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Fantasy, Modern Fantasy
This would be a modern fantasy RP.

The world has always been home to inhuman beasts as well as mankind. These so called monsters always begin as people, twisted into their current form by curses, enchantments and black magic. Nearly all monsters own immortality of some kind, as well as strange abilities. In the past, management of these creatures was left to organisations known by various names, the English term for them being Paladins. Most monsters can be killed by human means, however, due to their typically enhanced regeneration, enchanted weapons are usually employed instead.

However, recently, for an unknown cause (I'm yet to decide what, so suggestions would be good), frequency of monster attacks is increasing dramatically to the point that Paladins alone are not capable of dealing with them all. And so, Project 13 was designed, and put into practice 4 years ago. What did this project attempt to do? Nothing more than create obedient and domesticated monsters for use as weapons against the savage monsters.

Essentially, this would be a low-fantasy modern RP about the player character monsters hunting other monsters of various kinds - werewolves, vampires, witches etc.
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