Programmers: A Guide to Understanding Them

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  1. Ian was working intensely on a line of code, when his supervisor arrived. He groaned softly and turned to him. "Is there a problem, sir? I'm kinda in the middle of something important." He said calmly. His supervisor looked around the room and nodded. "Yes, we hired a few local college students to intern at our company and I'd like you to know that one of them will be your intern." The supervisor left and Ian grinned. "Cool. I get a lackey." He said with a chuckle as he went back to work. He groaned when he realized he had lost track of his code. For the next several hours, he tried to recreate what he had been working on all morning.
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  2. Walking slowly behind all the other college students, Alex let his eyes wander over everything. He was actually very excited about this, his first internship "I wonder who's intern ill be" he muttered softly to himself.

    They stopped walking after their tour of the place and were all waiting to here where they would be helping out, and what sort of exciting jobs they would be doing. And most of all who they would be working with.
  3. After getting himself an energy drink from the vending machine, he headed to meet his intern. He looked around the room full of interns and walked around. He walked up to a petite lad with orange hair. "Hey there, you must be Alex Shay. You'll be my minion, so let me show you where the magic happens!" He said with a chuckle as he led the way to his office. "So I'm the head programmer and I'll show you what I do all day." He opened his energy drink and took a sip.
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  4. Alex was just standing around still waiting for his partner or whatever you wanna call him, to show up. He just stared at the things in the room getting bored when he heard some one say "hey" to him.

    He turned around to face a man with long black hair. The man asked him what his name was and started walking "Yes I'm Alex Shay" he said following the man, he was bubbling with excitement.

    "Wow head programmer, you must be busy like all the time" Alex bubbled as he followed the other to his office.
  5. Ian nodded and hummed in agreement. "Well, that's what I'm paid to do. So, what are you studying for?" He asked as he took another sip off his drink. He let out a burp and cleared his throat. "Excuse me. You don't need to be shy. I'm not a scary guy." He chuckled and pulled out a chair for Alex. He sat next to his desk and pulled one of the drawers out. He took out a bag of potato chips and began to munch away. "Want schome?" He said with his mouth full, holding the bag towards Alex.
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  6. Alex smiled at the man, he liked him he wasn't so serious and old schooled, he was nice and friendly and treated him like they've been friends for years "umm...well designing or programming, not sure how I'm gonna end up" he said in a cute giggle.

    Sitting down on the chair that was given to him, "Thank you" he said taking some of the chips eating them slowly. "So what am I gonna do...I was so excited to be here, I've always love games and anything to do with games" he said with a cute smile on his face.
  7. Ian chuckled and leaned back on his chair. He threw the bag into the garbage can and finished his energy drink. "Well, since it's just your first day, we should get to know one another." He opened the top drawer and pulled out some wet wipes. He cleaned his hands and the ie in the garbage. "I haven't had lunch, so wanna talk over lunch?" He suggested as he took out his wallet and keys.
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  8. Smiling at the other man, he nodded "Yeah, lunch sounds great, I haven't had lunch yet" he smiled as he got up from his chair "I don't know what to really tell you about myself, there's not much to know" he rubbed the back of his head. Alex grew up with a pretty simple past nothing big or exciting ever happened, well nothing worth celebrating about, everything to him was the same everyday old routine, nothing new nothing strange.
  9. Ian shrugged," I guess you could tell me about your family. I'm personally from a big Mexican family. But obviously they don't know of my sexuality, which I'd like to tell them, but I'll tell them when the time comes, i guess. So there you go. A bit about myself." He lead the way to his car and opened the door for Alex. "Where would you like to go eat? I'm up for wherever."
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  10. Alex blushed a bit as the man, Ian opened the door for him "Let's go to your favorite place its only fair" he smiled at Ian as he got into the car and put on the safely belt. "You want to know about my family...well let's see..mmm what to say" he thought out loud "well there isn't much to know really, my dad is British and my mom is American, I have an older brother named Max and a younger sister named Alice" he said really enjoying talking to Ian.
  11. Ian nodded as he went to the driver's side. He sat down and turned. "How about a local diner?" He turned towards the street and smiled. "That's really cool. I'm the oldest of five, so I've always wondered how'd it be like to have a older sibling. Have you ever gone and visited England?" They arrived to a small diner a few minutes away from the company.
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  12. Smiling brightly Alex nodded, "A diner would be fine, and yes I've been to England only once, I was really young back then but at least I can say that I've been there" she smiled as they arrived at the diner "wow, this looks great, I've never been here before" she said in a childish excitement.
  13. Ian grinned and opened the menu that the waitress brought them.
    "It's always great to go to the place of your heritage. You know learn about your family and stuff." He set the menu down and grinned at Alex. "Order whatever you like, it's my treat!"
  14. Alex picked up his menu and looked at all the stuff he could order, he sure wasn't expecting this, he was expecting a mean jerk of a boss, but this man was so friendly. "Anything" he half asked half said to himself "Honestly I have no idea what I want" he said reading through everything again.
  15. Ian grinned and closed his menu.
    "Well, if you can't decide...I'd highly recommend the blt. It's pretty good. Or would you like to get what I'm getting?" He asked.
    He had taken a liking to his intern. He seemed like a very fun and sweet kid. He was also pretty cute. He thought as he chuckled to himself.
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