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  1. On the continent of Freylan there are four major countries. You have the Greylon Empire, a large imperialistic country that takes pride in its large military. Then there is Luriot, known for it's advances in technology and magic. They are the people who invented the automobile and train. In the southern part of Freylan, there is the United Tribes of Wylnuk. Long ago Wylnuk was just a land full of various tribes. But when the Greylon Empire tried to conquer the Wylnuk territory all the tribes came together to form a powerful nation. Most now live in large cities, but some still roam the lands as nomads, but are still fiercely loyal to the nation of tribes. Lastly, right in the middle of these vastly different nations is the Merchant Nation of Ureon. Ureon is literally the only thing keeping these nations apart. All trade routes go through the Nation of Ureon. Since the ocean is unsafe due to large sea monsters, called the Hiolic, that frequently attack sailing ships, and the many jagged rocks that plague the coast lines, most of the trade happens through trains or truck caravans. The largest trade markets reside in the country of Ureon. The other three nations are constantly passing through and setting up trade in Ureon. Ureons laws dictate that any fighting between any of the nations within their land is illegal. But, that doesn't always stop them. No nation, except for Ureon, is allowed to have a military presence in the merchant nation. So the countries hire out mercenary groups native to Ureon to do their bidding. The native mercenary groups act independent of the Ureon government, but by law must swear allegiance to Ureon and in times of war, must stay loyal. There are also plenty of roving bandit groups that attack merchant caravans of any nation. The other three nations all want to take over Ureon, but all three nations don't want the others to have it just as bad. If one nation were to try to conquer it, the others would likely raise arms against them.


    That is why Ureon is nick named the land of plenty to mercenaries. There is always work to be had. One of the smaller but well known groups is the Teyln Mercenaries. A small group of highly skilled fighters and mages lead by the famous, Mortek Teyln. A renown warrior. Mortek has connections every where. And with a high success rate, most people will pay good money to hire out his group. Want to join and make some money? First, you have to impress Mortek.

    Should you wish to join, PM me first.

    Map of the nations (open)

    Class List and Transportation (open)
    Here is what you can base your character class from. I.E. mounted combat is not all that effective since cars are the best form of transportation. And there are trains as well. I've decided to forgo airships until further notice. Also, no flying classes or animal classes. Class choices

    This a fantasy RP with some steampunk flair. There are races of Elf, halfling, Dwarf, Orc, and Human. All nations are a melting pot of races. No nation is predominantly one race. NO GUNS! Magic is based off the elements Fire, lightning, ice and air. Magic users and weapon users are equal in terms of strength. You are either magic or martial, not both. Low level super human skills are acceptable. Think captain America type athleticism. You may base your weapons off of these links. (Using normal weapons is not uncommon).

    Use this Character Sheet and post it here. BRACE YOURSELF. I may ask you to add more to your character sheet. Pictures are welcome, but do not replace creative explanations!










    BRACE YOURSELF. When I say intermediate, I mean it! Let's keep a STRONG suggested 5 lines minimum! If I see less, I will ask you to add more! I like to force creativity on people. I will post up Morteks sheet soon!

    BRACE YOURSELF. This is an RP that is open to both teen and adult members. As such, there will be NO explicit material. This means no sex (of any kind), no nudity, no groping or any other material of that kind. If I see any of that there will be NO WARNING, I will immediately notify a admin and remove you from the RP. Light romance between characters is fine, as long as it is in line with Iwaku rules.
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  2. Barnett The IV
    A.K.A Witch doctor





    Appearance, Along with attire-

    Engine Blade,

  3. Name- Mortek Kolin

    Race- Human

    Age- 28

    Class- Hero (Lord)

    Appearance- Dark blue hair. Light grey eyes. Narrow chin. High cheek bones. Thin furrowed eye brows. 6'0 ft tall 180 lbs. Strong athletic build.

    Attire-Dark blue and bronze colored armor. Black pants. Grey top. I based him off of this fellow

    This guy! (open)

    Weapons- Large hand and half vibro-sword. Typically a two handed weapon, though Mortek wields it with ease in one hand. Here is a picture of his sword.

    Sword (open)

    Personality- Mortek is very strong willed and confident. Those under his leadership typically don’t question his leadership. He is man of strong conviction. He can be flirtatious with the ladies, though he has never been in an actual relationship. His true experience with women is quite limited. No one knows (save his best friend), but he is actually scared of a committed relationship. Off the job, Mortek is easy going. On the job, he is focused and doesn’t tolerate people’s stupidity.

    Bio- Mortek was born and raised in Ureon. His parents raised him and his siblings well. His father owns a chain of restaurants in the city of Gornev. His mother is a stay at home mom. Tragedy did not form the man Mortek is, but rather the good upbringing and teaching of his parents did. Mortek operates his crew as vigilantes for hire. Mortek won’t take jobs he doesn’t think are morally acceptable. Mortek joined the military at 18 and served until he was 23. In the military he earned himself quite the reputation. He quickly rose to the rank of Captain. Even though his superiors tried to raise him higher, he preferred to stay at the rank of Captain. At 23 he left the military, on good terms, and formed the Teyln Mercenaries. He has been running the group for 5 years. In that time he has become a renown soldier of fortune. His group is respected among most people.
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  4. Name- Nexxus Kaldern

    Nickname: Nexx

    Race- Probably a human, no one has ever seen his face

    Age- 38

    Class- Sage

    Appearance and attire-
    Weapons- Ice and lightning magic

    Personality- Creepy and silent. Keeps to hisself most of the time. It's extremely easy to irritate him but he's rarely bothered because of the fate of the fools who have dared to annoy him. His few joys include a good kill, the anger of those he feels are incompetent, and the sound of his harmonica. All of which he is excellent at receiving.

    Bio- He was kicked out his own home by a greedy father when his mother died and lived on the dirty streets of Luriot for a good portion of his life. There he grew a bitterness to most living things and a fascination with magic. Stealing tomes from the markets he slowly taught hisself lighting and ice magic which he used for armed threats and assassinations to gain money. After he got enough cash he began to look for a full time job in which his "talents" could be used to there full extent. Finding a newly formed mercenary group he traveled to Ureon and joined. Despite being in the group for a very long time, some things about him still remain elusive to even Mortek.
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  5. Name
    Kalia Rin





    For the world outside of her close circle of friends, Kalia seems to be kind, outgoing, and genuinely happy. For those close to Kalia, she is a fierce and determined person who cannot stand failure. As an assassin, Kalia must be in very tight control of her emotions, so there are times when she will adopt a persona for the mission at hand. Though she is fairly adept at this, Kalia sometimes can't help leaking some clues about her real self if the deception is prolonged. Kalia also forgets past covers, and this is a liability if she ever meets anyone from past missions. Despite being an assassin, Kalia does not have any bloodthirst. She also has a weakness for women and children, which has been exploited in the past before. When Kalia is alone, those spying from far off will get the impression she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

    Due to the hectic second life she leads, Kalia is usually seen wearing the outfit of a dancer and waitress for the restaurant she works at. The two adornments tied to her hair and the two tied to her waist actually contain capsules consisting of various toxin.


    Twin Short Swords
    Custom-forged for Kalia's size and combat style, she is at her best when using her twin short swords. The edges are actually blunt and the swords are of higher durability to allow for direct parrying. Kalia uses the swords mostly for weapon and armor breaking purposes.

    Hidden Capsules
    These capsules usually contain either a paralyzing agent, sleeping agent, weakening agent, or very rarely, a lethal poison. The capsules can be crushed for immediate use or cracked to allow the agent to flow onto the adornment, subtly spreading the agent into the air when Kalia is fighting. Having built strong resistances to the paralyzing agent and sleeping agent, those are her most used capsules. Kalia is able to resist the weakening agent and lethal poison longer than most, but will still succumb to the effects. This is why she usually uses the weakening agent and poison capsule directly.

    Martial Arts
    Kalia fights using a special martial arts discipline utilizing circular spinning motion as its core. Often, her battles will start with a flurry of kicks as she builds up momentum and then spin into a whirling attack. Her blunt and heavier-than-average swords become both her offense and defense as they help her maintain speed with the centrifugal force. Even armored opponents find their gear smashed in, or less durable weapons will be shattered or bent. Her spinning also helps spread a mist of toxin around the battle area if she cracks the capsules hidden in her adornments.

    To kill, Kalia stabs them fatally, because while her sword edges are blunt, the tips are still sharp. Less often, she would kill using lethal poison.

    Born in a town near the outskirts of northwest Ureon, near the borders of Greylon Empire, Kalia's life was fairly normal and happy until she was six years old. She was never quite sure what her parents did for work, but they were always there in the morning to wake her and there in the evening to tuck her into bed. One day that unspoken law of her life was broken. Kalia waited and waited for her parents to return, but half a week had passed. One afternoon, instead of her parents returning home, a large gruff man entered her house and yanked her out of her hiding place. Kalia was terrified, but after seeing the sadness upon the intruder's face as he gently carried her out of the house, her terror mixed with confusion, and rather than struggling, she just let him carry her away.

    Kalia found out later that the man was a co-worker, a close friend of her parents. Despite the man's gruff nature, he seemed to care for Kalia and was kind to her. At first, their relationship was kidnapper and victim, but after learning more about the situation, she realized that the man had saved her life.

    When the man brought Kalia back to her hometown months later, she saw that her hometown had been completely razed. She was still too young to fully understand what was happening, but as she grew older, Kalia learned that her parents were Ureon spies working on missions in Greylon Empire. The Greylon Empire had discovered the true identity of Kalia's parents and immediately executed them. There were then orders to completely wipe the spies' hometown off the map. Due to the town being so close to the borders of Greylon Empire at the farthest corner of Ureon, this atrocious undertaking was ignored or swept under the rug completely.

    The man who saved Kalia's life became like a father to her, and trained her well so that she could always protect herself from danger even if he wasn't able to be around. Kalia had decided she also wanted to become a spy and kill the person who ordered her parent's deaths, however her new guardian was vehemently against it. He told her she would not make a good spy, and should not become one anyway. Maybe it was because Kalia had started to become rebellious as a teenager, or she was blinded by subconscious thirst for revenge, but her relationship with her guardian grew more strained because of this conflict. Eventually, Kalia ran away from home and traveled to a big city in Ureon. Now she currently works as an assassin with a restaurant dancer and waitress job as her cover. Kalia's employer at the restaurant is also her employer for her other life. In exchange for exclusive work for him and a generous finder's fee, the employer will supply her with all the equipment and weapons she needs.​
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  6. @Risani your character is looking sharp! Love that picture you chose. I am interested in what her bio will be!

    Señor @Greedy Donuts, how is your character coming along?
  7. @Digi-Guy Thank you =)

    I have updated the attire, weapons, but before I finish the biography I had an idea that I messaged you about between Teyln Mercenaries and Kalia. If you already had other plans don't worry I have a backup biography =p
  8. Name- Xiphalia Gyrashiil (Joybringer in normal language) [goes by Xi for short, pronounced Z]

    Race- Fey'ri (half-aquatic elf, half-glabrezu)

    Sex- Female

    Age- 50

    Class- Halberdier

    Personality- To match her surname is easy for Xiphalia as she is a generally happy person. She likes to help make other feel happy and has developed a wide breadth of skills to do so. She can sing, dance, play instruments, cook, and even provide massages. She is rather polite, but she is definitely not quiet or meek. She is opinionated and speaks with a strong voice. She has no fears about speaking up and often gets called unladylike. Her voice is mid range and has a slight accent that makes her words sound a bit more flowing and less harsh. Despite liking to speak up and help out, she is not an extrovert. She recharges with her personal time and spends any time she can swimming in rivers, springs, ponds, pools, and any other body of water she can. She even developed skills in herbalism and medicine, developing a steady and gentle hand to apply bandages, stitch wounds closed, and apply salves. When not swimming or helping, she is usually reading or practicing some skill. She is only ever inactive when asleep. Sometimes she is a little flirty or sarcastic, but anyone who knows her understand that she will always be there for them no matter what and will act as a good friend.

    Appearance- Standing much taller than her elven race, Xi stands at about 6'8" and sports a very athletic but well endowed body. She seems damn near perfect in terms of bust size and body shape. This is partially her mother's genes and mostly the demon blood in her. Her skin would have naturally been a deep blue, but in addition to the deep blue, it has a slight lavender tint to it. She also has interesting white lines playing along her body. they form flowing designs that follow the curvature of her body. Her fingers and toes are webbed, though the webbing between her fingers only goes up half of each finger. Her fingers and toes have sharp claws naturally colored a deep purple. Her eyes match the hue of her claws and the white of her eyes is actually such a dark blue it is almost black. Her hair is kept long and free, reaching down to mid thigh and never seeing a hair band or ribbon. It is smooth and almost perfectly straight, colored a deep purple. Her teeth sport longer than average canines and are moderately tinted purple. Interestingly, her blood is oddly colored. Instead of the usual red, it comes out as a dark blue. Her ear, like other elves, are long and tapered.

    Attire- If she wears anything outside of battle or swimming, it is a simple wrap made of specially treated sea plants. The wrap itself is primarily deep red with a few strands that form decorative patterns made of a deep blue plant. It forms a sort of one piece dress that drapes down to her knees and covers her torso, ending at her chest, though it reveals no cleavage. The wrap has special cinches to keep it well fitted on her chest and hips. These cinches tighten it around her bust and waist to prevent too much movement of the wrap itself. She is most likely to wear the wrap if in the presence of strangers. Once she is acclimated to a group, however, she will only wear it when not in her personal tent. When in combat, she wears armor fashioned of dragon turtle bone and treated dragon turtle hide. Her pauldrons consist of the hollowed skulls of two young dragon turtles. Her helm is the full skull and lower jaw of a third dragon turtle. The spaces between the bone of the skull and also her neck are covered by dragon turtle hide sewn with small bones provides proper and full protection.

    Weapons- She wields a specially designed spear fashioned of a specially treated glass that takes on the properties of steel. The entire weapon is transparent but dyed to be a deep red along the haft and dark blue for the head. The head is interesting in that it has two separated blades instead of one spear head. The central haft hides a spring mechanism that will extend a circular pointed third spear head if the shaft is specifically twisted. This is used to deal additional damage to execute enemies. Her weapon is a legendary heirloom passed down her family line. The materials that were used to craft it seem to have supernatural durability. In the thousands of battles it participated in, it has never shown wear. It appears to be virtually unbreakable by normal means. For ranged combat, she has ten javelins that she can use. She also holds a large shield to defend herself.

    Bio- Born out of the rape of her mother by a glabrezu, Xiphalia grew up without a father. She was rather happy about that as she didn't want the influence of an inherently evil parent. Her mother raised her purely as an aquatic elf and taught her to survive. Her mother knew that the community would eventually oust Xiphalia. It happened when she was about 30 years old. Her mother answered the door to a mob and was summarily attacked. She held them off and had Xiphalia flee. She took the spear her mother had given her and swam until she could no longer. Every day, she fled closer to shore. Once near shore, she tried to surface. Unfortunately, she got caught in a fishing net she hadn't seen and was hauled onto the beach. The man that found the young woman was kind enough to hear her out and let her out of the net. He directed her to his home and gave her some clothing before sending her off. Before leaving the area, she fashioned a few wraps in traditional aquatic elf fashion. She took them with her, wearing one, and set out to the city.

    Along the way, she was accosted by bandit after bandit. She slew them with her heirloom spear. Each day made her grow wearier as she did not know what she could eat on land. She longed to see water again and had hunger pangs daily. Her life was fighting to survive. Apparently, someone got word to Mortek of a young four armed woman killing bandits effortlessly. Some mercenaries were dispatched and found her in the midst of a battle with highwaymen. Before the mercenaries got close enough to enter the fray, she had dispatched them all. Xiphalia, unable to keep going from the lack of food and energy, fell on the spot. The mercenaries rushed to her and checked her for wounds. Finding none, they set up camp and worked to wake her. Her weak body let her wake that night, but she was unable to do anything significant until one of the mercenaries fed her some salted beef. Her energy rushed back the more she ate. They were taken aback by her massive appetite. When she finished eating her fill, she asked why they even helped her. They told her they were looking for someone like her. They wondered if she knew she had become a sort of local celebrity. She did not know and just said she was fleeing her home and trying to find sanctuary. Almost ecstatic, they offered for her to join the group. Seeing no harm in it and owing them her life anyway, she signed on.

    She quickly became one of the favorites at base. Her seafood dishes were renowned in the organization. The only thing more famous than her cooking or appearance was her almost legendary spear skills. She far surpassed her spear wielding peers and quickly became a full halberdier in the mercenary group. Suffice to say, Mortek was both impressed and relieved that he had recruited her. She had become invaluable both on and off the battlefield with her medical skills and morale boosting abilities.
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  9. finishing up today~!
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  10. Is mine accepted then?
  11. Name- Meric Yvienne

    Race- Human

    Age- 23

    Class- Archer

    Personality- Meric keeps mostly to himself, and is a very cynical person and has a very outlandish sense of humor. Often he says things that sound very strange or out of his character, but he doesn't expect anyone to laugh at his jokes. He has an even patience, willing to sit down for even the longest amounts of time. However, his temper is quite short and he tends to snap at people, but he's not the kind to lash out in anger. Meric is self confident, but often gets prideful- sometimes he needs to have his head deflated and return to normal behavior. Sometimes he can be hard to be around, and can get especially moody (mostly if he hasn't eaten in a while and doesn't have anything to stop being hungry). Surprisingly, he gets embarrassed and startled easily.
    In all, Meric is a good person, he's just very prickly.

    Appearance & Attire-

    Weapons- Mostly he uses a bow and arrow, but does have a various assortment of knives if he needs it. His bow was something that was made by a family friend on his birthday. The bow is of good, fine material and of military design. Meric has changed a lot of the weapon to suit his needs, along with a thicker and more taut string and more of a flamboyant paint.

    Bio- Meric is the only son of a farmer, and grew up hunting animals for their food. Money was scarce his entire childhood, and he doesn't scrimp on food, money, or supplies. His mother died shortly after giving birth to his youngest sister, leaving him set to raise his sister. Because of this, his experience in raising and looking after children is very good but it doesn't keep him from being awkward around children. A family friend always wanted him to join the military, thinking that he'd do very well. Meric didn't like it, and left after the first couple of days after he signed up. He was actually kicked out, but doesn't really talk about it, and changes the story each time he's asked.
    Eventually, he made his way into a mercenary group and has been part of the group for nearly three years. To this day, Meric has no idea how he's still in the group with his prickly attitude.
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  12. I am PMing you.

    EDIT- I made two edits to the first post. I added halflings to the list of races. I also put a note about sexual content. Here is what I posted.

    BRACE YOURSELF. This is an RP that is open to both teen and adult members. As such, there will be NO explicit material. This means no sex (of any kind), no nudity, no groping or any other material of that kind. If I see any of that there will be NO WARNING, I will immediately notify a admin and remove you from the RP. Light romance between characters is fine, as long as it is in line with Iwaku rules.

    @LeVen @Risani and @Crono your characters are approved.
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  13. By no nudity, is it nudity in a sexual sense? As you will see in my character sheet, it notes that she will be naked in her tent or usually when swimming. I won't be going into explicit detail of course, but it will just be that she will have a lack of clothing
  14. Curious. Need more fantasy RP to fill my dwindling repertoire. Still accepting characters?
  15. Absolutely! Read the rules and post up a character! :)
  16. Already read through it. Will give it another browse and hopefully have a character up by the end of the night if my character art search yields bounty.
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  17. Looks interesting, just how advanced are weaponry in this world? Are we only limited to the close combat weapons that you listed?
  18. Magic and medieval weapons with steampunk flare. No guns though. None at all.
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