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  1. private roleplay between me and BrokenTerra. please don't post here unless you're one of us.

    things under content contained may possibly occur. read at you're own risk.

    my character (open)

    • andrew talvace - male - seventeen - british, born in islington on april first - werewolf
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    Daniel Xavier
    Twenty Nine years old
    Born in Texas on August 16th
  3. It would be a full moon soon...

    Those words continued to run through his mind. Over and over again. He couldn't help it, he could control his change every day of the month except for that one night, when the moon's power forced him to shift into his inner animal.

    It will be a full moon soon...

    He walked down the crowded streets with his shades hiding his lonely eyes and his hands shoved into his jean pockets. People pushed and shoved to get past as they hurried to get to their specific destinations.

    It will be- What the fuck?!

    His thoughts came to a stop as a body collided with his own. His body didn't move much the the person who bumped into him had fallen to the ground, or so it felt like it. His eyes traveled down towards the figure. The man, Daniel, let out a sigh.

  4. The last thing Andrew expected was to run into a Rogue.. Especially today. He was out for a walk when he shouldn't have been. But he was sure no one would miss or care he was gone. He had only just been turned into a werewolf and served as the packs current Omega.. or lowest ranking wolf. He got bit a few weeks ago and was just starting to get the hang of things but it was all still scary for him. He had to drop everything and leave his family, who lived in the next town over, because his new alpha had told him that would be the wisest idea so he didn't hurt them. He missed them and still wasn't sure about his new life. So far he had been cooped up in the pack house, not trusted to go out alone but he couldn't take it anymore. He needed to get out and it was just a harmless walk.. His walk had been peaceful into he slammed into someone, someone so rock solid that they didn't budge an inch when he hit them and he stumbled back. On the ground now, he looked up about to apologize for not watching where he had been going until he caught sight of how he had walked into. He didn't know the male but by his scent he knew he was a Rogue. All packs had a distinct scent and this male smelled like a Rogue. Andrew had been told Rogue's were hostile and it was wisest to stay away from them. Andrew started getting up quickly, knowing that he probably shouldn't stick around. He wasn't scared of the other Werewolf, he was alone and that's what made him scared but this werewolf wasn't about to try anything infront of all these humans. "Sorry." He said simply, looking up at him.
  5. Daniel narrowed his eyes dangerously when he noticed he was backing up, almost in fright. The boys seemed of fresh earth and rain... An addictive scent, one that made him lost for a moment until the last scent hit him. Wolf. If this wolf, strong or not, told his pack about him, Dan would be dead even if he was a tough as nails rogue. One versus a pack wasn't an equal fight... So Daniel did the first thing that came to his mind and caught the boy around the waist quickly before throwing him over his muscular shoulders and started walking towards his 'home base' like nothing was wrong. The humans around them stopped to stare but other than that, they did nothing against Daniel, to scared to interfere.
  6. Andrew knew not long after looking up he should have just ran. Because he had seen something he shouldn't have seen. A rogue in his pack's part of the city. When the rogue actually touched him he panicked. He tried to back away and slip himself out of the male's grip but he couldn't. He wasn't scared before but now he was. A rogue had just threw him over his shoulder and was dragging him off to do who knows what with him. His only hope was to shift to his wolf but he couldn't with all these people around and not in the position he was in. Not to mention the steel grip the rogue had on him. He gripped the back of the older male's shirt, squirming, while trying not to draw attention to the both of them. "Please.." He tried, quietly. He didn't know what to do but all he could do was let the other werewolf take him. He had no other choice. But it was clear he was a lot more terrified than he was letting on. His heart was racing do fast and his eyes were wide and his sides heaved.
  7. The more the boy squirmed, the more Daniel growled in warning as he walked. The little wolf needed a spanking... He had no intention of letting the pack wolf go, he would have to bring he to their hideout as his pet so the others won't touch him. Dan had had no intention of using him as such until something unexpected happened.
    "Please.." The smaller boy begged. The effect was immediate as he felt his manhood twitch slightly in his pants causing a husky groan slide from his lips. He turned into a back alleyway and set the boy down on his feet. Blocking him by an arm on either side of him, he leans down and presses a rough kiss to his mouth, sliding his tongue in as soon as he protested or gasped (he couldn't tell which in the haze of it all).
  8. Andrew continued his squirming, but wasn't able to wiggle out of the rogue's grip. When he was set down he immediately tried to get away, only to be blocked by the older wolf. Once the rogue leaned into him he knew what was happening and he presses his hands into the male's abdomen, trying to push him away but he didn't budge. He attemped to speak, but the male didn't let up and just kissed him more roughly and shoved his tongue into his mouth. Andrew was finally able to pull away a minute later. "Please, I won't tell." He swore, chest heaving. He was going to give the rogue one more chance to release him otherwise he would shift and fight. He didn't care if anyone saw. He pressed himself back against the wall of the alley, his fear not visible on his face but obvious by the way he breathed and how frantic he was. He stared up at the male, his heart pounding.
  9. Daniel blinked as the fog settled before disappearing. Letting out a sigh as he glanced down at the quivering boy.
    "I'm not going to kill you." Dan sigh again but this time at the thought up stereotypes of rogues. "How stupid are your pack wolves...?" He muttered before stepping back and turning his back. "Go. Before I change my mind." He growls and begins walking away. It wasn't the first time I let prey get away, wouldn't be the last either...

    He walked into the pack house to be greeted by his Beta and a few pack females.
    "Where have you been?" His Beta asks curiously. Daniel glares as he heads to his room.
    "Places." His Beta holds up his hands in surrender at this.
    "Whoa, okay." He opens his room door before slamming and locking it behind him.

    Wouldn't be the last...
  10. Andrew knew the rogue hadn't had the intention of killing him. The omega could see it in the rogue's eyes. He had been thinking about something else and that surprisingly scared Andrew just as much as possibly being killed. He said nothing as the rogue alpha let him go, and simply stared at him for a moment before taking off. He could still smell the older male on him, and still taste his breath in his mouth from when he forcefully kissed him.

    He made his way back to where his pack lived. It was an old bar that his alpha owned, but had apartments above it. He ran up to his room, some of his pack mates gone, probably out somewhere and the others watching him as he retreated. He had completely forgotten what he was supposed to be doing before he walked right into the rogue. He sat down on his bed quietly, deciding he still wasn't going to tell anyone what had happened. He had a feeling that if the rogue alpha found out he had told that he would come after him. Sitting there, he finally seemed to calm down. His heart regaining its normal speed.
  11. "Where've you been?" A voice yelled at him as soon as he entered the door of the apartment. There was only five of them, not including himself but they were strong, strong enough to remain undetected in another pack's territory. Daniel glanced up with observing eyes, his expression was sober as he raised an eyebrow at his Beta. She was a feisty female with a strong personality and bad temper. This often made them get into small bickers.
    "Alison..." He muttered without another glance and headed to the kitchen. A frown found it's way onto her face and caused her to follow him into the room. Dan searched through the fridge and began making himself a sandwich.
    "What's up with you?" He didn't have to look up to know that she was staring at him funnily.
    "Bullshit!" Letting out a sigh, Dan stopped and looked into her eyes.
    "I fucked up." This caused her to stare at him, waiting for him to continue. Daniel sighed with a reluctant look on his mug.
    "...A pack member saw me."
  12. The omega knew he had been lucky the rogue had let him go. By the looks of the older male he hadn't planned to do so. If he happened to run into the rogue alpha again he would run... Now in the safety of his own pack's apartment on the other side of the city, Andrew's fear faded as he was confident the rogue would't have followed him there. Now he could worry about the full moon that was coming, along with the rest of his pack. He had gotten bitten just days before the full moon last month, and the pack had to lock him up for his own good. It was that or he tried to kill anything that moved. Andrew didn't want to go back to that but he was still young and inexperienced. He had many things to learn and was still even learning how to control his shifting, one reason he wasn't allowed out of the house alone.

    Now his run in with the rogue didn't scare him for long. Andrew was rather fearless, and convinced as long as he was careful another run-in wouldn't happen. Andrew was out again the next day, but this time a little ways away from civilization. Near the city was a lush forest, and this is where the omega went to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, chores and his pack-mates. Once safely out of sight of any humans Andrew shifted into a skinny white wolf and darted through the trees. He went straight, running fast enough to feel like he was flying until he tired. He stopped in a clearing, shifting and plopping on his back in the grass. The morning dew dampened his clothes but he didn't care. He laid there, chest heaving as he caught his breath, his blue eyes closed.

    -- sorry i took so long. >.<
  13. Tis fine :> Plus I'm worse. >.<

    This next morning, Daniel was emotionally exhausted from all the yelling he had to sit through the night before as Alison told him off. Stripping into knee-length shorts and running shoes, he opened the door and grinned at how nice a day it was for a run. The apartment building he lived in with his pack was at the edge of town, on the outskirts of town near a vast and healthy forest.

    Are there some aces up your sleeve?
    Have you no idea that you're in deep?
    I dreamt about you nearly every night this week
    How many secrets can you keep?

    The building was quite run down and wasn't paid attention to much, they were able to use it at a low price and had the forest during the full moon on full excess. He put in his headphones and turned his music on full blast before taking off in a sprint. He picked up his speed to a full run and loved the rush of the trees as they zoomed past and the feeling of the wind hitting his face. Dan was thankful he didn't bring a shirt with the way the sun was beginning to beat down on him.

    Crawling back to you
    Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?

    'Cause I always do
    Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
    Now I've thought it through

    This song was beginning to irritate him with how much it reminded him of that boy. A groan past its way through his teeth. Why was he so attracted to him? It made him want to see him, to look into his eyes. Goddess, he was pathetic! The more he listened, the more he thought he was obsessed.

    Simmer down and pucker up
    I'm sorry to interrupt. It's just I'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you
    I don't know if you feel the same as I do
    But we could be together if you wanted to

    He pushed himself harder; jumping over rocks and stumps, pushing himself faster...

    Crawling back to you

    He let out a hiss of pain as his foot connected with a rock. Finally he stopped to catch his breath. He sat down and looked up at the sky. He let the rest of the song play... Knowing in was in deep deep trouble. As the scent hit him, he swore and glanced around. Was he hallucinating?

    Too busy being yours to fall
    Ever thought of calling darling?
    Do you want me crawling back to you?

  14. Andrew opened his eyes immediately scenting a change in the air and he heard.. music. Even his highly trained ears could pick it up coming from the headphones. Not a second later he heard someone. The voice was familiar in the very few words Andrew had heard from its owner the day before. He couldn't believe the rogue had stumbled upon him.. well almost. The omega was still hidden in the long grass until he stood up abruptly to peer at the rogue alpha who was not even a dozen yards away. This time he wasn't afraid but more so defensive. Andrew stared at him, wondering if the rogue would give chase if he tried to run. He had a little bit of a head start but he didn't know if that would be enough. He wouldn't stand a chance fighting, yet he didn't want to run. He didn't want to be pathetic like the day before. The rogue had made him feel so tiny and defenseless, and he didn't like the feeling. This was where the boy's stubborn streak began to show.
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