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  1. Good evening, or morning, or day, or night.

    My name is the Jest, otherwise as Crimsos the Perpetual, or Red the Alternate. And I'm...honestly never was very good at these kind of topics. :sweatdrop:

    I'm a 7 year RPer when it comes to thread topics like in here, and I am trying to be an Author of a book series. ...My first one still in production. I'm a fan of Anime, Games, and what have you, and I came here thanks to Windpipe, or as you might know him, Windstormugly.

    Now, I'm afraid at the moment, I won't be able to join anything, at the moment. To which the obvious question would be "Then why did you join?" to which I reply: To prepare myself for when I can join something. In addition to this book, I am in 6 RPs in 4 sites in addition to working on my book and two other works of fiction. (Which I will probably start off by showing to you all here.) I understand that may not be a big deal in amount for some of you, however it is for me. That being said, I'll be quick to go for something as soon as I have an empty spot on my schedule.

    So yeah, as I said, I'm not very good at these topics, and that includes ending them...

    So... Good day to you all. :bow:
  2. And my following grows again, splendidly.
    @The Jest as long as we can spread stories the time wont matter ^^
    I welcome you to the void side of Iwaku.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku and good luck with your book, hopefully I'll get to read it someday.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Jest, hope you enjoy your time here.
    Feel free to shoot me a message if you're ever stuck or need some help.
  5. Thanks you three. ^^
  6. Well hello there Jest, welcome to the site!
  7. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.