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There is a 64 % chance you must press A. If not, press B.

  1. A

  2. B

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  1. I saw this posted on reddit (from /r/SampleSize), and it was rather quite interesting.

    Basically, the test involves an amount of people who, without communicating or dice, must select option A to option B at a ratio of 64 % to 36 %.

    What do you think of this test? Did you think through your answer? Can humans ever perfectly complete a test like this?
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  2. I figured the results would be similar to what they are.

    I think more people are inclined to pick B because if they're offered the chance to pick an option that isn't the expected or "mandatory" one, people usually will.

    The way this question is framed puts an air of suggestion of "A is totally covered, someone should pick B", so that skews it a bit.
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  3. I picked B because I could. But in a real life situation, I will almost always pick A.
  4. I picked A because I figured that more of them are needed in general but the way it looks now is kind of silly.
  5. Don't understand this. A 64% chance of something is better than a 36% chance.

  6. I picked A to piss off the people who picked B.
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