Привет (pree-VYEHT) or Hi!

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  1. Sooooo, I don't fluently speak Russian, but I am learning! Any-who. Hello there! I'm Red Rabbit, but please, do refer to me as simply "R." I am of legal age. I have been roleplaying for a few years, striving to expand my skill in literature. I am a female. I ... unfortunately don't really know what to tell you. ^^;
    I have a few characters that I would love to play out here, and I believe I have their stereotypes vaguely listed in my Roleplay Resume. Check that out if you get the chance? I'll add to it as time goes by. Yup, well, I'm stumped on what to say other than I'm excited to start roleplaying with everyone and anyone!
    Please message me if you feel so inclined!

  2. Welcome R!

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  3. Hey, welcome to the sight! Have fun while you're here.
  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. Hallo R with a period. >:3 That is a neat nickname and I am going to feel like a pirate everytime I say it. Welcome to the site!
  6. Hello all! Thank you very much for the warm welcomes!

    It's a pleasure to meet you, October.

    I'm already having tons of fun, thank you!

    Thanks, I hope I'm able to have as many adventures as possible! The more, the merrier!

    I'm glad you like the nickname, I hope feeling like a pirate is as fun for you as it is for me!
  7. You're learning to speak a strange Slavic lingo. Good luck, comrade.
  8. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.