Progress Report and Donating! Are we done? We're done!

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    Aside from that one little incident the other day with crashing the entire database during a perfect storm of ingredients all coming together to give Diana a bad day - our forum import has gone really awesome! We are now officially saying "it's done", as all of the most important things are all squared away. What's left now is little nitpick things and cleaning up. And... well... random bugs and stuff we might have missed!


    ---- Group threads are now DONE being transferred, thanks to Ozzie pointing and click for two days! What is NOT done is GROUP OWNERS. You need to claim your group in this thread so we can give you ownership access. ALSO, ALL MEMBERS HAVE TO REJOIN THEIR GROUPS. Owners and members didn't transfer. :( ADDITIONAL NOTE: Any group posts made by delete accounts also did not transfer, we're REALLY sorry about that and had no idea that would happen. BUT we still have the other database. If you have a roleplay thread that's missing posts from a deleted member account, you can request an html copy of the thread until the end of May. After that we HAVE to delete the old forum database.

    ---- Award medals like Member of the Month and Roleplayer of the Month, etc, etc have not been given out yet! Those should be appearing back in your profile soon.

    ---- Links are wrong all over the place! We're still trying to find the damned things and get them updated.

    ---- Our new Help Pages and FAQ are done, but some of the info has to be updated to reflect the new forums.

    ---- Some of our custom bbcodes are still missing.

    ---- Other stuff that you the nice wonder members need to bring up and report to us?


    Iwaku not a company or corporation. We dun make any money off this site from products or advertising. Our server, domain name, forum software, and extra goodies all come straight out of the pockets of peeps who have to buy groceries, make house payments and pay bills. D: In fact, if you would like to see just how much Iwaku costs each month, we just finished the new Donation Info Page!

    To get us through this transfer we exhausted aaaaaalll the money in the Iwaku donation kitty plus out of pocket cash from myself, a few wonderful staff members and donators. And there are still a couple things we are missing that members have requested.

    Now would be a super awesome time to donate to Iwaku and we would REEAAAALLLYYYY appreciate it!

    When you click Account Upgrades there are some simple donation options!

    And the SWEET part is that we now give donators some cool extra tools in the ROLEPLAY SECTIONS. 8D Something called "Topic Starter's Rights" where the Game Master (aka thread creator) can now manage their entire thread with edit tools.

    Again, if you see something missing, can't figure something out, have stumbled over something weeeird, make sure to report to us.
    There is always a lot of wonky stuff after a transfer and we're still learning how to do things. Your help in finding this stuff is paramount! 8D
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  2. I don't want to claim sole credit. So I won't. Well done everyone. (Yes you rabble.. erm.. members too for reporting things.)
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  3. *checks*

    I'm still an arsehole.

    Also, I'll pay for the HTML upgrade to get mah tables back. Diana, give me yo paypal.

    *goes to find all the billions of posts by deleted players in his roleplays*

    Also, will posts written by Guest accounts still show up when the old database is deleted?

    *edits for the fourteenth time*

    Actually, it might be easier if we had the list of Deleted Accounts from the old Iwaku. Then I could look at it and recall who was in my roleplays.

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  4. *Point Asmo towards the User Upgrade page where the paypaling donating button is located*

    Also, yes. Posts by guests are still showing up as with their original user name. Nothing about that will change at all. o__o; It's only the groups that had an issue with deleted members. Deleting the old database won't affect anything on this installation.
  5. So... how much is the HTML add-on?
  6. *fumbles for a currency converter!*

    10 US dollars!
  7. I already told both of you. >=(
  8. 9.99 it is.
  9. It's not my fault, Asmo is dumb! ;__;

    Vay will get that install for you this afternoon when he wakes up. 8D
  10. Are you going to show the Group posts on the forum like old Iwaku? <_<;; It was easier to see new posts and stuff especially for lazy people like me who don't like extra steps ;~; Also, the site looks awesome! Thank you for your hard work. <3
  11. That isn't possible with he group system we have not I don't think since it's a third party addon.
  12. Ahhh, I see. D= Thanks!
  13. Where's mah H Tea Emmel? >:[
  14. That is the link as it was in Vbullitin. Xenforo is an entirely different system so link URLs from Vbullitin will not work.

    Sty searthing for the thread in the search box or looking in your watched threads.
  15. The thread ID numbers are also the same, so all you have to do is replace the numbers in any thread url with the ones from the vBulletin thread. The thread titles in the urls do not matter; it will update to the correct thread title when it redirects you!