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  1. [​IMG]

    {The Prodigy Project}

    In a futuristic nation known simply as Altonia, everything is controlled. Who you marry, when you have a child, where you work, even what your name is and when you die. There are strictly twenty-five cities in the nation (disregarding Urbem, the capitol city, where the president and his officers live), and each is identical. There are apartment buildings, each with six floors -- one floor for each resident family. The sole travel in Altonian cities are monorails that curve throughout the city. Everyone wears bland, pure white outfits, and imperfections and exceptionalism is greatly looked down upon, to the point of killing people in these categories.

    In Altonia, childern attend primary school from age five to twelve. On their thirteenth birthday, all Altonian children are required to undergo testing in various fields of learning, as well as physical, medical and neurological examinations. The results for these tests are never made known to the public. But for those who pass with flying colors, it is the end of the line.

    The leader of Altonia, a man known as President Devoi and the presidents before him had decided that exceptional children were a danger to the structure of the world. For these children are the ones who can see through their facade into the real purpose of the country. They wield the power to defeat the tyrannical government. And they cannot be brainwashed in the same way as the other Altonian citizens. So therefore, they are taken to Urbem and killed by a firing squad before Officers are dispatched to erase any memories of them from those in their city. It is as though they had never even existed.

    A few scientists -- intelligent beings who had been spared when they made an alliance with the president -- begin conspiring against this annual murder when they save six prodigies over the course of four years, hiding them away in an underground lab outside of the cities. For the land outside the walls of the cities is wild and grown over; forests gone insane as time passed. They train these prodigies before using a stronger brainwashing mechanism to erase their memories of their lives before they came to the lab.

    The oldest prodigy, a seventeen year old girl, is subjected to lead the rest of the Prodigium -- the name concocted by the scientists for their group of prodigies -- but her eighteenth birthday is coming. And the scientists have hinted that no one can remain in the Prodigium once they reach eighteen. But they say that there is nothing they can do about this, and that their mission must be completed before she reaches that age.

    Their mission: break down the walls of the cities, invade Urbem, and find the antidote for the brainwashing.
    For a controlled life isn't really life at all... Is it?

    Important Points in an Altonian's "Life"
    Age Three ::: Child is injected with their first serum to keep them peaceful, unquestioning, and average. Becomes annual after this point.
    Age Five ::: Child starts primary school. Studies math, science, reading, history, and citizenship. All lessons controlled by government.
    Age Thirteen ::: Examinations and sifting through the prodigies. Those who are average go to secondary school.
    Age Seventeen ::: Graduation and first job assignment.
    Age Twenty ::: Marraige
    Age Twenty-Five ::: First kid
    Age Thirty-Five ::: Second kid
    Age Sixty ::: Retirement
    Age Seventy ::: Death by poison injection.

    Just Some Notes and Rules...
    1) Characters will NOT be supernatural; they are merely exceptional.
    2) No character will regain their memory without my expressed permission.
    3) Characters may die, as there will be quite an amount of violence in this.
    4) Characters you can play are listed below.
    5) CS should be filled out to the best of your ability.
    6) I'd like decent-sized posts (i.e. two or three paragraphs), please!
    7) Please try to post at least two times a week per character.
    8) You are allowed to take two charries, and may take two from the same gender if you like.
    9) No Mary-Gary Sues. :/ I will hunt you down.
    10) No godmodding, power-playing, or auto-hitting.
    11) Have fun, my lovies! ^^

    ❇ The Prodigium ❇
    Leader (female) >>> @TheRealHermione
    Second-In-Command (male) >>> @Sepdemonium
    Member #1 (female) >>> @Rainjay
    Member #2 (male) >>> @Xan
    Traitor (female) >>> @Infinity
    Disguised Scientist (male) >>> @TheRealHermione

    ❇ The Scientists ❇
    Scientist #1 (male) >>> [NPC unless someone wants it]
    Scientist #2 (female) >>> [NPC unless someone wants it]

    ❇ The Government ❇
    President (male) >>> [OPEN]
    Vice-President (female) >>> @Rainjay
    Officer #1 (male) >>> [OPEN]
    Officer #2 (female) >>> [OPEN]

    Prodigium Character Sheet
    Real Name: (full; they have no memory of this name)
    Prodigium Name: (the new name the scientists gave them; first only)
    Meaning of Prodigium Name: (the scientists named them this new name for a reason; what is that reason?)
    Age: (14-17; if 17, they must have just turned 17 about a month ago)

    Category: (in this case, just put "Prodigium")
    Quote: (something they might say)
    Theme Song: (optional)
    Picture: (anime or real; optional)
    Physical Description: (Hair color? Eye color? Build? Scars? NEEDED)
    Uniform: (The Prodigium wear tight leather uniforms -- long pants, muscle shirt, leather jacket, and combat boots. Their uniform is trimmed with a color of their choice and their belt buckle and jacket don a unique emblem. Please describe your charrie's emblem here, as well.)
    Weapon of Choice: (feel free to invent something new)
    Personality: (brief paragraph; five to seven sentences)
    Background: (What happened before the scientists saved them? They willingly relinquished these memories, so they don't know this anymore, but please include five to seven sentences for reference.)
    Other: (optional)

    Scientist Character Sheet
    Name: (full)
    Age: (21-24)
    Category: (in this case, just put "Scientist")
    Quote: (something they might say)
    Theme Song: (optional)
    Picture: (anime or real; optional)
    Physical Description: (Hair color? Eye color? Build? Scars? NEEDED)
    Uniform: (The Scientists wear long coats of a color of their choice over normal clothes, which they decide what look like.)
    Personality: (brief paragraph; five to seven sentences)
    Background: (What happened before the government hired them? Why were they compelled to rebel against the government? Five to seven sentences.)
    Other: (optional)

    Government Character Sheet
    Name: (full)
    Age: (25-46)
    Category: (in this case, just put "Government")
    Quote: (something they might say)
    Theme Song: (optional)
    Picture: (anime or real; optional)
    Physical Description: (Hair color? Eye color? Build? Scars? NEEDED)
    Uniform: (Up to you, really. Keep in mind their role.)
    Weapon of Choice: (Officers only; feel free to invent something new)
    Personality: (brief paragraph; five to seven sentences)
    Background: (What shaped their opinions on their nation? How did they get in their position? Were they born in Urbem? Five to seven sentences.)
    Other: (optional)

  2. Real Name
    Juniper Adelline Everest

    Prodigium Name

    Meaning of Prodigium Name
    Furia is literally the Latin word for fury, madness, and deviousness.
    The name itself is meant to mean hell-hound.

    (soon to her eighteenth birthday)




    "Must I remind you of who I am? I do not go down without a fight, fools."

    Theme Song
    Fastest Girl in Town || Miranda Lambert


    Physical Description
    Furia stands at five feet six inches, weighing in at about one hundred fifteen pounds. Her freckled skin is almost abnormally pale, her eyes a light brown that gives away nothing. Her hair is an extremely dark brown, almost black in some light, and she has a odd birthmark with no cohorent shape or likeliness in the crook of her right arm. She's tall and slim, with full lips and long, dark eyelashes.

    Like the rest of the Prodigium, Furia wears a tight leather uniform -- long pants, muscle shirt, leather jacket, and combat boots. Her uniform is trimmed with a dark, rusty red and her emblem resembles a heightening flame.

    Weapon of Choice
    Furia's a back-to-the-basics kind of gal.
    While she does keep two handguns on her, she prefers to fight with her custom sword and shield.

    Furia is extremely confident and believing in herself, making her (rightfully) seem conceited. While seeming a bit bossy and demanding at times, she would never intentionally put the group in unnecessary danger, though she will admit in a heartbeat that she loves a good fight. She looks towards everyone else (except maybe the Prodigium themselves) as infidelic and insignificant, even if she does, otherwise, have the potential to be a great leader for the Prodigium. If she takes an extreme liking to you for whatever reason, she will be the most loyal friend and companion, fighting alongside you until the end. She's got the soul of a warrior, never backing down from a fight. Ever.

    (What happened before the scientists saved them? They willingly relinquished these memories, so they don't know this anymore, but please include five to seven sentences for reference.)

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  3. Paloma is complete, Violette is in the works.

    Prodigium Character Sheet

    Cameron Lark Messina

    Prodigium Name:

    Meaning of Prodigium Name:

    Violette's name comes primarily from the flower, a usually purple delicate plant. Her personality is quite matching. However, the name may also be because of her eye color, which while are not perfectly purple (that would be absurd), are a mix of a light blue and gray that appears a violet purple in certain lights.

    * The strange spelling of the name was a personal preference

    (just turned)


    Female member


    "I sometimes wish I had wings, but I realize that they're useless still trapped in a cage."

    This image may be changed.

    Physical Description:
    Violette has soft blonde hair that is generally a couple of inches past her shoulders, with no bangs or fringe, and blue/gray eyes, sometimes, appear a light purple color in the sunlight or in the dark. She has quite long eyelashes that match her darker blonde root hair color, and a narrow brow and nose, with a rather sweet and purely happy smile. She stands at an average height of about 5'3", and is a bit on the smaller side in terms of weight, with thin shoulders and a small waist. She has a light complexion, free of freckles and birthmarks and the like.

    Violette dresses in the typical leather uniform of the Prodigium, with the same pants, top, jacket, and combat boots, although she wears a top with a more circle cut neck (she feels a V is too showy, and a unisex collar cut is too constricting) and usually has to fold up the sleeves of her jacket a bit, sometimes simply because it falls over her hand, but other times because she prefers it to be folded up to her elbow. Her uniform has a light violet trim.


    Violette's emblem is a stylized flower. While it is not exactly a viola, she still considers flowers her general 'token' of sorts. She can draw her emblem to near perfection, and quite quickly, too, and often traces the symbol absentmindedly with her finger when bored.

    Weapon of Choice:

    Violette is a gentle, easily lovable girl. She usually wears a sweet smile and has a kind word for everybody, even for some of the worst people around. She is generally open and honest, with a sincere wish to assist others, quite often taking the role of peacemaker in the midst of arguments, avoiding entering into them herself. She'll often try to approach others if they're feeling down or upset and will try to make them happier, or will simply attempt to comfort them. She makes friends easily and finds it easy to keep them, too.

    However, the above perhaps only applies half of the time. There is another side of Violette that is, while not the opposite, different. In dangerous situations, Violette knows how to act, and is cautious and smart about things, losing her friendly and open attitude and becoming tough and firm. She would never abdicate for death or violence, but has no qualms about resorting to it for self defense, or to defend others, although she would prefer to try a civil approach beforehand.

    Violette's life before the Prodigium was remarkably unremarkable. She lived with her two parents, and was their youngest of two children. Her parents had boring, tedious jobs and she attended a boring, tedious school, where she had a small group of friends, wasn't popular or unpopular, and participated in one or two activities, never becoming great at sports, nor being well known in a club. Quite frankly, she was brilliant, but just didn't wish to apply it to any opportunity made available to her. She spent much of her time outdoors, working with gardens and plants.

    Her family was taking a cruise trip, a rare luxury for them, on the summer before her examination. It was a nice day, until it started to get stormy, the waves rolling dangerously, the boat rocking to and fro. They were capsized, and the young girl, who barely knew how to swim, almost drowned, while her elder brother went missing in the storm. He was declared dead soon after. Perhaps that event was the only notable event in her entire life, apart from being rescued and brought to the Prodigium.

    Violette has a habit of leaving flowers, particularly purple ones, behind in places she's messed with. (Ex. If she were to pull a prank, she would leave a signature flower behind)
    I kind of want to say that her name is also after Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night, but that may not exist in this world, so I won't add that in.

    Government Character Sheet


    Corisande Paloma





    "Not everyone is born free and equal. It's a privilege."


    Physical Description:
    Corisande has thin reddish brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders in loose waves and olive green eyes, framed by black rimmed glasses characteristic to her image. She wears a light dash of make up, usually for appearances, with winged eyeliner and a light lip gloss. She is tall, standing at 5'9", with an average weight, and while she isn't particularly muscled, she's not unhealthy. It is rumored that she dyes her hair regularly to give it the shimmer color that it holds.

    Corisande usually dresses casually in dark green or black colored tops and slacks, but her more professional uniform consists of a dark gray blazer followed by a white or light gray shirt, collar out neatly, sometimes with a black tie, sometimes not. She wears black, crisp slacks and 1.5 inch-3 inch heels, depending on the day. The blazer has an emblem on the pocket for Altonia.

    Corisande is incredibly straightforward. She says what's on her mind, and is extremely truthful. She's also opinionated, and her opinions don't change, and she'd defend them to the end. She wholeheartedly believes she has everyone's best interests in mind, and truly believes that she's doing what's best. By her terms, she is a rather charitable person, and if you do think of it from her perspective, she truly is said charitable person. She just sees the world in a different light than other people.

    As a general rule of thumb, Corisande is, at best, passive aggressive. She usually doesn't get mad or angry, and had a habit of calling people "sweetie" or "dear", no matter how close or foreign they are to her. It's not meant threateningly, although it could easily come off that way to somebody more aware. Every move she makes in response to hostility is sly and cunning, well thought out and quiet. She doesn't like making a big show of things. In fact, TV appearances are one of her most hated things. But she does enjoy public speaking, and does so with her usual calm demeanor.

    Corisande was born in the capitol city, where she lived with a small family for the majority of her life. Even as a small child, Corisande was a steadfast, opinionated girl. She was thoughtful and smart, but she also had street smarts, and knew when to apply it. That aside, she always was incredibly loyal to her nation. It wasn't brainwashing, or propaganda- she truly believed that it was a glorious nation, with the best of everything. She would willingly submit to the injections and the way of life in Altonia, if it weren't for her desire to help make things even better. In a way, she was an ideal choice as a president. Although she didn't quite make it there, vice president satisfied her childhood ambitions and dreams well enough.

    She wears glasses, and absolutely hates contacts and any other kind of eye wear.
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  4. Sounds good to me! <3 c;
  5. *slams form down dramaticly* I hereby reserve this spot for my form! *evil cackle* it's a work in progress..and subject to change.. please bare with me, it's far from done..

    Prodigium Character SheetReal

    Name: Sepiroth Anramath Von Silencia

    Prodigium Name: Leviathan

    Meaning of Prodigium Name: Leviathan is the biblical monster who became associated with envy and one of the Prince's of hell. but the main reason as to way he was given that name was due to the lines..

    ' Will he keep begging you for mercy? Will he speak to you with gentle words?
    'Will he make an agreement with you for you to take him as your slave for life?
    'Can you make a pet of him like a bird or put him on a leash for your girls?'
    which hold a symbolic meaning linked to his past..

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    Role: second in comand

    Category: Prodigium

    Quote: "..don't talk to me.."

    Theme Song: St John- we are the fallen/ Nobody's home-Arvril Lavigne

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Physical Description: Sepiroth is about 6'6 in hight, he's very thin. Many would say that he borders upon an unhealthy thinness. He's gracefully built with long legs and subtle curves, he has a pretty small waist for a male. He also has very slender and delicate feet, and elegant hands. His skin is pale- not just from being cooped up inside but rather a natural pale. His body is also covered in scars, with the oldest one being around his throat. How he got these is debatable, they may be self inflicted or maybe not. His face is very womanly, with soft and high cheek bones and a soft nose. His eyes are slightly slanted and a bright yet cold green with gold flecks within them, he also has very long eyelashes. His hair is long, down to his waist with parted bangs that fall over his face and frame it. His hair may have once being blonde. All in all, Sepiroth is easily mistaken for a women.

    Uniform: Sepiroth's colour of choice is black, and his emblem is a simple rose with thorns entwining around a dove.

    Weapon of Choice: a knife gun- the knife gun looks like a simple knife, but upon closer inspection the blade is quite 'fat' as opposed to a normal knife edge and the tip of the knife is hollowed out. The handle is also pretty chunky, because the bullet's are stored within it. The knife can however hold only five bullet's within it. The bullet knife, or knife good is best used for slashing as opposed to stabbing.. and it's got the fire power of a simple handgun

    Personality: Sepiroth is cold and aloof, often pushing people aside. It's not that he's openly rude, it's simply that his frosty personality makes people not like him. Sepiroth is a logical man by nature, he doesn't freak out easy. He's very interdependent and doesn't like asking others for help. He's also very insecure. He's not a fighting man, he just takes whatever life throws at him without question.. no matter how bad it may be. He does have a softer and more creative side, but it's rarely shown.

    Background: Sepiroth came from an abusive background, he never told anyone what happened bar the one scientist he grew to trust. Sepiroth was found beaten and broken, left for dead by the scientist in question. As time passed Sepiroth was slowly nursed to health and he tearfully told the scientist about his life, the humiliation and pain he felt. The feeling of insecurity and isolation.. everything, everything was revealed. Sepiroth for the first time in his life, told everything. So when he was offered the chance to forget everything, he took it without hesitation.. but the feelings always remained..

    Other: he has a nice operatic singing voice
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  6. Well daaaaaaang, @Sepdemonium! You didn't have to slam your character format down like that! xD
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  7. *glances down guiltily* uhhh...oooohhh....*looks sidewards at TheRealHermione* how long have you being standing there? :] hmm.. maybe I didn't but I thought comming in with an evil themesong playing in the background would be to much.. and just placing the form down would be.. a little less.. though I must admit, I was a bit.. to slam happy... *dusts thread off innocently* well.. *coughs* anyway, hi! :]
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  8. I'm gonna like wait a little bit to see how other chars are shaping up before making mine.

    Last thing we need are 6 characters that are all the same ya'know.

    Dunno what kind of char I want anyway... For some reason I want her name to be Violet even though I can't think of any way to make it make sense >:(
  9. Hm... Violet because she's a sweetie, like a flower?
    Anyway, Furia is on of my favorite female charries that I have. Badass and slightly conceited. cx
  10. I think it's safe to say that mine's gonna be weird and rather.. unstable, if it helps :] (but I'm pretty sure you gussed that already by the way I slammed the form down.. :] uhh.. n-not that I meant t-to that! *whistles innocently* I am not crazy!)
  11. Would a sweet, youngish character fit in with the group?
  12. Here's my big question: Are the government as brainwashed as the people are, or are they left alone?
  13. Well, Rainjay, you do need steady members to stabalize any group. c: And the government is completely spared the injections etcetera.
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  14. Alright. Cool. :D
  15. Sorry that it's taking me so long to finish Furia, guys.
    I like to gather my thoughts prior to writing character sheets, so I usually take a number of days. xP
  16. That's cool ^^

    I'm about done with Violette, just stuck on a weapon for her. Some part of me wants to make one entirely up, but... that's too much work x-x
  17. it's coolio, TheRealHermione :] I can't wait to read the finished verson, I bet it's amazing! :] I should have Sephy done soon :]
  18. Hi guys! Working on mine. Will have it posted by the weekend :}
  19. Okay. Well… We'll need to refill a few slots if you guys still want to do this; a few PMed me about not doing this anymore, butI'll still double check with them to be sure.
  20. I'm still working on VIolet's weapon.. <.<
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