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  1. The McAdams family had moved in just a week ago. They were a pretty normal family on the outside. There was a son and two parents. But inside the house there was one more family member, kept secret from the rest of the world. Only the family and a few doctors knew of the girl that also lived there and they all planned to keep it that way. But why would they wish to keep her a secret? It would be quite apparent when you lay eyes on her.

    Evangeline had been born with Rabbit DNA mixed in with her own. It was the result of a lab accident when she was still just an egg. Since then she had only ever been in her backyard which had a tall fence around it. When they had moved they had bundled her up, covered her head. See, the DNA had left some very obvious difference in the seventeen year old. Firstly, were the ears. She had two floppy cream colored ears that had a few black speckles on them. Another thing was her tail. She had a small creamy ball of fur on her lower back that would shake.

    It wasn’t just physical signs that made the girl different, it was mental things as well. She was quite easily frightened, jumping at the slightest of noises. Her heart beat would stay at an extremely fast pace until she could calm down. There was also her diet. she hated meat, it made her extremely sick. She stuck to fruits and veggies only. Then there was her voice. She could never quite get it very loud. It was a constant quiet tone.

    She sighed, looking around her room. She had the entire basement with many things for her to do throughout the day. But she grew bored and tired of them all and she went up the stairs, not getting close to the windows. She would go outside, no one would be around. She went out into the yard, giving a smile as she walked over to a tree and sat under it. She wondered when her family would be home.

    One might ask why she hadn't run yet, and the reason was simply that she felt she had to be good. Her parents had told her what would happen if she left the house, what people would think and do. She was terrified of ever encountering a stranger. She knew she was a freak and that she had to stay hidden. She sighed softly, running a hand through her long blonde hair that held loose ringlets , soft brown eyes gazing up at the sky. Maybe one of these days...Maybe.
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    ((OOC: This is what Terry looks like.))

    Terry had been living with her family all of her life, and honestly, she was getting tired of it. Especially with her two younger siblings fooling around - her two twin brothers, only eight years old. And yet her parents expected her to play with them! She was actually ten years older than them - she was an eighteen year old. Since her brothers wouldn't leave her alone, she had found that the only place where she could relax, was outside. She spent most of her time being outside, she loved being in the woods, actually. Some days her parents felt like it was "dangerous" - why that was, they couldn't explain - and would only let her out in the neighborhood. After some time though, Terry had gotten used to not being able to be in the forest all day long, and had found other things that she found entertaining, even though she was only in the neighborhood.

    From time to time, her brothers came with her. This time though, she had been able to get away for herself for quite some time. She enjoyed finally being outside without having her two brothers around, just being able to feel the breeze in her hair, and listening to the nature itself, and some cars driving by, even though they were pretty far away. After all, the neighborhood was quite calm.

    She had a ball with her, one of those you play soccer with. She kicked it around, careful not to crash anyone's window - it hadn't happened to her, but her two siblings had accidently crashed one of the neighboors' window. From that day, her parents rarely let her, or her siblings, use the ball outside. Today she had gotten the permission though, and was kicking it around freely. And all of sudden, the ball flew over a fence. Not any fence, but the fence belonging to those who had moved in recently. Terry bit her lip, this wasn't good. She walked closer to the fence, not really sure of what to do - she had seen the family leaving a while ago, and so she thought that there probably was no one home. "Hey! Anyone home?" she yelled, sighning. Then she spotted a tree, noticing that one of the branches leaned over the fence. She smiled slightly and started climbing it. "I'm coming! I'm just getting my ball!"
  3. Evie screamed as the ball came flying over, flinching back against the tree. someone was coming over? No! No! She jumped up, panic in her gaze. her parents made it very clear that nobody could see her! Her heart hammered in her chest as she looked around, trying to figure out which way to hide...But there was nowhere?! She whimpered and moved to the ball, flinging it back at the fence and over it.

    "T-t-there! D-don't come over here!" She stated, running to her backdoor and entering, slamming it shut with her heart still hammering. She stared outside, wondering what the other person looked like.
  4. Terry got very surprised by the reaction she got from the other side of the fence, although she still hadn't managed to climb over there. She could hear a scream, a frightened voice, as the ball flew back. She looked just to see where the ball landed, before she kept climbing, almost there. She had to know who had been seeming so scared of her - she wasn't dangerous! Soon, she was able to see over the fence - she was holding onto the branch that was leaning over the fence. She looked towards the house but couldn't really see anyone - or anything - and she sighed in disappointment. Maybe she wasn't supposed to know.

    Just as she turned around to make her way back to her side, the other side, she lost grip of the branch. Slippery, it felt like. What? Before Terry could even react, she found herself falling, down. She closed her eyes, imagining herself hitting the ground. And then, the sound of her hitting the grass. "Ouch!" she said, feeling like she had probably hurt her back. She opened her eyes, seeing the blue sky above her. She swallowed and sat up slowly, touching her back in pain.
  5. "Oh!" Evie stared as the person fell from the tree, worry going through her. Was she dead? Oh, she'd surely get in trouble if she had let someone die! She stood up and quietly slid out of the house, moving over to Terry's side and staring at her. She wasn't allowed to be seen, but she was worried for the other. Her parents would just have to deal with it.

    She gently touched Terry's arm, head tilted to the side. "A-are you okay?" She asked softly, moving to stare down at her slightly. "A-are you d-d-dead?" She asked, biting her lower lip.
  6. Terry flinched as Evie touched her arm. She opened her eyes again, trying to focus her gaze on the girl. I knew someone was here, she thought. Her eyes widened though, as she realized that the girl didn't look like any other girl. She bit her lip not to freak out - the girl seemed worried enough as it was already, and Terry didn't want to freak out over the way she looked. And, she'd probably be very sad if Terry did freak out. She took a deep breath to remain calm, forcing a smile on her lips as she looked at the girl.

    "No, I'm not dead. Of course not", she said, looking at the girl more closely. Was she even a human? Yes, how else would she be able to talk? Terry looked pretty confused, not sure if she was going to ask about it or not. "Um, it hurts, though", she said. "I don't think I'll be able to climb back over the fence, if that's what you're thinking", she said, glancing up at the tree above her.
  7. Evie pouted slightly and glanced back at her home. "I...You c-can go through the h-house to the front, but you c-can't stay, okay? M-my family will get mad." She stood up, bouncing slightly on thew balls of her feet. She pulled one of her ears around to her mouth,nibbling on it slightly as she waited for the other to move or something.

    "You can get up, right? You're not broken?" She mumbled, chewing on her ear a little more nervously.
  8. Terry smiled slightly at Evie's choice of words, "you're not broken?". She shook her head and stood up carefully, not being sure of how bad her injuries were. She managed to stand up though, and looked towards the house.

    "It's odd", she said as she started walking, "that I've never seen you before", she said and glanced at Evie. She seemed pretty nervous. When Terry had made her way to the hallway, she sat down. "I'm just a bit curious... I've seen your family around outside, but how come I've never seen you?" she asked.
  9. Evie's face paled when Terry sat down in the hallway, nibbling on her ear again, getting worried. She moved over and pouted. "You can't...Why're you sitting down? You..y-you have to l-leave. Please!"

    She pressed back against the wall, eyes now focused on the door. "I'm n-not a-allowed out f-front. I can't...I'm n-not allowed to leave the house."
  10. Terry was surprised by the way she reacted - it was almost as if she had broken something that was worth a lot if money, or something like that. She didn't understand why the woman was so upset about her being there.

    As Evie said that she wasn't allowed to leave the house, it changed everything for Terry. She looked thoughtful and a bit stressed, especially because of Evie wanting her to leave so soon. "But that's... they... that's illegal, it's abuse", she said, looking worried. She didn't really want to leave. "...if I stayed here, what would they do?" she asked, worried that the woman would have a heart attack or something - she looked so nervous! - but she couldn't imagine the family doing such a thing as having Evie locked up.
  11. Evie shook her head, sniffling and looking more upset. "K-kill you...T-t-they'd kill you." She whimpered al ittle bit and moved to the front door, peering outside i nworry her family would be coming soon. She didn't know for sure if her family would kill the other, but she still was scared. Maybe they would kill her for disobeying them and letting someone see her.

    "It's...It's l-legal. " She shook her head and looked at her. "Leave! Please!"
  12. Terry smiled at first, opening her mouth to reassure Evie that of course they wouldn't kill her, what a silly thing to say, but then she thought about it, closing her mouth. What if they actually was going to kill her? After all, meeting Evie and finding out that she was locked up wasn't something that she had expected at all - what more sick secrets could this family have? Were they killers, too, going to kill her?

    "I'll leave", she said, all of sudden almost as scared as Evie. Could it really be true? She bit her lip standing up, walking towards the door. "I'm guessing that you don't want me to tell anyone... that you're here", she said, "but... should I just forget about this... or do you mind if I... see you again some time?" she asked, both hoping that she would say yes and no, not wanting to be a part of this weird thing, but at the same time she'd feel awful if she just left her, as Evie must feel really lonely, Terry thought.
  13. She bit her lip, turning to watch her. Did she want to see her again? She honestly couldn't be sure. She did wish to have a friend, someone who wasn't her family. Someone she could hang out with when her family wasn't at home, when they were out doing their own thing. She nodded and smiled a little, finally done with chewing nervously on her ear.

    "I'd like that." She whispered and unlocked the front door, opening it up for her to leave through. "You can come through the front if they're not home. Make sure they've all left."
  14. Terry nodded, happy that she had agreed on that they could see each other again. It all felt unreal as she said goodbye and went out of there, out to the street and heading towards her own home. How could she possibly live there? It was just so... weird, as if it was a movie, or something. Maybe she wouldn't even come back, she wasn't sure.