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  1. Today was the first day at the new Academy. Atropa took a deep breath and fixed her uniform- which was quite cute, actually.
    It went well with her pale skin, shoulder length, layered hair, and bright blue eyes.
    The uniform looked like most Japanese school uniforms- a black blazer, white shirt, black tie, skirt, and shoes.
    She smiled at herself in the mirror, grabbed her backpack, and walked out the front door.
    No one was home, because both her parents worked constantly, so she locked the door, and got into her car.
    It wasn't new, but she kept good care of it. It was an old black Mustang, and it was pretty nice.
    The air felt good on her skin as she drove, it was a bit hot outside today.
    The Academy was about thirty minutes away, so she listened to music as she drove, and sang along quietly.
    When she got there, the school was filled with kids, and she was nervous. She'd gotten in on scholarship, not money.
    Taking a deep breath, she checked her reflection in the mirror.
    Good- it looked good.
    Her skin was clear, she never really got acne, her teeth were straight and white, and her lips were red and pouty.
    "Okay, Atropa. You can do this. Go on." She said to herself, and got out of her car.
    Locking the doors, she slid her pack on one shoulder, and marched into the school.
    At the front office, she was handed her schedule, and she saw English was her first class.
    Kids barely looked at her as she walked by- which was fine with her. She hated being the center of attention.

    The classroom was empty, so Atropa took a seat by the back of the room, near the windows.
    "Miss Trist?" Someone asked. Atropa stood up.
    The man who'd talked looked around thirty years old, handsome in an older man type of way.
    She smiled.
    "Yes, sir."
    "Please, call me Jake. I'm your teacher."

    Atropa shook his hand and smiled, then went back to her seat.

    Hopefully everyone was this friendly.
  2. Sayaku had woken up bright and early as usual, already in the kitchen by the time his alarm had started going off. His dark brown hair was still slightly in his bright, blue eyes. However, he was able to shake it out of the way to see what he was doing as he cut up some celery to add to his lunch. Footsteps down the hall caught his attention, as he smiled towards a small girl with hair that nearly touched her knees. "Morning, sis. Breakfast is already set for you."

    "Thanks, big brother." She smiled, fatigued as she sat down to eat her breakfast. "You ate before me again, big brother?"

    "Yeah. Oh, uncle said he'll be back a bit later to pick you up for your appointment. I have band practice after school today, so don't expect to see me when you get home." He smiled, finishing up with his packed lunch before picking up his school bag nearby. Waving and giving her a light hug, he ran off to school, smiling as he made his way to the gate. There, he met with friends, a large group crowding around him. Anytime someone greeted him, he always smiled cheerfully with a bold, "Good morning."

    He made it to the classroom, the same as the girl he couldn't recognize. "Mornin', Jake." Sayaku mused. "Mornin', person I don't know yet." He grinned slightly, a bit aloof. His uniform was a bit messy- his blazer was generally done properly, and his pants were well on his hips, but his tie was a bit distraught around his neck, loosened a bit extra than needed.

    "Morning, Catane. Rushed with your uniform again?"

    "It was choking me while I ran." Sayaku mused, sighing. "Sorry, I'll fix it a bit later."
  3. Atropa watched as a boy came in the classroom. His tie was a bit undone, and the teacher teased him about it.
    "O-Oh, hello. My name is Atropa." She said quietly, smiling shyly at him.
    He was kinda cute.
    Her uniform, being brand new, was perfect. A bit stiff, but fine otherwise.
    "What time does class start?" She asked, looking at the clock. It was ten to eight.
    She didn't like to be late.
  4. "Atropa, hm? A nice name you got there...Sounds foreign. Then again, so does mine. Ah, I'm Sayaku by the way." The boy gave a gentle grin as he looked at the clock. Ten to eight? He was surprised he wasn't earlier, but just shrugged it off.

    "Class starts about eight- well, that's when we have to be in our seats. Not that anyone really pays attention normally." Sayaku mused.

    "Indeed, most of the class doesn't like to sit still," the teacher added. "You're included in that."

    "Hey, I sit earlier than anyone else!" Sayaku responded with a chortle, looking to Atropa. "It's free reign on where you sit, so just sit anywhere that you feel comfortable. It's one of the things everyone loves about Jake's class. Besides Jake. Everyone really likes him, both as a person and a teacher. You got lucky."
  5. Atropa smiled. "I'm named after a plant. The deadly nightshade."
    She listened while he talked, and nodded.
    "I'll just continue to sit here then, if that's alright. I do feel pretty lucky being in this class.
    He's a nice guy, Jake is. Or seems to be."
    She pulled out a thick binder and set it on her desk.

  6. "Deadly Nightshade, huh? I'll be sure to be careful...But you seem to be lively enough to me. Don't see how you could be deadly right now. Though every rose has its thorns, I suppose." Sayaku smiled with a nonchalant manner, taking a seat just a few seats away, near the window. It was the seat he always took, which he loved for being closer to nature. He wasn't sure if it was his background or his sister's love of having an herb garden in their house that rubbed off on him, but something about being near the sun and nature always seemed to brighten his mind.

    "He's a good guy." He leaned back on his chair, pulling out a simple notebook and a mechanical pencil, leaving them carefully on his desk. The notebook was colored red, as it was for his first class of the day. The class type was written on the cover in penmanship strangely neat for a boy, but if anyone asked, he would assure them he wrote it. The teacher knew it was true, but still liked to tease him.

    "Your sister has such nice handwriting."

    "This is my handwriting, Jake." The boy mused simply, used to the joyous humor. "You've seen my sister's handwriting when she brought a note for me that one time, remember?"

    "I'm certain you wrote that one instead. No boy has such pretty "handwriting."

    "So I'm not a guy then?" He laughed a bit, but looked as students slowly began to come into the classroom. A boy took the spot between Atropa and Sayaku, ignoring the new girl and quickly harrassing the boy with various questions and chatter. Sayaku fell into the usual swing of things quickly, shaking it off. He was sure a girl or someone else would take Atropa's attention away anyway, so going back to the norm was fine for now.
  7. Atropa laughed quietly as the teacher teased the kid.
    "Your hand writing is better than mine." She smiled shyly and looked out the window.
    Her hand writing was nice, but jeez.
    Was he actually a guy?
    She laughed again, to herself.
  8. He groaned from her teasing, but laughed it off afterwards. The guy who now sat next to him began chattering away. "So anyway, there's a mixer Sayaku! You should go. You need a girlfriend, right?"

    "No thanks." Sayaku responded quite abruptly. "I have band practice anyway. Get one of the other guys to go with you. I don't care about that stuff."

    "Dude, you'll never get a girl with that attitude...It's hard to believe you're so popular when you never do things like that."

    "It's not like I never hang out with anyone," Sayaku responded. "Mixers just seem pointless to me. I'll met someone when I meet them. Besides...It's not that big a deal." The boy shook his head, sighing.

    "You're a tough nut to crack, Saya." There it was- his nickname finally came out for the first time today. "Well, I guess I'll get Micah to go or something. But you're at least in for karaoke on friday, right?"

    "Of course! You know I wouldn't miss that. But don't make me sing a weird song again." The boys laughed energetically, as he looked over at Atropa for a moment. "You wanna come? It might help you get used to town to hang out with people a bit...And the karaoke place isn't far from school anyway. You like to sing?"
  9. Atropa nodded. "I do like to sing, but I'm terrible.."
    She shrugged.
    "I'll go though. I just need directions." She smiled happily.

    So far, she was fitting in well.
  10. "We'll just walk together," Sayaku responded simply, leaning his head back to look at the ceiling. "And you can't be as bad as me. I'm a drummer, not a singer." He smiled over to her, adding, "If you ever need a guide through town though, I'll try to help."

    "After band practice though, right?" One of the other kids laughed, and thus order once again went to laughing alongside the cheerful Sayaku.
  11. "Okay, that sounds great." Atropa replied.

    A beautiful girl came in the room, and sat right next to Sayaku.
    "Hey, you." She said, smiling at him.

    "Who's that?" She asked, pointing at Atropa.

    "Oh, I'm Atropa!" Atropa replied, smiling.

    "I didn't ask you." The girl replied coldly, looking back at Sayaku.
    "You look like a scholarship student." She laughed cruelly.
  12. "Mornin'." Sayaku said, looking at the girl with his normal, casual grin. He looked at Atropa at the girl's words, however, and then looked at himself. "Actually, I'm pretty sure she looks better than I do... I mean, maybe she got a scholarship for being smart instead of mine in music, but...I'm pretty sure we look different enough..." He looked at the girl who took his words as a joke and laughed.

    "Oh Sayaku! You're so silly!" She smiled at him, but looked coldly at Atropa.

    "Hey, you girls wanna go to karaoke on Friday? Sayaku said he'll sing if we don't choose a weird song." The girl cheered happily. Sayaku shook his head.

    "Just don't blame me when your ear-drums burst."
  13. "Um, on second thought.. I'll probably just stay home, you know. Unpack."
    She smiled sadly, and started writing some notes from the board.

    If the girl wasn't going to be nice, then there was no point in going.
    She didn't want to make anyone miserable.
  14. Sayaku frowned upon seeing the sudden change in Atropa's attitude towards the get together. However, since class started, he ended up merely letting it go for a moment and taking part in class as normal. When class ended, he walked to her seat and tapped the desk, putting a note in her bag while getting her attention to talk to her. The note said what he wanted to, but he didn't trust he'd get to speak to her in person right away, so he figured he'd have a back-up plan. "Need help getting around the school? I'll take you to your next class."

    If she said no, he'd understand. However, he hoped she'd agree, because he wanted to apologize for the other girl's behavior. If she didn't, he at least hoped she'd read his note later and go to the inscribed place, which was where his band practice would be. That was a last resort, however, for if they couldn't talk earlier in the day.
  15. Atropa smiled.
    "Sure, that would be great, thank you."
    She grabbed her bag and walked to the door.
    "You're very nice."
  16. "It's strange, people seem to say that a lot. I don't quite see it." He mused his words easily, smiling to her while not walking too far too soon. "What class do you have next? Who knows- we might be lucky and have similar schedules. It's not uncommon when the first class is the same, but there tend to be at least a few differences no matter what, I've found. It's a bit strange, in my opinion, but...Well, the school is how the school is."
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    Atropa pulled out her schedule.
    "I have.. Um, let's see.."
    She looked down at it, and smiled.
    "I have art next. I love art!" She looked up, and blushed.
    "Oops. Um, that was kinda loud." She looked around, but no one had noticed.
  18. (It's okay, I've been in bed sick for 24 hours + anyway. Fever and stuff is nasty...Still sick, but needed to get online to feel a bit more normal.)

    Even if no one else had, Sayaku couldn't help but chuckle from seeing her abundant energy and excitement. "Art happens to be near music, which is my next class. So it'll be easy enough to get there. Shall we?" He only walked a few feet away before looking back at her. "By the way, your excitement...It's cute. And contagious." He grinned easily, continuing as he made sure she was with him every so often. Once at the art room, he tapped the wall. "This is the art room. Music's just two doors down that way." He pointed, adding, "If you need help getting to your next class afterwards, just come get me and I'll help, okay?"
  19. Atropa smiled.
    "Thank you. For walking me, and being so nice."

    She giggled at him, he was so cute and sweet, she couldn't help it.
    The bell rang, letting them know they were about to be late.

    "Oh, I gotta go! I'll come to your class after this one!"
    She smiled, hugged him, and then ran off to class.
  20. He stood stunned when she disappeared, but not because he was surprised she was gone. Despite the fact that many girls at school tended to cling to him, for reasons he still didn't seem to understand, the sudden hug had caught his attention. A bit too strongly, at that.

    "Yo, Sayaku!" One of his classmates called from the music classroom. "Hurry up!" It wasn't like Sayaku to be late at all for music class, since it was both his favorite and his best subject. Snapping out of his daze, he rushed to class and sat by the drum set, letting out a deep sigh.

    What was that just now?
    Shaking it off, he began to drum to the beat instructed, and the class began as simply as that.