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  1. Ok, so here's a RP that I've wanted to do for a very long time.

    Two professional wrestlers, fresh from the indie circuit have finally been called up to the main roster of a major company. This could be WWE, or one we make up. They wrestle 3-5 nights a week, are on the road constantly, and must always be in character for the fans. They must create their wrestling personas, and work to get them 'over', to be loved or hated.

    How will our characters break into the business? How well will they take direction from the psychotic boss? Will their in-ring relationship mirror their personal one? Will they defy orders in an effort to make a name for themselves? What extreme measures will they resort to, in order to create a following?

    I'm looking for a female partner for this one. There will be sexual tension, probably romance, probably sex. PLEASE be a good writer. I want to enjoy reading your posts. I'd rather play mature scenes through a chat, just to keep the RP from bogging down (and I love mature themes!).

    You should know I'm an efficient writer. When setting up a scene, I will wax as eloquent as the Bard himself, but once we're into the conversation I'm not going to write a paragraph of dialogue and three paragraphs of filler description. My characters usually don't have complex thought processes running through their heads. I understand if that bothers you, and I'm usually down for switching to a chatroom in anticipation of long conversations.

    Interested? Shoot me a PM.

    And thanks for reading!
  2. Hi there! On Iwaku, we separate mature RP players by age group to prevent legal trouble! Because you're wanting mature scenes (or the possibility of them) this post ha been moved to "Libertine" requests, to make sure you only get partners in your legal age bracket! Thanks for your understanding and welcome to the site :3
  3. It should be emphasized that the focus of this roleplay is on the story, not the hibbity-dibbity.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.