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  1. Okay to explain what Prohibition is since some might not know, Prohibition was a time period in which the US banned any and all sale, consumption, and production of alcohol. A very basic explanation but I do believe it gets the point of it across and I lack exacting knowledge of the time period to give a truly in depth explanation.
    Just a setting I've been wanting to RP in for a while.

    And as a side note if I'm using the Group RP Plotting tag wrong do please tell me. Been quite a while since I've been here so I'm uncertain whether this is what the tag is for or not.
  2. Ahhh, the Roaring 20's. It would be an interesting rp though a real time in history.
  3. It was and is an interesting period of time, at least to me. There's also a few different ways to go about the RP itself, since we could be on either side of the law. I personally think whatever it ends up as the RP will be interesting.
  4. I adore 20's settings and gangsters so I'd support it. Just need some kind of macguffin or goal to drive things forward so the RP doesn't stall and you should be good to go!
  5. Yeah, having a goal is always good for the longevity of an RP. If we're gangsters there's a few different kinds of goals we could have, such as becoming the biggest (and possibly only) speak easy in the area, or we could be trying to start a new Mob family or something. I'm honestly up for most anything in the setting.
  6. I'm down for this.
  7. Well, I'll supply the iconic 20's Flapper. I'll just use one if my Senior portraits lol.
  8. I'm interested in this
  9. Alright, any preferences for which side of the law we're going to end up on?
    I'd prefer to be a gangster personally but I'll go with anything.
  10. I'm interested in just about anything from this era, I'd definitely be up for it.
  11. Sounds fun!
  12. So how about plot wise we're a group running a speak easy in a city. some of us would probably play the rum runners supplying the place, and we'd all be concerned with trying to increase business by taking care of the competition.
    Of course this would get fleshed out more, but for a basis does this sound good?
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  13. Possible interest here.

    Questions: would it make for a more interesting plot if people had played the "opposition?" That could be either officers of the law and/or other gangsters? Also, would this be built around a mafia family? That might help provide some structure.
  14. This sounds like an interesting setting, i would be up for joining
  15. If we be the bad guys then we should be a new family taking over.
  16. Okay to go ahead and give some quick answers to your questions, though I think this should more up to the group as a whole.

    People playing the opposition would be interesting, and could help set things in motion but it might get a bit confusing(IE: a person playing a cop posts but doesn't make it quite clear where he is, gangsters think he's in the speak easy and start shooting.).
    I'd probably keep the players playing opposition into one or the other of those two roles to help keep it a bit easier to follow. Having three groups hasn't seemed to work in my experience but then again it could be interesting.
    More then likely we'd be a new family trying to take over the alcohol distribution business in the city.

    This all sound good to everyone?
  17. Yoooo, I am so into prohibition stuff! Count me in!
  18. What writing level would this likely be placed at?
  19. I'm interested as well, sounds like a good idea and leaves a lot of doors open to be explored.
  20. writing level is something I'm personally not sure on for a couple of reasons. The first being that we'd most likely want it on a level were everyone interested can participate.
    Second being I have no actual concrete idea of where I fall in writing level to be honest.
    After finding the guide(which I somehow missed in the entirety of the time I've been here) I'm rather certain I fit into Elementary and Intermediate. Personally on writing level I'd prefer Intermediate.
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