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  1. Todd walked down the road with his head up high, staring around at the beautiful scenery that is nature. As he approached the park, he saw a beautiful girl standing there as if she was lost, staring around. He strolled over towards her. "Ello dear." He said as he reached her. "How are you on this fine day?" He bowed slightly, smiling up at her.
  2. The girl was caught of guard for both reasons : spacing out , and him being quite dashing. She seemed flustered before he approached ,but has smiled sweetly back at him with a hint of a blush on her checks " I am ..fine thank you very much" For some reason she felt her replay was dumb which made her feel pretty awkward all of a sudden.
  3. This thread was meant for someone else, but I will make another one for her. Welcome, I am excited to roleplay with you and get to know you.

    Todd erected from his bow. He stared into the girls eyes, astonished at her beauty. "Are... are you lost?" He stumbled with his words for a second, but regained his composure. "It is a little early to see people here at the park." Todd commented.
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    The girl looked down with a forced smile across her face " will..I am not exactly lost, but I am not sure where to go from here"
    Amber laughs lightly realizing how what she said didn't make sense "sorry for being so puzzling,did I confuse you?" the girl was wearing a very beautiful yet mysterious looking necklace around her neck ?That necklace it self held many secrets.
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  5. Todd chuckled. "Not at all, love." He reassured her. "Do you have an idea of where you are going?" He asked. "I might be able to help you find your way."
  6. Amber palce a fingure on her lips thinking.The boy was very kind and easy to approach, he somehow didn't feel like a strange despite the fact that they barely know each others.When that thought struck her mind she asked " ah- before that! May I know your name ? Mine is amber" she stretched one hand out for a hand shake "right now,any palce with a roof will do me just fine"
  7. Todd gingerly reached out and grabbed her hand, kissing her knuckles lightly with his soft, warm lips. "Mine is Todd." He replied. "I just happen to have a place with a roof. Would you like to stay with me?" Todd held her hand in his for a moment longer before releasing his light grip, while not completely letting go, giving her the option of whether to pull her hand away or let it rest in his.
  8. As he kissed her knuckles her checks turned rosy 'gosh he is such a gentle man' she thought.She looked at her hand and decided to leave it resting in his,she enjoyed the way he treated her. She nods silently in response to his question too embarrassed to say yes directly.
  9. Todd kept a light grip on her hand, leading her out of the park and toward his home. As they walked, Todd's curiosity got the best of him, and he began asking her questions. "If you don't mind me asking, what led you to this position? Why do you not have anywhere to live?"
  10. Amber seemed like she was expecting him to ask her such questions-after all its only natural that he wants to know such things if he plans to keep her at his own house. "I understand why your asking me these question,but I hope you understand I cant tell you ..yet,I am sorry..and after you've been so kind to me..." She looks down ashamed of herself.
  11. "Not a problem, love. I completely understand." Todd replied. "I've been in situations like this. Let's get you inside." Todd opened the door for her and closed it after she walked inside. "Is there anything you need? Something to eat?"
  12. Amber was hungry but said " no ,thank you am fine" out of curtsy she thought asking him for anything more was really pushing it.
  13. "Feel free to eat whenever you're hungry." Todd said. "Mi casa es su casa."
  14. "okay if your really meant that- I AM hungry" she pulled her tongue out playfully " am a huge junkie please tell me your not the eat healthy type?- i bet your refrigerate will say it all~" she went to his kitchen and looked through his food selection.
  15. "You won't have to worry about that dear." Todd explained. "I'm not too worried about health." Inside the fridge was a wide variety, enough to Please anyone
  16. Amber was more than satisfied with what she found ,she grabbed a few ingredients good enough for making a basic grilled chicken sandwich.She placed them on the work top.

    " umm,say todd....i wanted to ask...I mean if you don't mind me asking..the question may seem slightly un propitiate but ..umm- do you...speak to all girls like that in general? i mean,with all the dear ,love and these gentleman things you do"
  17. "I do quite often speak like that to women. Why do you ask?" Todd replied
  18. Amber blinked" no reason ,i just wanted to say that you had a nice way of speaking it makes me feel at ease" She began preparing the grilled chicken sandwich "cooking is one of the few things am good at, so let me at least try to pay you back with that while am staying in your place"
  19. "That sounds great." Todd replied
  20. Amber made a sandwich for both of them and came and sat down" say todd" she said "aren't worried of having a stranger stay in your house? "
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