Pro-bending; road to the championships!!!

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    "Hey! Hey, you! Yeah.. You! Ever thought of competing in the Pro-Bending arena? If so, we should definitely team up.~"

    A sport that really gets your heart pumping, the hairs on the back of your neck standing, and adrenaline surging through you like electricity-- spectator or player, you WILL get swept up in all of the excitement Pro-bending brings!

    { I'm looking for two players to form a trio for this long-term idea. While also part-taking, I'll be acting as a GM, as well. Along with this, they'll be some drama filled story outside the establishment. Rivalries, a particular individual's criminal antics, the Equalists, and underhanded schemes. }

    Integrate yourself into the exotic and rough world of Pro-bending!
    Pro-bending is a popular sportoriginating in Republic City that involves two teams of three benders, one from each of the three main bending arts. The objective of the sport is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible within three minutes, or, alternatively, to drive the members of the opposing team over the edge of the ring.

    The playing field is hexagonal, split into two sides, one red and one blue, with each side split into three zones. On each side of the playing field are twenty-one holes that dispense miniature rock discs, similar to earth coins, for the earthbendingcompetitors. Grates run along the lines between the zones, allowing waterbenders to access water from troughs under the ring. The grates also mark a zone in the arena and can light up green to signal a team can move forward or red to indicate a penalty. There are flexible, bouncy ropes on the peripheral sides of the ring, but the two opposing ends of the ring are open to a long drop to the water below. Referees look over the ring from raised stands by its sides.

    The rock discs dispensed from the arena are circular, and slightly larger than half a foot in diameter. They are made of hard clay that, while not being particularly soft, will still break if the disc hits a player hard enough. Under each disc is a second that will rise up to become flush with the ground when the first is dispensed. These discs are mainly used as weapons in the match but can effectively be used as a shield.[3][4] When broken, the discs leave a cloud of dust which could be used for cover to strike the opponent without being seen.

    Gaining territory
    At the start of the match, each team must remain within the first zone nearest to the center of the arena. Once a competitor is knocked into zone two by someone from the opposing team, he or she must stay there and cannot return to zone one. The same rules apply if he or she crosses over to zone three. If a player is completely knocked off the back of the ring, they cannot return to the field in that round, but can return for the next round if there is one.

    If all three members from one team are knocked back into zone two, a green light appears in the center line and the opposing team can advance into zone one on the other side; if they do this, they cannot move backward into their own zone. If they manage to knock all of the opposing team members into zone three, another green light appears between zones one and two, and they can advance again into zone two. However, if a team that has been pushed back manages to push the other team back a zone, they can advance forward one zone. The main objective for both teams is to push the other team back, thereby gaining territory.

    A green light signals that the members of a team can advance one zone toward their opponents.

    Each match consists of three rounds of three minutes each. The team that has managed to gain the most territory within the time frame wins the round. This means that even if two players from one team have been knocked out, that team can still win if the remaining player manages to gain the most territory by the end of the round. If both sides have not gained any territory, the team with the most players left wins. Otherwise, the round is a draw, resulting in a tie-breaker.

    At the beginning of the tie-breaker, the referee flips a coin, with each side of the coin corresponding to one team, either blue or red. The team that wins the coin toss decides the element that is challenged. If the winning team chooses "fire" for instance, the firebenders fight it out; the winner of the one-on-one wins the round. The tie-breaker is conducted on a raised platform positioned at the very center of the ring.

    An alternative method to win is to complete a knockout, where all three players of the opposing team are knocked out of the ring during the same round. A knockout results in an automatic win of the match, regardless of whether or not the opponents won more rounds. Game play only continues if any given player manages to return to the playing field before contacting the water pit, either by hanging onto the edge of the arena and returning to the surface or by helping another team member return to the arena.
  2. I'm interested, got a earthbender or a firebender i could use
    figured i'd include the wikia page for pro bending in case anyone wants to know all the details (have it handy because i unsuccessfully tried convince a friend to do something with it in an rp with me >.>) Pro-Bending
    any ideas on a team name?
  3. Ah, wonderful news! I'm glad this thread has managed to capture your interest.

    If I could convince you to do so, think I could get you to take up the roll of an Earth-bender? However, if you highly prefer Fire over Earth, I'll be willing to compromise.

    As for the team name... Hmm. I was thinking maybe
    Yángé(Yin-goal) Pack. Meaning "Strict Pack". Even so, I'm open to changing the name.
  4. No problem! I actually favor my earth character here since i won't need to tweak her for this unlike my fire bender :3
  5. Lucky me then. I'm already looking forward to our soon-to-be trio.~ Now, all we need is a Water-bender.
  6. I could be your waterbender, if you'd like? I have a couple of different waterbenders I could use for this
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