway. But he couldn't help the 100 watt smile as he awaited her answer.
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  5. (Forgive me on my phone)

    Josh laughed gently "I have been here since I was nineteen years old. We don't really learn anything in all honesty. Stays unknown by us" he said kindly looking at her with kind smile. The angel in the bubble wings flared up catching flames before dying down.


    Sasha sighed gently and nodded "sure sit. Didn't think you get so tired so easily" she said mockingly. Sasha then sighed and rubbed her head tiredly "well in about an hour you and I will be going to city of California on a plane to shut down a big drug dealer family" she said "shade will also be going" smiles as the massive dog lifted its head happily wagging its tail.
  6. As Josh spoke Emily could still see the man out of the corner of her eye, and she couldn't help but wonder who he was and how long he had been inside the ball of energy for, but she was certain standing around staring wasn't going to help find out any answers to any of the questions herself or Josh had about him.

    With a quick intake of breath she rubbed her hands on the cotton of her calf length brown skirt "So then boss, where do we begin, as standing around not doing any work wont help answer questions" She said with a huge smile as she pushed her round rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose.

    Emily always felt better and calmer once she was working, it was her escape from real life not that she had a social life as such but she enjoyed her work and was normally always the first in and last out not the best way to make friends and influence people, but that was her and she was happy with it. Not many people would understand the ins and out of working organs or dialects of old that no one had spoken in over 300 years, So she couldn't really see the point of socializing.


    Darrius wasn't stupid he could tell that Sash wasn't happy about the pairing and he had heard that she liked things done her way or it was the highway, He didn't have any really worries with that as he had grown up with a strong woman who took no shit from anyone. "Yeah you know I can't help wanting to sit, it doesn't feel right me towering over you while your sat down you are my boss at the end of the day" he couldn't help but say the first thing that came to his mind as he sat down in the chair opposite Sasha and the beast she called shade.

    Noticing Sash rub her head he was in half a mind to ask if she was alright but thought better of it as she continued to speak. "Ahhh drug den been awhile since I have been on one of them, I'm guessing it is the Clare family as they are already a well known family and have been for a few years now but there has never been quite enough evidence to to take them down" He said hoping to hell he had the right family it had been one of the first cases he had been put on when he first joined and they had got away by the skin of there teeth that time and he had sworn then he would see them sent down or worse.
  7. Josh looked at her carefully "it is ok, all we have been doing is really keeping tabs on him he doesn't do much or the bubble its been slowl and boreing I must say" he said though he noticed one computer started to flash showing the bubble was seemed to starting to grow slightly in power.. Josh raised eyebrow "well well well its all starting up now lets see whats going on" muses gently. The man in the ball of energy started to almost seem to move slightly his wings seemed to move now different look now the wings where arched above his head its wings caught flamw once more and kept burning.


    Sasha sighed gently "wrong family its the Nijua Family we are after. Their eldest son Petro is the head of the mob his father is in costudy here thanks to his foolish act against the apartment by trying to blow it up" She said sighing gently and spun around in her chair slightly and smiles gently "but the one you need to watch out for is Sangy the eldest daughter a whore who likes to kill agents that like to flirt and has them right under her fingers and then bam slices their throat." she said and her dog growled gently and nodded slowly. She smiles and then tossed her new partner a passport.

    "Meet me at the Starewart Airport tonight at eight we are getting on eight thirty flight and we should be there by the next afternoon" said slowly and nodded and said "get some sleep and rest and be there before eight thirty if you are not you will be left behind" said slowly and walked out of the office her dog fallowing happily gently wagging its tail . She walked down the hallway swiftly as she went outside and sat down on the stairs and pets her dog gently as it laid down beside her and she smiles gently.
  8. Emily was watching the others of her kind in the room as Josh spoke, and she to noticed one of the many computer screens started to flash, she could tell in an instance that this screen presently was fixed on measuring the wave lengths that where coming from the ball. As she moved closer to the screen she turned around to see if there was anything different with the man inside. Emily wasn't 100 percent sure but she thought his wings had moved some what from when she was first bought into the room.

    But before she could say anything the computer started to flash again take her mind back to the job at hand. No time like the present she thought as she took the seat in front of the screen and started to type in commands to see what type or reaction the ball was let off, she also split the screen so she could see what the difference was over the last 24 hours.

    As she was looking at the graph in front of her she realized that Josh was standing behind her, turning around in the chair she looked up at him over her glasses "Sorry I didn't mean to just plonk myself down I'm really sorry if I have over stepped the mark" she said with a small embarrassed grin.


    It took all Darrius had not to roll his eyes at Sasha like I would ever flirt with a know criminal family what kind of dick head does she take me for he thought to himself as she continued to talk to him, he knew the family she was referring to they where on the departments hit list too and he knew about the sister he had been there when they found his first partner with his throat ripped out but he kept his mouth shut.

    Darrius caught the passport in the air and smiled as Sasha finished talking he said "I won't be late" but she had already started to walk out of the room and he couldn't help but mutter under his breath knowing no human would hear him "you cant get rid of me that easy" as he too stood up and walked out of the office.

    "Well that was fun" he said to himself in the bathroom mirror just moments after walking out of Sasha's office he could understand why other where put of by her but she had something that he liked but he knew better then to try anything with her. "Right Darrius from now on be professional it's the only language she knows" with that he washed his hands and walked out of the bathroom and to his own office where he pretty much lived and he pack a few bit's in to an over night bag and sat down at his desk and typed in the family name Nijua and read what came up.

    It felt as if no time had pasted at all when his alarm went off telling him he had to make it to the airport so he closed down his pc and walked out of his office down the hall and out in to the early nighttime air, taking a deep breath he hailed a cab and knew he would be at the airport well within the time space.

    The cab pulled up to the drop off at 6:55, he paid the driver and went inside to the normal place that the company use to take the flights out with and sat down and pulled out the book he had been reading for a little while now Terry Pratchett color of magic and waited for Sasha and Shade to turn up.
  9. Joshchuckled gently as he símiles and nodded He was imperessedby her in al honesty Well she worked at fast pace. "Awesome job I must say. Shall I show you where you shall be working for a bit of time?" He asked walking off down the hall to a room that had windows that could over look on the lab "this is the research center in the lab, you shall be overlooking the bubble and the man inside. I shall be on ground floor and taking notes as we'll." he said slowly.

    Ash smiles and walked off toward the main deck "have fun and explore and have fun with research" he said smiling and walked down. She would have two screen on the bubble entry level and some history of the bubble and energy level


    Sasha was not late at all, her dog trotted through the airport it's large body shined in the lights of the place. Shade went over and barked at the man sharply and placed a paw on the book. Sasha came in as well smirking.

    "Nice to see someone finally in the right time slot" she said amused as she sat down and shade trotted to her and curled up beside her happily. She hears someone getting robbed somewhere far off in the airport "shade sick um" untied his Leah and the dog barked and lunged into the crowd and got the man and waited for police and then trotted back happily and sat down.

    As the time passed Sasha smiles as the plane came and they got on as regular person and smiles as her dog was allowed in and he sat perfectly straight not effected by the stares it got. As the plane took off Sasha stares out the window and eyes closed,

    "Don't let him get hurt because of me" she breathed sadly and eyes closed as she mediated into her sleep phase. As she woke up the next morning she grumbled gently and noticed her dog was still awake and looking around slowly. The plane landed and she woke up her partner "wake up" she said and they got off and passed into California .

    She smiles as she had a a plan and didn't know just how wrong it would go very fast. She smiles as they got driven to the hotel and got her and her faithful per a room and smiles as she nodded giving him a key

    "Alrighty I shall see you later tonight for a first snoop around" she said as she left to go to her room, a faith smile on her lips. She walked to her room and flopped on the bed tired and eyes closed.

    Later that night

    The daughter of the drug dealer had learned about this unfortunately welcome by the agents, she grinned happily and walked off toward the hotel and got in easily. She smirks darkly coming into the room of the agent seeing he was finishing a shower. She made sure to plant a virus into his computer

    She then hears him turn the water off and smirks hiding behind the door and when it opened she punched him in the face making him stumble into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Her very sharp fingernails shined "hey little agent I am sorry but don't plan on letting come out alive today" grinned darkly kicking his stomach sharply and then grabbed his arm and slashed with her fingernail creating a very painful gash on it.

    Sasha hearing something like a scream jumped up and ran out with her dog and ran to the room to find he door locked and used her stuff to unlock it and slammed in and ponder on the door.

    "Leave him alive you prick of a female" she yelled kicking the door angrily. The drug dealer daughter laughed "your paired up with agent Sasha that's funny you know very funny why do you care Sasha hmmm?" She snickered finger on the males lips to not speak or he would be loosening something.

    "Because that strange person who assigned him to be my partner was me alright ? Yeah you heard me I want the boy as my partner I have seen how well he has done and what he has done and damn I am proud of him" kicked the door down and kicked the girl away from her partner and crouched low to him looking at the gash "damn that must hurt" she said as her dog trotted in snarling sharply and stood defensive of them fur bristled and fangs bared.
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  10. Every time that Josh smiled Emily's heart done a flip flop come on girl keep it together his your boss for god's sake she thought to herself as she stood up and followed him out to a new room where she was going to be work. When she walked in she had a clear view of the ball of energy and the male within it she also had two screens set up showing signs of the ball's activity and she could split the screen to read the electrical waves coming from the man himself.

    Before Josh walked out to go about his only daily routine she called out "Hey Josh, thanks I look forward to seeing if we put our head together we can crack the mysteries within" with that said she sat down and began going over the last readings and cross referencing them with the same times for the last week.


    Darrius was to involved in his book and hadn't noticed that Sasha and Shade had shown up until a paw hide the word he was going to read "Well good evening Shade" he said to the dog as he closed his book and replaced it back into his over night bag. As Sasha walked into the room he didn't answer her as she sat down he just smiled.

    When Shade went dashing off he wondered what had happened until he saw the huge dog pinning someone down who had obviously being doing wrong damn that is no normal dog he thought as he walked over to the plane door. Nothing happened on the flight but he couldn't help but smirk as he watched others reactions to the extremely well behaved animal.

    Taking his seat he pulled out his book and continued to read he couldn't help the quick glance he gave his partner as she slept. He kept reading until he fell asleep knowing that Sasha would awaken him when they got to there destination, and right on Que at a really good part of a dream he could hear her voice calling to him and he awoke in an instant.

    Darrius didn't really talk as he was to focused and what would happen with the job he always over analyzed everything as he didn't like leaving things to luck, the drive from the airport to the hotel didn't take to long and before he knew Sasha was handing him a key card to his own room and walking away.

    "Well ok then" he said as he opened the door to his room, nothing out of the ordinary there was a double bed bedside table, a kettle for making tea and coffee on a desk with a mirror and chair where he placed his laptop down and a mini bar. Shrugging his suit jacket off he placed it over the back of the chair and undone his tie as he walked into the bathroom to grab a shower before re-meeting up with Sasha later.

    As he turned on the water he let out a sigh I really do hope we learn to get along he thought as the warm water run over his head and down his body. He never heard the door to his room open.

    Wrapping a towel just hanging off his hips he opens the door to be greeted by a punch in the face it didn't hurt it was more shock then anything, "What the fuck" was all he could say before he noticed the door behind the woman was closed and the foot coming straight at his stomach the only real pain he felt was when the bitch dug her nails in to his arm leaving a trail of red and exposed layers of skin the grunt like scream he couldn't hold back echoed of the walls of the bathroom.

    Upon hearing Sasha Darrius wanted to tell her to get the hell out but he couldn't as the crazy woman who he then realized was none other then the whore of the family they where after placed her blood stained finger over his mouth.

    Darrius wasn't sure who was more shocked himself or the bitch in front of him as Sasha admitted to being the one to choose him as her new partner he couldn't help the swell of pride in his chest but knew that now was not the time and he had to think quick on his feet, but before he could formulate a plan Sasha and Shade where with him Darruis couldn't help the small laugh that escaped his lips "Yeah but I can cope, I have had worse" he said with a small wink.
  11. Josh smiles and nodded as he walked out slowly and to his work space as he looked over some notes and all smiling to himself. He closed his eyes gently and relaxed, he had not slept in two days thanks to the project and everything, it can take a toll on you. He smiles weakly as he fell asleep not knowing just what was going on in the other room.

    The energy ball did nothing but every hour or so the ball gave off asmall bunt of power that knocked out the computers and deleted saved data, as if the man inside the ball knew what was going on and didn't like it.


    Sasha rolled her eyes at his comment and yelped as the drug dealer daughter tackled her away and the two go fighting around in the room. Sasha flipped her over a table and cracked the table but the girl refused to yeild to the beating she was getting. Slashing out with deadly nails slashed sasha across the face and made deep claw marks in her face.

    "yeah bitch what you going to do now ?" cackled and yelped as Sasha kicked her and tazed her and then cuffed her to the bed post and scowled slightly. the claw mark on her face hurt alot but she ignored it. She went back slowly and shade jumped up and got the first aid kit and gave it to sasha. Sasha opens it and started wrapping up his arm.

    "should be more careful there hmmm ? don;'t want my partner dead" she joked ignoring the blood that came from the claw mark on her face. it was nasty and deep. sasha was lighteaded as she was finished and wincing start to feel dizzy and woozy. her dog barked in alarm and barks again as Sasha fainted from loss of blood and she was beat up as well from that bitch's very powerful punches and slashs at her.
  12. As Josh walks away Emily gets straight to work and goes over old readings from both the male and the ball the first thing she notices is that when Josh said nothing had really happened he wasn't joking around everything had been rather steady up until lately where the ball was giving off more energy, but just as she was going to take a quick peek at what was happening now everything died "What the hell" she said as she got out of her chair to look around but she couldn't see anyone else with in calling range Josh looked as if he had fallen asleep but she didn't have the heart to go and wake him up. Think she said to her self but before the thought had even finished forming the screens in her room buzzed back to life and the readings started to show an enormous amount of energy flowing from both the ball and the male inside "Ok why now," she said with her hands on her hips as she looked through the window at the man.

    With a sigh she walked towards her office door and opened it, slowly walking across to where Josh slept with a smile on his face, Emily couldn't help the smile that spreed and reddened her cheeks "I'm really sorry to do this" she whispered as she could tell he hadn't been getting an awful lot of sleep but she knew he had to be woken up.

    "Josh, Josh you need to wake up it's me Emily" she said as she closed the distance between them and lay her small hand on his shoulder.


    Darrius couldn't do a lot as he watched the two females fight it out between them as his arm had started to throb he could feel the blood running down his arm, It didn't take Sasha long to take down the drug lords bitch and the sigh of relief couldn't help escape Darrius's throat. He could see that Sasha had taken a real nasty slash to her face as she bandaged him up "Looks like you got on her bad side to he said just as she finished wrapping his arm.

    As Sasha fell Darrius moved to catch her so she didn't do any more damage then what had already been done "shit" was all he could say as he rested her head on his naked thigh "Shade I know you don't like me much but can you push that first aid kit over" Darrius wasn't sure f the dog would understand him but he hoped to hell he would he could also see the worry in the dogs eyes, but before he had time to panic the dog moved closer to him with first aid kit at his paw. "Who's a good dog now stay with her she will need your warmth" Darrius said as he pulled out antibacterial wipes to clean the wound and have a real look at it.

    Darrius wasn't to worried about the woman in the next room as she was still unconscious due to the tazer and she was handcuffed to the bed post so he used all his concentration on getting Sasha cleaned up. Once he had cleaned around the wound he could see the scratches more clearly "This needs stitches" he said to no one in particular with a deep breath he searched the first aid kit to see what else was in there to help.

    Darrius found a butterfly stitch kit it wasn't the best thing but it would hold for now once he had secured the sticky stitches to the wound he re cleaned it with more antibacterial wipes, he could see Sasha was breathing by the rise and fall of her chest so he started to calm down knowing she would be alright. Just then he could hear movement in the other room.

    In a slight whisper he bent his head down as not to be over heard "Right Shade stay here and keep Sasha warm I will be back, but I just need to do something I hate to do and kick that Bitch down a peg or two" He said to the hound laying almost over his partner. Once he was happy with the towel's under Sasha's head Darrius stood and only then realized his towel wasn't really covering much, Oppps he thought as he re adjusted it to keep some what of his modesty in place. Darrius walked out of the bathroom and saw that the woman was staring at him with pure hate in her eyes.

    "So what now where is your wonderful partner dead I hope" the whore said as Darrius approached her "Dead Sasha really??? is that what you think please it would take a lot more then you to kill her" he said with a slightly laughing tone. Without giving it a second thought he put his hand around her neck and pushed the pressure point to knock her out. He was more worried about Sasha than having a slanging match with someone who wasn't worth it.

    Walking back to the bathroom he bent down on his knees and stroked Sasha's hair "come on you this is not the best time for catching zzz's" his said with a smirk on his face.
  13. Josh jolted awake grumbling in pain and rubbed his eyes gently "ugh what now?" he asked slowly looking at his fellow worker. he smiles sweetly "sorry a bit rude on my part that was for a different person. whats up?" he asked and looked at his computer that had shut off and raised eyebrow slightly at that.

    "the ball giving out flares of power as if singallign something" he said tired rubbing his neck that hurt.


    Sasha was having a devine dream about her home in hell, her life when humans never came into play and when her dear father allowed her to work on a top secret project. She hears the voice of her beloved partner and her hand shot up and grapped his arm tightly and above her head "No touching me when i am passed out" she mummbled as she opened her eyes tired as she looked at him once more and looked around wozzy "ugh need water, damn that bitch has sharp claws" muses gently ignoring how much face her wound gave her.

    Shade barked deeply and ran to the main room and trotted to the water macheine and got her a glass of water and moced head side ways and trotted back and put it next to her and barked once more and licked her face happily and nuzzled her back happy she was alive and well. Sasha smiles "uh thanks for taking care of the wound" she said looking down slightly and drank some water.
  14. Emily took a small step back as Josh woke up "sorry to wake you it looked like you were having a good dream” she smiled as she watched him look at the blank screen. "This is why I woke you up, I have gone through a lot of the history on this ball but it has never effected it's surrounding areas like this before" she said grabbing a chair so she could sit with him to see if between them they could do some thing "also the electrics keep flicking in and out so it is not your run of the mill power outage and the fact the generators don't kick in have had me wondering what we are to expect if it continues to expand and grow with more energy"

    Emily pushed her glasses up her nose "I'm sorry to just ramble like this" she said just as the electrics came back on. Turning around she could see the other scientists had re-entered the room "Nice of you to join us" she said with a little to much sarcasm but she just turned her head to see that the ball was in fact almost rippling.


    Darrius knew the moment that Sasha had come back to him when she grabbed him "Hey sorry but at least your awake now" he said as he slowly moved away from her so she could have some space. Watching in awe as the dog went and got her water he couldn't help thinking that some thing wasn't quite as it seamed with the two of them but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

    "Your welcome, you sorted my wound out it was the least I could do" he said as he straitened the towel around his hips I really need to get some clothes on he thought to himself as he stood there watching to make sure Sasha didn't pass out again. "Oh and that think in there with the claws is out for the count" he said with a smirk.

    Looking down at his partner he smiled "well it would appear that today was not your day to die and now I know that you will live I'm just going to get some clothes on" with that said he walked out of the bathroom took a quick glance to make sure that what ever her name was was out cold before he went to his over night bag and grabbed a pair of black joggers. Walking back to the bathroom with the joggers over his shoulder he said "I'm gonna get changed behind there if that's ok with you as I'm not to cozy with the idea of getting changed out there with her even if she is out of it" he said with a small unsure smile on his face.
  15. Josh looked over the files and smiled gently looking at eveyrthing that they had and gotten from history and blinked "Ok power outage in new York two years ago made the city loose power for 12 days. They thought it might have to do with the ball as it seemed to react to human interactions and all. So I guess it reacts to what we are doing to it" He said confused, but still no one knew just who the man was and how he got here. He blinked "guess we should check it all out hmmm?" looked at the clock it was late in the afternoon nearly dinner and smiles gently.

    "So want to geta bite to eat?" he asked slowly to her a smile on his face. He wasn't going to take a no actually and he knew she might be hungry.


    Sasha smiles weakly and nodded "sure thats fine" she said slowly and eyes closed gently as she wobbled to her feet. She winced in pain as her back was throbbing and had not known that the girl had dug hr nails into her back causing a massive mark on her back. It was bledding very slowly but it was infected and it looked very painful. What she didn't know was that her demonic healing was starting to take effect meaning that the nasty mark on her back was slowly starting ti dispparear.

    Her dog howled gently and wagged its tail and then ears perked gently and looked at the window and barked at it angrily fangs bared. Sasha looked at the window and growled gently seeing the SWAT Team coming in from a call from, the whore had framed them for kidnapping and rape assult. Sasha growled "stay behind me" she said angrily as the swat team poihted guns at them "Release the girl now you are under arrest" the commander said.

    Sasha eyes turned black and as a swat team fire a gun and lunged forward her body ripped open into the form of a massive wolf that was the size of a car. the wolf howled angrily fangs bared and wounded the swat team snapping her jaws and all. Before her partner could saw anything she grabbed him and got him onto her back and grabbed his bag and hers. Shade few large black wings and flew out the window . Sasha lunged through the window with her partner as they fell through the air her eyes turned red and they vanished into the shadows and landed in a foresyt. She let him off and growled gently at herself and backed away from him and sat down around twnety feet from her and looked away as if she was ashamed for what she was.....whatever she was.
  16. Emily had been looking over Josh's shoulder as he went through past black out's that could be to do with the ball. Emily hadn't even thought about food or what time it was she was enjoying her work to much but right on cue as Josh said about going for food her stomach grumbled. Looking down totally embarrassed by her stomach Emily said "Yeah that sound's like a great idea".

    Moving out of the way so they could go grab a bite to eat Emily smiled to herself as she walked following josh out of the main room after he told everyone to just keep watch and not do anything. Not to later they walked into a small but comfortable kitchen area. Looking up she spoke to Josh " So what made you want to be a scientist?" she asked as she walked over to a coffee machine and made herself a mocha.


    Darrius walked off to get changed behind the shower glass and was just pulling on his joggers when he heard a commotion not again he thought as he opened the shower glass the eyes of what ever was standing in front of him reminded him of Sasha but before he could think on more about it he got dragged out of the smashed bathroom window "WHAT the fuck" he said as he fell Darrius closed his eyes waiting for the impact of the hard pavement and the pain that would undoubtedly follow.

    After a short while Darrius realized that he hadn't hit hard ground and could feel soft grass under him and the cool wind almost caressing his naked torso. Opening his eyes he saw the biggest wolf like dog he had ever seen. His mouth fell open at the size of it but for some reason he wasn't worried or scared of it so he slowly stood up and walked careful closer. "You saved me didn't you?" he asked gently edging ever closer. Darrius hadn't noticed where he was as his eyes where trained on the animal in front of him.

    As he was about to take another step forward his brain caught up with him "Sasha where is Sasha and Shade?" he asked carefully as not to scare the thing in front of him. He could tell that the beast was ashamed for some reason but he had no idea why.
  17. Josh smiles "My parents where scientist and i wanted to be one like them but other then that nothing much other then it was fun to learn about and all" smiles gently looking at her gently and got himse;lf a pepsi. he didn't like coffee it didn't taste good to him and smiles as he sat down slowly. he looked at the place "worked here for a long time never really understood why everything is very...strange here. people's moods and all seem to change here. better or worse" he smiles gently looking at her once more.


    Sasha looked at him once more and barked sharply and shade appeared from the forest and wagged his tail happily. He barked back asnif saying its alright. the wolf form shrunk down and shifted into ....Sasha. She sat on the ground fully clothed still and looked down slightly and then looked at Darrius and sighed gently.

    "well that was not meant to happen" she mutters she still had her wolf ears and tail curled around her carefully as if to keep her safe. She smiles gently and stood up. "Alright well i guess I should tell you just who I am. I am Sasha .......a demon. I was taken to earth by my father to watch over a project called the Archangel Project. I have worked under cover in the agentcy for many years and hidden myself from my true form. I am a hellhound summoner, Shade is a hellhound a dog with an amazing brain and memory.

  18. Emily grabbed her coffee once the machine had finished with it and grabbed a small cheese salad and a ham and tomato salad from the fridge as she went to sit with Josh. Once she sat down she smiled “well I’m sure there was mention of food at some point” she said placing the food in front of them both with a smile.
    “That’s the same reason I became what I’m today and the fact that what we do can and will make the place a better place for people to live I like to help others” she said and then took a sip of her coffee.


    The big wolf like dog barked and he saw Shade appear from nowhere but before he could even ask where Sasha was the animal in front of him started to change, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he saw Sasha now sat in front of him.

    Darrius mouth fell open as she begun talk but he listened to every word she said with out even trying to interrupt her. He kept looking from Sasha to Shade and back again. Before she had finished talking Darrius sat down on the ground where he stood.

    “This is a lot to take in and I don’t mean to stare but a Demon? And whats this Archangel project all about?” Darrius just sat there feeling slightly numb nothing like this had ever happened to him in his life and he had had a lot go wrong but to find out Demons where real it was a huge shock to his system.
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