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  1. A princess is getting married in the kingdom __________ she is getting married tonight but she is having second
    thoughts about it so continues our story on.
    the night of the night of her wedding the after party

    she sits at one of the table looking down at her glass of whine.
    what is she thinking?
  2. Glancing around the room, Felicia sighed internally bit tried to keep her face blank. It was her wedding night, she should be happy- right? She took a few sips of her wine and looked down at the liquid in the crystal glass. "Was this really what I wanted?" She softly asked herself.
  3. Roland-
    Roland fumbled around outside the princess door, he had been assigned as her body guard and normally he was happy about that kind of thing but on the night of her wedding, he felt awkward and fidgety. Every few moments, he would either try to crack his knuckles or shifted his feet around on the spot. He knew he had to take his job as a body guard seriously but he just wanted to make a joke with fellow guards as they passed the door.
  4. She took another sip and then stood up, trying not to pace. Was this seriously what I wanted, maybe I just did it because it was what daddy wanted- or because it was for the sake of the kingdom. Daddy was old, and I was of age. She thought and then sat herself down once more, her dress flowing out behind her as the train settles last. "I have to do this, the country expects it of me." she tried to convince herself and began shaking her head. But do I have to keep up with every expectation I'm given?
  5. Rosilin let out a long yawn as she heard laughter and music from the castle.

    " ugggg they waste there money on things like this all the time....but the food..."
    her mouth began to drool at the thought of allll that food.
    she quickly grab all her blonde hair and throw it into a pony tail.

    " i'll just go in get food get right out without being noticed"
    she made her way to the castle
  6. Felicia stood up again and took the glass with her in one hand, the train of her dress in the other and walked outside into the courtyard that led to the garden. She stared up at the moon, it was full tonight. An unexpected gift, she loved to gaze at the full moon. Her feet began to wander a little, not really thinking about where she was going and just needed air, something to let her calm down a little bit.
  7. Robin-
    “Where do you think you are going?” Robin said, stretching out his arms so that she would not be able to get passed him. He of course had a plan to rob the castle but not for the food, he wanted the jewels that people had whispered about. He had gotten this far and worked out they were in the treasury and he was not going to let some girl ruin his chances of becoming rich.

    Roland continued to fumble outside the room, he had managed to drop his sword twice now and was beginning to wonder how long it would take for him to get fired. He let out a loud sigh, leaning against the wooden door and resting his leg up slightly on it. That was until he saw someone walking down the corridor, he panicked and stood up straight accidently hitting his foot of the door, making a loud banging sound.
  8. Rosilin noticed the loud thud her heart raced, as she pressed her back up against the wall.
    " phew he didn't notice me yet..."
    she took a deep breath, as she tried to walk past him but tripped over a rock.
    " aaaaack!"
    she let out as she made contact with the ground.
  9. She jumped and looked over, wide eyed and caught off guard. Not expecting another person to be around. The wine in her glass jostled and spilled over the edge, causing her and jump back a little to prevent the red from staining the white satin. Her voice was gone- stuck in her throat and she knew she wouldn't be able to get it up and out of her mouth.
  10. rosilin looked around to see if anyone heard her.
    " phewwww."
    she let out as she made her to towards the castle courtyard
    she heard voices and quickly crept into a bush
    what now? she thought, as she peered up at the sigh of the notorious bandit robin
    " are you seriously trying to rob the princess....?"
    she stood her hands folded as she stared at the both of them.
  11. My head turned and the glass fell from my hands, shattering on the ground. "I'll scream if I have to, there are guards who will come running the second they hear my voice." I meekly threatened and looked at both of them- wide eyed and shaking.
  12. " whoa calm your tits"
    she turns to her trying to calm her down as best she could
    " im starving i just came for food, that's all"
    she approached the shaky girl
    " don't worry about him i'll keep him off your back if and only IF i can have some food....without getting arrested?"
    her stomach grumbled loud as she said this.
  13. "I can get you food. I can do that, I just have to- I um. I have to- how do you know who I am?" I asked her quietly, still shaking a little. It wasn't everyday that I was surrounded by strangers- on my own property.
  14. she kept a eye on robin
    " im watching you pretty boy, don't make a move."
    she then turned back to the girl
    " uh your the princess duhhhh, you know the girl who lives a cushy little life?"
    she gave a cocky grin as she waited for her to answer.
  15. "Cushy little life? Is that what everyone thinks of me?" I asked a bit appalled. People really thought that of me? If only they knew what I thought most of the time. "It's nothing like that at all." I narrowed my eyes, my mood already beginning to change from scared to annoyed. How dare she make assumptions- she doesn't know me.
  16. she cocked a eyebrow at the girl's behavior
    " oh really? i think it's considered a "cushy" life compared with a life like mine"
    she stared daggers at the girl.
    how the hell could she even say its not a cushy life when it so obviously was.
  17. "And your life is like what? A house with a bed, a washroom and a table to eat your meals in." I said and sighed. "Just like the rest of the kingdom, or am I wrong?"
  18. this made Rosilin furious, she felt the rage gathering up inside her body.
    dose she really think that is how the rest of the world lives?
    dose she truely believe this? or dose she just don't care and is using that as an excuse.

    " WHAT! the rest of this kingdom? only YOU live that sort of life princess, i am starving i haven't eaten in DAYS i roam from place to place and go where ever the hell i please because i don't HAVE a bed or a HOUSE or any of that other stuff."
    this woman had no idea how great her life was compared to the rest of the world.
  19. "What?" I asked softly, surprised at her words. I didn't venture out into the kingdom often, I didn't know the state of most of the subjects- of my subjects. "What is going on outside the castle walls?" I asked her, glancing down at the puddle of wine that was creeping towards my dress and I moved to keep it clean. I knew I'd have to go back into the party soon...
  20. Rosilin couldn't help but notice her white gown
    " got married today?"
    She asked in surprise
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