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So, I'm a history buff and I am sure a lot of people are as well on here. [hopefully!] Aside from the ordinary fantasy/modern type roleplays, I decided to have the era of a potential roleplay during the age of Prohibition and a time where Organized crime was hitting its peak and was just beginning to form.

This includes Speak easies, bootlegging, And of course...Al Capone.

I would like to relatively keep this historically close, meaning, portraying the possible opinions, behaviors, etc of those for and against the Prohibition act. If you do your research, you will find that the KKK also played a part [or so I read, anyway], but before I allow anyone's character to be part of said clan, I will check it with a mod. Up till this point, I will allow it unless stated otherwise.

But aside from all that, this is a fairly open RP, and I am more than happy to accept ideas or plot thoughts and such. Please let me know if you think this will be an interesting idea or not. It allows for a huge variety of character types, and backgrounds, and I am sure that people will have fun with it. : 3
I might possibly be interested >_>
This could be awesome.
Oh oh oh oh oh! This is fabulous. : D

For those who are not quite as historically kept as myself [though I do tend to lack solid parts in memory and have that of swiss cheese... mm cheese...] I will put up a referral sheet with a list of jargon, and important events and such that happened. I in no way want this to be a historical time line of events. We're out here for fun... not school work! D<

I have an idea for my character. Basically a guy that is back from WW1 (Depending on if it's set in the 1920s or 30s, I believe the 20s were the start of prohibition?) Anyway, he would have ties to the Mob, possibly not yet a 'made man' but working towards that? Just a rough idea. I can see him as in the forefront of the war against law enforcement. Smuggling booze, extortion, doing whatever he can to rise to the top.

Also I told you in the cbox, but November is going to be supah busy time for me x_X However, I would very much like to play. So hopefully we can make it work : )
I might possibly be interested as well. I love history.
Feel free to create a chara sheet and start posting. : 3