Procrastination! And why do we have such a hard time keeping up with the things we love?

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  1. I'm fickle! I have a hard time posting regularly, frequently, or really in any manner that requires me to use the magical essence known as effort! I enjoy a slow-as-molasses pace, where I can carry on weeks at a time without feeling insecure about whether I'm posting enough or not, but I find that on the few occasions I can manage daily posting for a few days in a row, I am proud of it! But I'm curious to know if any of you have any insight as to how to explain (and hopefully improve) these issues. :D
  2. Self-control? :ferret:

    No really though, self control. Regimented schedule. You get one when you work a job, for instance. Just have a dedicated "posting day" or something. For my RP's, I give them two week posting cycles. I get rid of distractions that would prevent me from posting: YouTube, Imgur, Video Games, et cetera. Then I focus on writing the post. If I feel like I've hit a brick wall like writer's block, I realize it's all in the mind, so I'll get up and pace for a bit while thinking on what to write.

    Hope that's helpful.
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  3. I like Brovo's advice. 8D

    Another thing to think about "I am REALLY in to this roleplay still?" I find that a lot of people keep trying to push themselves to play in plots, genres, with people, etc that they really don't have a liking for anymore, and that REALLY makes a difference with how often you post. O___O When you're really in to a roleplay, you move mountains and hellfire to post as much as you can no matter how busy you are, cause you love it and want more posties. It IS okay to admit that you're just not interested enough!
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  4. Perhaps something to discuss, then, is how to deal with the disconnect between fantasizing about roleplaying and actually roleplaying. I find that the most eager and motivated part of me exists during the worldbuilding, character creation, and plot discussion phase, whereas I've just come to consider this dysphoria as a normal state of mind in any roleplay I participate in. I tend to pin the procrastinating tendencies on the actual writing activity, and not on a lack of interest in continuing a scene, because if it were the scene, then I'd wonder if I actually like roleplay at all! :O
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  5. Build more than a premise. This is a common error that people make, both as players and as game masters. A premise is exciting, but it has no solid ground. Make the plot, figure out how characters will get from point A to B to C. Imagine scenes for that. Make those scenes a reality. If you're not the GM, your goal as the player is to figure out what personal objectives your character has, and how to connect them to the plot. As other characters are approved, imagine scenes with them. What sorts of relationships there might be, and pursue those. If the RP has no plot, then the GM probably doesn't know what they're doing... :ferret:

    It's all practice and self-control. Discipline, even.
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  6. ^ Great advice there.

    For your first question, all about time management.
    I table top here in the real world, and my group had a hard time keeping a regular schedule until we dedicated a day and meeting time. And you'd be surprised how much you can do by just setting a time to start.
    I myself am very busy so I often have a certain amount of time I allow myself as well. However that could be potentially anxiety inducing for some people, but if you have a busy schedule in general, I find it to be useful.

    On this:

    I think I agree largely with Brovo.
    Since joining Iwaku, and I'd still consider myself very new, I've seen a lot of people decide their entire character arc and interpersonal relationships in an ooc post and then not even be close actually playing the game. It's a pet peeve of mine even! lol But I won't hold it against you. Since you like making the parts of the game, perhaps use the game as a map to develop those things (characters, world, stories) to your end goal. The wonderful thing about games whether you a GM or a PC is the other players always throw in a wrench and nothing goes quite the way your plans were written. It's a great challenge to get to those end goals and organically develop the story around the game.

    To reiterate what's already been said, practice and self control. Telling a story, like any skill, is an applied skill. You can only get better by doing it :)
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  7. On top of what others have said you could always just ask for help from the others.
    Be honest in that you have a writer's block, aren't sure what to post, can get distracted etc.

    RP's are a group effort, and that includes helping other people OOC to keep the RP moving.
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