Prof. Sun's Delightful Delinquent field trips! Hogwarts Edition!

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  1. You're a student at Hogwarts, congrats! Unfortunately not all the magic in the world has you feeling like you are fitting in with your housemates! In fact, you've been skipping classes or pushing away people and all in all, you've been nothing but trouble to your teachers and/or to your fellow students. So Professor Sun is taking you on a camping field trip to help out the herbology professor with a bit of live plant gathering.

    When is this happening? Good question! Modern era, around 2014/2015 and Harry Potter? He doesn't exist in this world! Voldemort was defeated! But that was about it. Dark Lords come and Dark Lords go. It's directly after the Winter Holidays, maybe you went home – maybe you didn't. The important thing is that your back and you're in trouble.

    What is the goal of this charp? Friendship! Not even kidding here, Mr. Sun or Professor Sun is a teacher at Hogwarts and he thinks that the precious memories and bonds of friendship is all important! Also your grades, he's a teacher after all. He's dragging your characters off for a field trip! Your guardians have already signed the paperwork.

    That being said, while you are playing troubled teenagers that does not mean this game is dark! Expect fluff and social gathering and making of the friend things!

    The Important Details!
    This is happening on Saturday (January 3rd) at 5PM Mountain time! Or 6PM Central/Server Time!

    The location is the Catacombs Chatroom! HERE!

    What I want to see:
    Troubled teenagers from Hogwarts! No canon characters! You can be related to far off distant wizards if you wish but careful. You never know who you could be related to! You are welcome to post a character sheet if you want to but you don't have to! Just come and enjoy the fandom!

    A little about Mr. Sun and future games:
    Mr. Sun can exist in any genre where there are troubled kids who need the power of friendship! This one is set in the Harry Potter universe clearly, the next one could be set in a sci-fi universe or high fantasy! So don't despair if this genre isn't to your liking. :)
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  2. EEEEEEEEEEE! *prance* WHO TO USE?! WHOOOOO?! *digs through the character bin*
  3. I've not got a cluuuuue.
    So many characters!

    So many troubled bratty teenagers!
  4. I don't know if I will be awake early enough, but I will try to put together a charrie just in case. O_O
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  5. This is going to start a 1AM for me, and I'm trying to get my circadian rhythm back on track... ;_; I want to join, though >__<
  6. Updated to put where this is actually happening!
    Which is the Catacombs. :D
  7. Well I'm awake now, might as well stay awake for another hour until this starts.

  8. I WILL be late. Jerk parents sprung a "Guess what? You're cooking tonight and we're going to be suuuuuuuper late past normal dinner time! lolololol"

    "But I told you yesterday AND today that I have somewhere to b--"

    "Online stuff isn't real and doesn't matter! :D"

  9. Time is now peoples! :D
  10. lsdfjalksd THAT WAS FUN.

    Sorry if I annoyed anyone with my EXTREMELY JERK-FACED SLYTHERIN. <33
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  11. Thank you all for attending and making my first charp of the year a success!
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