Profiteers in a Land of Plenty

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  1. Fenryl was an odd site. Most elves were thin, but this elf was rather portly. Wealth and comfort had afforded him an easy life. Food was clearly never scarce. His chubby, but nimble, fingers nervously fiddled with his silver pocket watch. He was breathing heavily, whether from nervousness or being overweight, Mortek could not tell. The elf had considerable wealth. Fenryl owned a large shipping business. A week ago, some one had stolen one of his shipments, and kidnapped his accountant.

    “So…will you take the job?” asked the chubby elf.

    The human mercenary leabed back in his chair and placed his hands behind his head. His blue armor chinked as he made the motion. Mortek thought for a moment, and then stood up to his full height of six feet. He rolled his broad shoulders and picked up his famed vibro-sword, Calendurl. The weight of the sword was as natural to him has his own hand. He set the sword in the clip on his back and turned for the door. He took a few steps forward then turned back at Fenryl, tossing his unkempt blue hair as he did.

    “Don’t worry Mr. Fenryl. We will rescue your accountant and your stolen goods. Rest assured, the Teyln Mercenaries haven’t failed yet.” Said the blue haired warrior as he walked out the door.


    “Load up people in the trucks people, it’s time to roll. Nexx, you’re with me.” Ordered the mercenary leader.

    Mortek had gone over the plan with the team several times. They would take two trucks and drive them to the warehouse, where Fenryls goods and accountant were being held. Well, to be more precise, they would drive into the warehouse, through the wall. Once they smashed through the wall of the bandit group, they would pour out of the trucks and attack the bandits. The bandit group was known as the Grundgers. A group of greasy bandits lead by an orc named Gorlef the Buster. The blue warrior had actually had a run in with the bandit orc back in his military days. Mortek had a score to settle with him. He had learned of the Grundgers location through one of Nexx’s more…nefarious contacts. Nexxus was a mysterious man. The sage had been in Morteks Company longer than anyone else. Even after five years, Mortek still knew very little about him. Despite that, Mortek trusted the man implicitly. The shady magic user had saved his life on more than one occasion, and vice versa. Mortek had contacts all over the continent; many of them had been introduced to him by Nexxus. There are some dark places that a man of Morteks standing can't go, and so Nexxus had proven a valuable asset both on and off the battle field. What ever his past was, Nexxus had made some contacts in some less then friendly places.

    The mercenary leader made his way to the truck he would be driving and stood outside the door. Nexx would ride in the passenger seat, and a group of Teyln Mercenaries would climb into the back of the truck. The second truck would be driven by Merric and Ciaran. The vibro-sword weilding warrior was still waiting for the last minute recruit; she had not showed up yet. She had come to him late last night. Normally Mortek wouldn’t take last minute recruits, but the woman seemed reliable and polite. She had even called him Mr. Teyln, which had caused him laugh. That and Mortek couldn’t turn away such a pretty face.

    Mortek was always looking to expand the Teyln Mercenaries. Many of the members had become more like family. Mortek looked at his group as they loaded up in the trucks. They were about twenty in number. The Teyln Mercs was a diverse group. They had people like the exotic Xiphalia, all the way to the burly steam armor wearing Vincent Dee'Ziel. All had contributed to the group in one way or another. The leader placed immense value in all of them. Should anyone ever cross one his people, they would surely meet his wrath. Mortek was protective of his people. On a few occasions, Mortek had even gathered his entire band of warriors to go “deal with” certain people who had wronged one of his people. To Mortek, family was the most important thing in the whole world. The Teyln Mercs are Morteks family, and no one messes with his family and gets away with it. No one.
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  2. Bare feet sat upon the dash as the engine hissed and thrummed idly somewhere within the metallic shell of the vehicle. It was an annoying noise compared to the relative silence of her lodgings, be they an empty room or a tent muffled by thick flaps of animal hide. It wasn't as irritating when the pattern formed of each moving part, it was like magic to her in its synchronized movements and how it all worked. That was Vincent's deal, the machines.

    With leather wrapped about her soles to keep them from stepping on another screw, a mistake that won't be repeated, it began to tap against the open hatch in rhythm to the slow idle of the vehicle she'd been put in. The man nearby was a stranger, they all were, even the leader, but that was alright by her, she could follow orders. Only the dark skinned man that had gotten his kicks drawing things on her shoulder in grease while she wasn't paying attention was considered a close ally and proven friend. Vincent had been the only man amongst them to make her crack a smile, right before she cracked him in the jaw.

    As if by premonition the grinning face of the square jawed engineer appeared at her door, taking the chance to wipe a grimey thumb on her bare knee, much to her chagrin. "Any news of when we're moving?" The tone was a bit too eager, she knew he wanted to punch something in that armor, or flip something heavy.

    It was met with the slow thrumming of the motor. "Right, thanks, Cia." That name didn't stick well with her as he hopped off, helped by her foot on his back.
  3. "Very well Mortek." Nexxus Kaldern replied, closing his journal and hopping off the barrel he was sitting on. As he approached the truck he attempted to make a mental note of what he was going to wright but failed due to the ignorant chatter of the others. Instead he made a list of his problems with the mission. One: Mortek downed Nexx's suggestion to simply rob the portly elf. Two: Yet again they had to smash into the enemy base nearly killing themselves. Three: Some new recruit was coming on the mission with them. Nexx expected a childish fool who would nag him the way there and the way back. Closing the truck door he sighed, for it was indeed a Monday.
  4. Xiphalia had been checking and readjusting the cloth wraps that covered her feet and hands, keeping them well away from her claws. She saw the leader and gave him a nod; then, she saw Nexx. She called out to him, no lack of sarcasm dripping from most of her words when she saw how disappointed he looked. "Shot down your idea for extra profit again, huh? Don't look so glum. After all, we will get paid well and tonight is my turn to cook supper!" She planned to make sashimi alongside steamed crawfish served with a side of onigiri filled with tarako. Her mouth almost watered as she imagined preparing and serving the food up to all her companions.

    Her small daydream cut short soon after when she decided it best to get in a truck. She sat down, making sure her hair draped in her lap and not under her. She held her spear close to the head and gave the shaft a quick twist. The middle blade sprung forth with a loud snikt. It sounded smooth, so she was not worried about it sticking in anything but her foes. As a whisper while retracting the blade by twisting the shaft back to origin position, she uttered. "Perfect."
  5. "Yum." Meric replied, and he returned a knife that he'd been using to clean out the underneath of his nails with back to it's pouch at his hip. He clamored into the truck's passenger seat, and it wasn't often that he actually drove (the last time he got them all lost and was banished to the passengers seat for eternity). Not that he was a terrible driver, because he wasn't, he just had a habit of getting lost. Nexxus looked annoyed (if you could call it annoyed anyway), which something happened that could have gone another direction. Knowing Mortek, he probably passed by easy money.
    But smashing through the wall didn't sound too bad, only he didn't like the idea of ruining the trucks.
  6. "You will be going with the Teyln Mercenaries. I trust you will be able to handle setting that up."

    Kalia watched silently as her employer leaned forward to quickly turn a piece of paper on his desk so that the writing was no longer upside down for her.

    "Read it carefully."

    Approaching the desk, Kalia held her gaze with her employer until the paper was within reach. Picking it up, she diligently read the contents and committed them to memory. Kalia handed the paper back. Her employer flicked his lighter and set the paper on fire, gracefully letting it turn to ash on his over-sized ash tray.

    "Oh, and don't forget to tell Tia to sweep her section, I've been getting complaints about pieces of food getting stuck on customer's shoes. That is just simply unacceptable."

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~​

    From afar, Kalia took some time to observe the Teyln Mercenaries. She was a bit nervous about how to approach them, especially their leader, Mr. Teyln. No matter how many times Kalia had to cold call assets for missions, she would never truly get used to it. Late last night after her shift ended, Kalia had went to the leader of Teyln Mercenaries to ask to join. She had demonstrated some of her abilities and it seemed that the leader found her acceptable. After giving her some paperwork to fill out, they said good night and Kalia went back home.

    Adjusting the two swords tied to her waist and checking her hidden capsules one last time, Kalia took a deep breath and went to the trucks the mercenaries were currently loading.

    The trucks were mostly occupied and Kalia realized she was quite late. She ran up to the blue-haired leader she first met just last night, handing him the contract of employment she had signed. It was a fairly standard contract relieving the Teyln Mercenaries from responsibility if Kalia were to get injured or die during duty. It also specified the payment amount, which Kalia found to be on the generous side.

    "I'm sorry I'm late! I was a bit lost! Reporting for duty, Mr. Teyln." Kalia wasn't sure if there was some kind of protocol for addressing the leader, but decided that "Mr. Teyln" would be good for now unless she gets corrected. He had laughed when she first addressed him like that though, so there was some doubt in her mind.​
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  7. It didn't take much for Vincent to understand what food went for edible within the group, at least that raw fish stuff the odd looking one made didn't kill him. Cia hadn't been as hesitant as he'd been, figuring if her allies would poison her she'd have just enough time to end their existence, not the engineers prime choice of fun ways to die. Right up there besides massive explosions and raging battle. "Don't count yer' chickens or some such. Can we get through the walls before we discuss the menu?" The tan skinned man quipped as he hauled himself into the drivers seat, most of the rest avoided that spot like the plague, couldn't blame them, too fun.

    Meanwhile, the myrmidon had taken a sitting perch with legs crossed atop the cabin of the lead vehicle, at least here she wasn't as bothered by the constant vibration now that the warm sun kept her bare arms and legs warm. The waiting and constant banter would eventually wear her nerve, yet for now it made sense to listen. A new recruit with a contract. Paper is for liars. She mused within her own mind.

    Another had talked about robbing their employer. This one am she had no trust for quite quickly either. Vincent on the other hand was childish, but honest in his thoughts. That was a small blessing.
  8. Humming a song quietly on top of a crate next too one of the trucks, Celthric sharpened his hooked blade, eager for the fight to come. He overheard the new girl, say "I'm sorry I'm late! I was a bit lost! Reporting for duty, Mr. Teyln."
    Chuckling some, he remembered his first day in the group, and he basically said the same thing, only he said it alot more rough, his voice filled with sadness.
    He was just happy he wasnt the newest of the group anymore, but at the same time wished the young girl wasn't going into a life of bloodshed. Pushing the thought aside, Celthric got off the crate, following Morteks orders. Grabbing his shield, he walked past the new recruit, patting her on the shoulder. He hopped into the back of the truck, wondering if this would be the same gang that destroyed the village and started his fighting career once again. Looking around at the other members, he said, a smile on his face "The plan is really just ramming through the walls isnt it? When I first heard it, I thought it was a big joke!"
  9. At the leader's remark, Arturus immediately put the knife he was cleaning back in its rightful place at his hip. He jumped off the barrel where he had been sitting and began walking towards Mortek's truck, ignoring the new recruit. He had already decided which one to ride in as soon as he had heard the drivers' names. Not wanting to have to sit through a truck ride's worth of Meric's "jokes", Arturus's choice was easy. Upon his arrival at the vehicle, he sat down in the farthest empty seat from Xiphalia. He hoped to make it clear to her that he did not want to talk. He had always preferred quiet rides.
  10. "I'm sorry I'm late! I was a bit lost! Reporting for duty, Mr. Teyln."

    "Hahaha. Kalia, I am not quite old enough to be called Mister. Please, call me Mortek. Everything looks to be in order as far as the contract goes. Go ahead and Load up in the first truck."

    Mortek walked over to his truck and got in. He waited till everyone was in a truck before he drove off. It wouldn't be a long a ride. Maybe forty minutes. Mortek and Nexx made small talk about the Mercenary group. Mostly finances and what they thought about the new recruits. The mysterious Sage barely spoke more then a few words at a time, but his opinions were always stated clearly. Mortek never had to guess what he was thinking and he liked that. The mercenary leader could hear some chatter in the back end of the box truck. Though, over the roar of the truck engine, he couldn't tell what they were really saying. There usually wasn't much to talk about on missions.

    As Teyln Mercenaries got close to the warehouse, Mortek got an idea. The warehouse had glass windows on the roof. They could send a team to drop in from the top, while the others rammed in from the side. Mortek grabbed the 2-way radio and spoke into it. "Truck 2, continue with the plan. My truck is going to pull ahead and get to the roof. When you ram through the wall, we will drop in from the ceiling." Mortek said as he accelerated the truck. The leader drove around the side of the warehouse that had a ladder going to the top. "I hope your not afraid of heights Nexx." Mortek joked as he got out of the truck. He then ran to the back and opened the double doors on the back of the truck. "Change of plans everyone, follow my lead."

    Team one quickly climbed the ladder and waited by the windows. A quick peek inside revealed that the bandits were indeed inside. They were unloading cargo from boxes. Most likely the shipment that was stolen from the chubby elf. There looked to be about thirty of them. Even though his group was out numbered, he was confident in his teams skills. This would be an easy mission. Mortek could hear the second truck getting close. He took out his big vibro-sword and turned it on. The familiar bassy hum of his blade made him excited. Mortek loved a good fight. And then it happened. Truck two blasted through the wall of the warehouse, causing many of the bandits to fall on the ground. Then team one dropped in from the ceiling right behind the bandit group. A familiar voice screamed out from within the bandit group.

    "We're under attack! To arms! Kill them all!" Yelled a large orc wielding a force hammer.

    "Cut them down." Mortek said with a smile, and then the battle ensued.
  11. image.jpg
    "You thought we were going to leave them standing?" replied Nexxus as he focused a yellow, electric aura into his hand. Two bandits welding hatchets ran at him, the last and most foolish choice they would ever make. For the first he shot a solid bolt of lightning into his metal chest-plate, turning him into a crumpled smoking heap. His friend came up behind him, but he sidestepped out of the furious slash, grabbed the bandits face, and disproved the theory that if a massive about of electricity choruses through the body, the skeleton can be seen.
  12. A pair of soldiers were missing from the blunt assault for the first few moments. It wasn't long though before the heavy rumbling of an engine strapped to a man's back came vibrating through a wall.

    Then came the man it was strapped on.

    "Knock knock!" Came his laughing shout as another wall exploded outward, ripped open by massive hands powered by the roaring engine.

    "Words are for poets. Swords are for soldiers." Was his companions reply as she danced on behind him, placing her swords tip between the ribs of a man who had thought keeping far from the main assault would keep him safe.

    A crashing thud heralded a bearded man being sent flying by a massive punch, crumpling the boxes and his back in the process. "I'm no poet an I love talking!" Came and went Vincent's reply as a supporting girder was wrenched free and used as a swinging club to brutal effect.
  13. Dropping from the roof, Arturus used his left hand to plunge his sword into an unlucky bandit's back and his right hand to pull a knife from the strap at his hip. He saw two more bandits running towards him, and aimed a throw at the farther target. The other bandit, who was now just feet from him, was quickly dispatched with a well-timed sword slash to the gut. As his foe dropped to the floor, he could hear the scream of the other enemy and knew that his knife had hit its mark.
  14. "On it."
    The truck Meric was in proceeded as planned, making a spectacular entrance, if he might add. The first group started their assault shortly after the truck burst through the wall, with several bandits down within the first couple minutes. Not wanting to be outdone, Meric scrambled out of the truck and proceeded to fire at anyone who wasn't paying enough attention. Giving them another added assault, Meric rarely missed. Though he was forced to take out his knives when a couple bandits got within arms reach of him.
  15. It was quite a change of pace to be working with such a large team. Kalia's past missions were always done solo or with a few unknowing assets. For a moment, she was taken with awe by the strength of Telyn Mercenaries, but also with the glee some of them were showing for combat. Kalia couldn't help briefly laugh at the scene of a man in some mechanical arm suit. The massive fist pummeling the orc seemed almost comedic.

    Following the team, most of the enemies were easily dispatched before Kalia could do anything. Glancing around, Kalia tried to figure out the layout of the warehouse. A dying orc grabbed her ankle from behind from the ground, and Kalia quickly drew one sword and slammed the blunt blade down on its temple, killing it.
  16. The aquatic elf dropped in from seemingly nowhere, plunging her spear in the collarbone of an orc, the head and shaft embedding through his heart. As she landed, the orc's body parallel to the ground, she gave a quick pull and dislodged the spear. A couple orcs took the perceived opportunity and rushed her. One orc's club was parried by Xiphalia's shield and the other orc was stopped short by a spear thrust to his gut. She gave the shaft a quick twist, causing the hidden blade to further impale the criminal and protrude some from his back. A second twist brought the blade back in as she removed the spear from her victim. "Common thugs. Worse less than the silt in a lake."

    The second orc was a little stunned at the agility of the heavily armored woman in front of him and backed off, seeming to reevaluate the worth of fighting her. Seeing his hesitation gave her an opportunity to apply a quick bash to the bridge of his nose with the edge of her shield, followed by a spear thrust into his foot. She followed up on the heavily wounded orc with her butt piercing his shoulder. She practically drove him to his back and planted him to the ground with her foot, twisting or jerking her spear any time he tried to move or struggle.

    She took a look around and saw the combat going over nicely, so she opted to keep her prisoner nice and pinned before calling to their leader. "I got a live one for us! Might make a good prisoner to interrogate!"
  17. "I got a live one for us! Might make a good prisoner to interrogate!"

    "Kock him out Xiph!" Replied Mortek

    Mortek Paused a moment and watched how his mercenaries fought. They were all exceptionally skilled warriors. Expert knife throwing, well timed slashes and powerful thrusts were just a few of their skills. The leader saw the steam mech smash a man to death. With the right mechanic skills, even the weakest man could become formidable. Mortek made a note to never anger Vincent when he was in a mech suit. Satisfied that no one was in trouble, he joined the fray.

    A dwarf warrior sporting a shield and a heavy chain barreled in at Mortek, shield first. Mortek strafed to his left and kicked the dwarfs lead foot sending the small warrior into a forward roll. The dwarf was nimble though, and quickly got back to his feet and shield up. Mortek didn't hesitate, he swung his vibro-sword in hard, hacking a deep cut in the dwarfs shield. The vibro-swords superior cutting power out matched the dwarfs hardy shield. The dwarf cursed and tried to counter by swinging his chain in heavy over head chop. Mortek angled the flat of his blade to divert the heavy blow. Then he he slashed at the dwarfs shield again. The shield wielding dwarf hopped back afraid to loose his shield against the vibro-swords edge. A grin showed on Morteks face. For the dwarf had done exactly what he wanted him to do. He carried the momentum of his slash in to stepping spin. The brilliant blade hummed as it spun around and connected with the dwarfs shield arm, cutting clean through the shield and through the dwarfs arm. The now one armed dwarf fell back screaming in pain. A quick jab from Morteks blade into his throat cut the yelling short. With out waiting Mortek continued forward, slashing at near by bandits with powerful swing, working his way to the bandit leader who was barking out commands to his dwindling bandit crew.

    "Gorlef. I believe you and I have a duel to finish" taunted Mortek as he walked towards the large Orc.

    "Mortek? Bloody hell! I didn't think at bloated pointy eared bastard had the coin to hire you. Regardless, this is the day that you die." yelled Gorlef.

    "Promise not to run again?" Gorlef responded by activating his graviton hammer and charging Mortek. "That's new." thought Mortek. A graviton hammer was a formidable weapon. Engineered to to detonate a small gravity burst upon impact. It could easily knock a blade aside, or send a warrior flying threw that air. Mortek would need to play this smart. He stayed out of the weapons reach, and only stepped in when he was sure he could land a hit. Gorlefs hammer shaft was made of tough metal, the vibro-sword blade wouldn't cut through it, so the hefty Orc had no trouble deflecting his attacks. Mortek would need to make Gorlef over swing. But the orcs strikes were calculated and powerful. The two clashed weapons again and again. Dodging and parrying neither one gaining the upper hand. Mortek was not in danger though. He was confident that he would outlast the bandit leader. It would just take some time.
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  18. Growing tried of moronic minions. Nexxus looked around the warehouse for a challenge. He caught sight of two elven crossbowmen peppering the team with iron bolts, also they were standing on a chain-suspended girder above Morteck's duel with Gorlef. Nexx formulated some calculations as he switched to ice magic, making his breath come out as a wisp of mist. When the orc raised his hammer, Nexx ran up, jumped over his leader's head, and as the brute struck his hammer down it sent the perfect gravitational thrust to send him flying up just enough to grab the girder. Of course he didn't leave Mortech with nothing, he had let a freezing mist blow over the floor around them, covering there dueling space in a thin sheet of slippery ice.
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  19. The spear wielding elf Mortek called Xiph had successfully pinned an orc against the nearby wall. Kalia ran up, removing a capsule from one of her hair adornments. "Excuse me, this would keep him paralyzed for at least a day." She threw the capsule into the orc's open mouth and conked the top of its head with her drawn sword. There was a cracking noise like a broken tooth, but actually the capsule had broken open. The orc's movements immediately slowed to a stop.

    The ground shook from Gorlef's blow and Kalia steadied herself. Even from so far, it sent quite a wave. She watched with awe as the cloaked mage performed quite the acrobatic feat of using the enemy's hammer blow as a boost. Kalia looked around, watchful for any lingering enemies who weren't just spectating the duel.
  20. Celthric was the last to exit the truck, hoping down from it in no eager to try and show off his skills. Already, a human holding a shield and a wooden shafted spear charged him. Blocking the weak thrust of the spear, Celthric hooked his blade on the spear, and yanked it hard, breaking the spear in half. Ramming his shield into the man, he sent his hooked blade down into the mans throat, once, and finally twice.

    An orc covered in slashes and knives attached to his belt charged him with a rusty axe, yelling "You will make a fun slashing post!" Behind him, an elf held a crossbow, starting to aim on Celthric. Blocking the downward slash of the orc axe, Celthric hooked the sword around his ankle and yanked, cutting straight through the ankle, cutting his foot right off. Screaming in pain, the orc fell as the elf let loose the crossbow bolt. Nearly hitting Celthric's eye, it cut his cheek, blood trickling down it. Charging the elf before he could reload another bolt, he hooked the blade around the back of the slender elven neck, and pulled with all his might, the head dropping to the floor.
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