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  1. Okay, so here is the basic template for the profile (again, it doesn't have to be detailed, though mine probably will be because I'm crazy :P)


    Name: Daemon
    Age: Appears 21
    Sex: Male
    Personality: He is usually very serious, being the protector of the royal family. He doesn't joke around too often, but when he feels there is no threat and that he is close enough with other beings, he lets himself relax more than usual. He enjoys sunlight, which he tries to get as often as he can, and he dislikes anything to do with water.

    Species: Humanoid

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    Ability: Daemon has the power to control energy given off by his surroundings. He can manifest a wave of heat if he is near fire, or a force of powerful energy he absorbs through energy flowing through the air. His ability also allows him to be able to push or pull enemies that are close enough in his range.


    Daemon has been the protector of the Royal Family for centuries, though he only appears to be 21. He comes from a realm where they do not age after a certain age (which is chosen at random). His job is to protect the Royal Family from any and all danger and this is all he really knows. He was briefed that the Princess of their Realm had been safely escorted from this Realm to another, called Earth. There she would have grown up to be a regular human being free from the danger and uncertainty of his Realm. Daemon has been told to retrieve her, as the opposing family have found the whereabouts of the only heir to the throne. The King and Queen have lived through their designated period of rule and it was soon to be the young girl's turn to rule over the Realm.

  2. Name: Amaya
    Age: 20
    Sex: female
    Personality: Amaya is somewhat of a rebel. She is head strong and willfull but has a playful streak a mile wide. She loves adventuring day or night and when she is out in nature she has to go swimming. She is in love with fire and warmth but sometimes has to cool off.
    Species: Human
    Appearance: women-tattoos.jpg

    Ability: for some reason, she unconsciously makes people fall in love with her. people love being around her and listen well to her.

    Background: Amaya has no idea that she is a princess in another place. Here on earth she is just Amaya. She grew up with a family that she knew instinctively wasnt hers, but they loved her and she loved them back. Two years ago when she turned 18 she set off to find out where she actually came from. Who her parents were and why they gave her up.