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Hey guys, I'm on a hunt for new partners since all of mine seem to have died off. So I guess I have to do a little about me section so this is about it: I'm 18, in EDT time zone (though matching is not important at all), I would consider myself literate to advanced when it comes to writing unless I have writers block, I love world building and am alright with sexual scenes if they're talked about first.

So for new partners, this is all I care about: quality over quantity but please no one-liners, I'm no grammar nazi but please at least try to use proper spelling and punctuation (I'm not gonna bug if it's a mistake here and there but I can't roleplay with someone who doesn't use punctuation, it gives me headaches), if we're doing sexual scenes please be 18+ and be alright with talking stuff out with me before we jump into a roleplay.

Onto roleplay cravings (?), I don't have too many but I'm willing to give anything a try as long as we talk it out.

These are the ones I love though:
  • pirateXmermaid
  • rival prince and princess forced to marry
  • adorable medieval couple forced apart by war
  • angelXdemon
  • criminalXgoody-two-shoes
  • mobster's daughterXher bodyguard
  • alien takeover
Yeah, so that's about it. So either send me a pm or post here, I don't mind either.