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  1. So, in my forever quest of finding a perfect Career I have decided on something potentially ground breaking.
    A professional Iwaku poster.

    Now, I already have quite the impressive resume in posting skills.
    And if I were to be paid, that quantity and quality of my posts would improve greatly.

    Which leads me to ask, what does such a Professional Poster get paid?
    It has to at least cover food, housing and internet.
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  2. No
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  3. Did I mention I would bring an increase in Racks?

    Ah well, like any person desperate for work I've applied to many Iwaku representatives.
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  4. Did someone call for me?
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  5. I also have a motto, courtesy of @RiverNotch

    "I don't wank, I-waku".
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  6. I feel like you're trying to tell me something here.
  7. A professional iwaku poster must post in the roleplay area 8 hours a day ]:< General chat does not count! Show us some dedication in the rp areas and we might consider it :D
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  8. But how does one keep the community so close when we focus on such a specific topic?
  9. Figure it out yourself D:
  10. I shall... Experiment.
  11. Racks for us all! Viva La Revolución!
  12. Oi! No french!
    My first order of business is to blow up Quebec any ways! >:C
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  13. I say we beat him with sticks and pay him in beans.
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  14. You get what you pay for.
  15. I crave attention: The Thread.
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  16. This is actually a real job. o___o I mean, not on Iwaku (cause fuck, I dun need to pay for that I know how to do it myself), but there are legit services out there for startup forums where you can pay someone (or a group of people) to post and interact on your community to get it started up and filled with posting members.

    I can tell you right now you're doing it COMPLETELY WRONG. I would not pay for your service. >:[ Every post you make needs to be a quality contribution of a topic & response in combination with inspiring loyalty to the community and fostering a good atmosphere.

    What you do is mostly nonsense, shitposts and attention whoring which, for every good post you do, you kill it with fifty really bad ones, creating a negative effect on quality post content and community atmosphere. O___O


    Tip One: It's not about you and none of your posts should be bringing attention to yourself. Your goal is to lift up the members and the community. Once it becomes about you, you're no longer working in the best interest of the community.

    Tip Two: Posts members get to talk about themselves or their interests are the best to post. People LOVE sharing their opinions and talking about themselves. To keep these topics going, you ask individuals additional questions about their interests or offer them suggestions of things they might also like that is related to the topic. Even if the topic is really silly, people still love to throw their two cents in.

    Tip Three: Post POSITIVE topics above all else. About what they like, they love, uplifting and inspiring things. Even though a topic about "Things you hate at the super market" seems like a harmless topic, these start a trend of new hate topics and people form a habit of complaining about things and looking at things negatively.

    Tip Four: Don't post topics about religion, politics, social justice, philosophy, or anything of that nature. Just don't fucking do it. There is not a single community on the internet where you can do this without members coming out of it upset or disappointed with a fellow member. The more often these topics happen, the worse the malcontent becomes. It is REALLY REALLY HARD to come back from a long season of these kind of posts trending.

    Tip Five: You cannot be sarcastic, make trolly posts, or crack dark jokes. Sorry! That will backfire horribly even if you're GOOD at it. If you suck at it, you're just pissing everyone off. If you're GOOD at it, people try to mimic your style & behavior, but most of THEM will be BAD at it and it creates a circle of stupid.

    Tip Six: Don't hijack people's topics with snappy back and forth conversations that last pages. >:[ That's rude.

    Tip Seven: Stay on topic. That way you have more topics for new threads!
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  17. You can always count on Diana to take some shitty topic and turn it into something positive.

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  18. I'm a real professional poster! 8D
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  19. Wow... This thread was taken half-seriously... In a productive way. o_o
    Good point.

    Like I normally try to help people, but it still helps to have these philosophies in mind.
    In other words? Everyone's a Narcissist? :P
    ... Yea I can see what you're getting at here.
    *Topics I've already been taking an effort to avoid*

    Oh boy! Something I've been doing right! :3
    ... DIANA!!! ;A;

    This... This is like the core of my very BEING!
    Do you know what you're asking of me!?

    I feel like this is referencing something recent...
    Hell this is probably referencing a number of things recent actually. :/

    Oops, Sorry. :(
    I like more threads! :)

    Though I am going to try to take this advice to heart...
    But I'm a shit poster by nature, so please be understanding of slip ups.
    I know. I was honestly expecting a "Ha ha! NO! >:C" response.
  20. I guess that's another tip. O__O A good professional poster will know how to take what looks like a dumb topic and turn it in to something good. SO always look for ways to improve a topic! 8D
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