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  1. @NotAllThatCreative

    In this world, humans and many different kinds of fantasy beings live together, in a way. Humans have always been weary of their fantasy neighbors, and relationships between them were tense. The Humans currently have more political power, believing it to be a fair compromise for their lack of biological advantages. However, because of their intense feelings about producing human goods for the supernaturals, prices for necessities are far too high for the working poor to live comfortably. Many supernaturals are forced into ghettos, and live in crowded areas where privacy is practically unheard of. Very few of them are wealthy, and those who are are usually very close to human politicians, therefore, not trusted by many supernaturals.
    Supernaturals are kept under close watch, and the working class have little to no say over the kinds of laws that get passed that affect them the most.
    But the supernaturals aren't totally innocent, many of them are involved in illegal markets in which the breeding, and distribution of humans for use by supernaturals who depend on human consumption for survival. Though humans aren't the only product in these markets, they are one of the more immoral goods. Humans are either kidnapped at a young age, or incestuously bred to keep the supply from running out. Gangs of supernaturals who want control over the more profitable markets are starting to spring up.
    Despite the feuds between humans and supernaturals, there are some groups who are intent on ending the power struggle between them. One of these groups is lead by a young shifter man by the name of Alessandro. Alessandro's main goal is to shut down the market, and try to get the humans to influence their political leaders to lower prices on human goods, and get producers to distribute the goods in a humane way.
    There is one group that is practically looked over, and they are half breeds. Half breeds are like a flaw in societies eyes. Not only do half breeds suffer a lot of physical and mental conditions, but can't benefit from human privilege, and are forced to live in the ghettos along with the working poor supernaturals. The medical expenses are high on their part, and for some, they have very little food they can eat due to the clashes in human diet, and supernatural needs. Most half breeds are a result of the illegal purchase of humans for sexual desire. Alessandro knows two half breeds who are part of his gang, they're twins, Isaac and Iris. Isaac feels strongly about the dangers of mixed breeding, but Iris believes that instead of preventing Half breeds from happening, there should be more widely available resources for half breeds who need medical aid. Since the two spent part of their lives inside the Human Production facilities, they know firsthand what happens under the government's nose.

    At the moment, Alessandro was with Isaac and Iris. They were going to stop by an acquaintance's house; She was a woman who was known for her medical abilities, and they weren't the only ones who stopped by to see her. There was a blonde who stayed with her, and Alessandro was starting to take interest in her. They could never tell when she was home, but usually if she wasn't, the blonde girl knew them well enough to let them in, knowing they could be trusted.
    Alessandro walked up to the door, knocking lightly. He looked over his shoulder at Isaac. "How are you holding up back there?"
    He just gave a thumbs up. Obviously he wasn't really all that fine, but he wasn't dying either. Isaac was half shifter. Half shifters couldn't shift like regular shifters could, so they had to deal with many inconveniences. His mother was a cat-shifter, and Isaac had to deal with the pain of having a tail. It doesn't sound all that bad, but the extension of the spine could produce pretty severe, and crippling back pain. His human body couldn't very well support the extra cat-parts.
    Iris was lucky enough to have dodged getting a tail, but having a pair of ears that weren't exactly made for humans made hearing anything damn-near impossible. She wasn't much of a talker thanks to this, but she did speak when she needed to. She was watching Isaac closely, hoping her twin wasn't going to 'die' on her. He was a bit of a drama queen, and she wasn't looking forward to him creating a scene on this woman's front porch.
  2. Said blonde girl was in her room when she heard the knock on the door. She frowned lightly and looked at her clock on her nightstand. Anya was downstairs in the basement and that caused a little bit of a problem since she knew that whoever was here wanted her. Getting off her bed, she closed her book and set it down on her nightstand before walking down the hall. She hurried over to the front door and opened it up just a little bit, looking out curiously. "Yes?" She asked quietly and raised an eyebrow, looking at them with a soft frown across her lips.
  3. Alessandro waved softly. "It's us, again." He laughed softly, then put his hands in his pockets as he glanced around curiously. "You gonna let us in, or have the crippled man stand here all day?"
    It was true, Isaac really couldn't stand on the porch all day, and Iris was the only thing keeping him from dropping to the ground. He didn't want to go and invite himself in, they could have been busy for all he knew. The last thing Isaac wanted was to inconvenience them.
    Alessandro looked over at the twins, and caught onto that little twitch in Isaac's eyebrow that meant he was close to grieving about something. He then turned to Maya, waiting to see if the blonde would let them in.
    "We won't be long, all we need is one of them pain relievers that Anya makes." Alessandro shrugged. "You know the struggle, Living in these parts, you can hardly afford any kind of treatment. Especially if you're a half-breed."
  4. Maya listened to what he was saying and nodded. She stepped away to let them in and once they were in the house, she closed the door behind them. "Anya's in the basement right now so I don't know when she'll be up..." She locked the door and glanced towards Isaac. "What happened to him?" She raised an eyebrow and looked towards Alessandro quietly.

    Anya was indeed in the basement because her loud mouth could be heard from the first floor. She was yelling at her brother about being an idiot and doing something he shouldn't have done.
  5. "Nothing happened, I'm just a jumbled up mess." Isaac said before Alessandro could say anything. "I have to deal with this back pain because of this tail of mine." Isaac said. The tail was twitching, much like a regular cat's would when it was agitated.
    Iris looked at Isaac with a frown, knowing that despite being twins, they did have different problems thanks to being half breeds. She couldn't hear Anya yelling, nor did she notice what Maya said. She looked over at the blonde girl. "Is Anya here?" Little did she know, Anya was dealing with a brother problem of her own, and had her hearing not been so bad, she'd already know where Anya was.
    Alessandro was silently listening to the commotion coming from the basement. He crossed his arms, tapping his fingers lightly on his upper arms. "Well why don't we make ourselves comfortable while we wait for Doc-Zilla."
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  6. Maya shook her head and glanced towards the basement door. She hummed lightly and turned around on her heels, walking up to the door. Opening it up, she could still hear Anya yelling from the upstairs landing. "Anya?" She walked down a few stairs and looked towards the woman with an almost hesitant look in her eyes. "Someone's here to see you."

    "Who the fuck is it?" Anya huffed and glared towards the teenager. "I'm busy! Tell them to go away!"
  7. Alessandro listened quietly to the yelling woman, then walked over to the stairs where Maya was talking to Anya. "Look, We all know how much you looooove yelling at your brother, but we've got a rather whiny man up here in need of medical assistance up here." He tapped his foot quietly.
    "I'm not whiny." Isaac whined.
  8. Anya grumbled something under her breath about men being weaklings and made her way up the stairs. She pushed past Maya, also dragging the teenager with her, and walked out of the room. Letting go of Maya, she closed the door behind her and walked over to Isaac. "What the fuck is the problem?" She crossed her arms and looked at Isaac with an annoyed look.
  9. "Jeeze, doc. Take a chill pill." Alessandro said, suppressing a snicker.
    "I'm pretty sure I've come here enough for you to know the problem by now." Isaac said, but the pain in his voice drowned out the sarcasm. He didn't look threatening at all, leaning against his sister, his pupils dilated like a cats would be if it were scared. It was a change from his usual look. Then again, he was an unpredictable man. One minute he was as sour as weeks old milk, the next, he'd be your best buddy. In more ways than one.
    Iris looked at Anya, hearing her well enough to know she was annoyed. She sighed, "I know my brother can be a real pain, but he does need help. And you can help him." She shifted her weight to better support Isaac, but he wasn't even a hassle to hold. "And I'm getting tired of holding him."
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  10. "Lay him on the couch." Anya sighed and looked towards Maya. "You go keep yourself entertained. This will take a while." She rolled up her sleeves to her elbows and walked towards the couch. "Damn feline." She grumbled under her breath and waited for Iris to lay him down. Reaching down, she pushed Isaac shirt up over his back, towards his shoulders, and started to work on healing him.
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  11. Alessandro crossed his arms. Before walking off, he looked in Isaac's direction. "Try not to do anything stupid." He looked towards Iris, who rolled her eyes in a way that seemed like she knew what Alessandro was hinting towards.
    As Iris and Alessandro walked into the other room to entertain themselves, Alessandro laughed softly. "If we leave him alone, god only knows what he'll do once he feel's better."
    Isaac was laying down on the couch with a thoughtful expression as Anya went to work on his back. As the pain dulled, he felt a little more calm. "You know, you're really good with your hands." Isaac said out loud. The thoughtful tone of his sentence suggested it was something he wanted to keep in his head, and not say out loud.
  12. Anya raised an eyebrow at what he was saying and said nothing in response to him. "I have to be." That's all she said to that. "And not in the way you're thinking of." That was the last thing she wanted to discuss with him. She knew he had this odd thing for women who did nice things for him.
  13. Isaac turned his head a little, frowning slightly. He then shook his head just slightly, then put his head back onto his folded hands. "I wasn't thinking about anything more than the relief from my back pain. Your hands just happened to play a part in that role." He tapped his fingers together, staring at them silently before turning his head back to look at Anya, eyebrow raising a little suspiciously. "You thought I was thinking a certain way about you?"
  14. Anya only hummed in response at first and continued on with what she was doing. "You're male. I only assumed that that was the only on your mind when you said that." She shrugged lightly and dropped her hands. "Done. Now get the fuck out." She stood up and pulled down the sleeves of her shirt, fixing up her clothes before making her way into the kitchen.
  15. "I can see why you'd say that, but that's no reason to just assume that's what I was thinking. I was in too much pain to be turned on in any way." Isaac rubbed his shoulder, his long skinny fingers scratching at his bony neck. "Besides, aren't you in some kind of relationship? You monogamous people have like, issues regarding feelings of any kind towards other people." Isaac looked away, rolling his eyes while his face was turned away from her. "If it makes you happier, you can pretend I was 'amused' by your little hand trick."
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  16. (Mom says my game is on it's way O3O)

    "Just go home, cat boy." Anya grumbled and walked over to the front door, looking out towards Maya. "Come on, munchkin. You can come back in now." Her eyes drifted towards Alessandro. "Do you need anything else?" She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms as she stood there.
  17. "It'd be nice if you could lay off on that potty mouth of yours, but other than that, I don't need anything else." Alessandro said, putting his hands in his pockets with a light shrug. "But don't expect us to stay away for too long." Alessandro glanced over at Maya, studying the girl for a moment. He wondered if the little blonde girl had a reason she was living with Anya. Obviously she must have, but he didn't know what it could be. He then looked at Isaac. "You ready to get lost yet?"
    Isaac gave a sigh. "I guess." He muttered, then looked over at Anya. "I'm sorry my deformity is such an inconvenience to your... daily yelling at your brother routine. I'll try not to be in need of medical attention next time you decide to hide in the basement, and yell all day."
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  18. (Isaac... You don't even know what her REAL daily routine consists of. I keep laughing at that though)

    "My "potty mouth" as you call it is the only way to get people listen to me." Anya shook her head and stepped aside to let Maya back into the house. "And what the fuck makes you say that?" She raised an eyebrow and huffed lightly.
  19. (xD Isaac is just... dramatic lol.)

    "I guess the cussing, and general... well, you-ness gave me the impression that you'd be happier, I dunno, yelling at whoever it was you were yelling at instead of helping a man who can hardly help himself." Isaac crossed his arms. "I'd go to a doctor, but I'd be luckier than a Leprechaun winning the lottery if they treated me, a Half breed, without charging me an arm and a leg for it."
    Alessandro looked at Anya with a frown. "He does have a point, so I'm afraid you're all we have until things around here start changing for the better."
  20. (LOL The whole yelling thing is making die xD She does yell, all the time in fact, but seriously. She's not that bad of a person.)

    Anya couldn't argue with that. She knew she was one of the only "abnormal" doctors around here and it was frustrating. She felt like opening up her own hospital. "Whatever." She grumbled lightly and turned on her heels, making her way towards the basement door.

    "Typical Anya..." Maya shook her head and smirked lightly in amusement. "Half the time she hates her job." She cross her arms and shook her head. "Just be glad she likes you somewhat." That makes the woman willing to help.
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