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  1. At the begging, we feared the virus.
    soon after, we ran from ones we once loved.
    now we run from our sins, and block our memories of such tragedies
    the one thing that i learned from all this madness is,
    Zombies are the monsters on the outside.........
    People are monsters on the inside...

    Its been two years, since the virus took over all of what once used to be.
    survivors are rare, but groups have been formed.
    in act of desperation, some will even resort to cannibalism themselves.
    people have steeped low on the food chain, and committed such disgusting acts, they can never come back from.
    against daughters.
    against sons.
    once best friend now enemy.
    in a world where if you run you fall, and if you fall behind you die.
    can anyone make it?

    Ok guys so this is what i will need from you all.

    Appearance: ( you can use a image for this)
    other: (anything else you want to add)
  2. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Ariya Last Name Unknown
    Age: Roughly 18
    Personality: Ariya is rough a round the edges. She has a foul mouth and a dislike of authority. Good with a gun, book smart, but not great at survivalist skills. She has an edge of immaturity due to only being 16 when the virus started and killed everyone she knew
    History: When the first bomb dropped, I ran. My whole family was gone. Mother, Father, Brothers and Sister. I was alone, out in those woods where anything could have happened. It was like Deliverance out there, but with creatures all scrambling over each other to strip the flesh off my body. Was I terrified? Yeah, I was scared. What was I supposed to do? So I just kept running, away from the carnage and the blood and the guts and the fire. Right into those trees, death surrounding me on all sides. Continue on to Fort Story, the radio had said. The Government had food, and weapons and assistance. And isn't that what adults have been telling us since we were little brats? Always trust the government, police men are your friends. So what else was I supposed to do? If I could tell you one thing, just one thing I've learned on this whole crazy trip it would be, don't ever listen to the Government.
    Other: I think it's only fair to let you know, she curses like a sailor.
  3. Name: Leo Raynold
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    personality: Leo is a serious person that tends to get funny once he gets used to others, he prefers being in company, but usually is unable to get along with most people due to his rapid change of attitude.
    history: Leo barely escaped his home town when the apocalypse took place, he since then tried to survived by himself and find survivors, which he wasn't able to find, previous to the apocalypse he was a mainly reading books and he tried to use what he learned from those books to survive in the world he was thrown into.
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  4. Casandra.png
    Name: Casandra rivers

    Personality: a comedic, laid back geek, she doesn't get along with serious people, who can't take a joke, which she's chock full of.
    she doesn't take most things seriously. its the end of the freaking world for gods shake enjoy it.

    at the beginning of the virus she had already set her plan in motion.
    Casandra was a geek and loved any and all zombie games so naturally she would come up with strategies and such to help her escape.
    fortunately life has a weird way, of screwing your ideas over.
    her first stop would have been the gun shop, not to far down the road but she was easily over powered by a group of men.
    she stayed with a small group but....lets just say it didn't end well for anyone.
    ever since the last group she travels alone, she carried with her just backpack of one silencer, a toy light-saber, a game boy.
    and finally a recording device.
  5. Name: Joesph Slade
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Joseph stands at 6'0 tall, with an average build and weight. He is Caucasian with slightly tanned skin. Due to his extreme military training, he is more muscle that fat. He sports short brown hair and a short stubble to match. His eyes are a light shade of hazel, and his eyebrows are low set, giving him a constant serious expression. Even when he isn't. Joseph still wears his tactical outfit from his time in the military. (If you don't know what tactical gear looks like, let me know and I'll explain it.) He has no visible scars. He has scars under his clothes, one long scar from his right shoulder to his lower back on the left side, and a few minor scars scattered on his chest.

    Personality: Joesph is a friendly enough guy when you get to know him, but he is more often than not void of emotion to those he does not know. He is a survivor, even before the virus he was a survivor. It takes a lot to humor Joseph, and even less to anger him. He will be quick to offer counsil to those in need, and logic to situations that need a level head. To sum it up, he is a warm, logical, protective, stern, death-can-wait kind of guy.

    History: Joesph Slade served in the Special Forces branch of the military since he was 18, where he learnt a lot about firearms, explosives, and strategic thinking. Although he only served for one year, he learnt almost everything he needed to survive and kill. After the virus, Joesph found himself wandering the country side with his wife, Eden. It was only four months after the virus that Eden was infected after an encounter with a large group of infected. After his wife died, Joseph broke, turning to killing everything he saw in fits of rage and sorrow. Time has caught up with him and the rage and anger have subsided into logic and survival.
  6. Other: Two custom swords that he carries on his back, a Bowie knife that is strapped onto his ankle, and a PSM Handgun with 4 magazines and one extra. He carries a military grade backpack, inside it holds: A device to sharpen blades, x4 rations, 5 meters of rope
  7. Casandra was lurking inside a empty house, she tore the house apart looking for food.
    "....just peas? ugggg i guess i'll take it along but i am NOT eating it!"

    she shoved it into her bag, and proceeded up the stairs, and into one of the 5 rooms.
    slowly opening one of the closets, she took and deep breath and swung it open.
    holding out her hunting knife.
    nothing was in there, so she felt relived, as she grabbed a few hoody's, and shirts shoving them into the bag.

    "....ahhh sweet this dude had a Dead pool hoody!"
    she shouts excited, this hoody had one of those zip up hoods.
    that made it look like your wearing a costume.
    "....yooooo i am dead pool!..."

    she quickly unzipped the hood, and took a small breath of air.
    " phew....stuffy but worth'll come in handy too."

    she smiled as she took her jacket off, and switched to her new found hoody.
    picking up her bag she deiced to scoop out the rest of the rooms upstairs, before sprinting down stairs and ducked under a window.
    looking out for the right time to hual some ass.
  8. Leo made his way to the next house, so far every house in this city seemed raided and it was such an annoying thing for him to find nothing at all, but at least he had some reserves. He walked towards the last house, the streets seemed empty today, most of the undead weren't around which was a nice change and it almost seemed like it was normal again. Once he approached the house he thought he saw something on the window, he grabbed his axe and made his way inside, usually a house with a zombie inside meant that someone failed at looting it, bad for them, good for him. "I know nobody will be replying, but heeey...any alive person inside?" he said with a joking voice as he entered the house and waited at the door for the undead to approach him or a reply if he for once would find another person.
  9. Joseph wandered the back allys for what seemed like all day, not once coming across a worthwhile house to raid. That was of course before he heard the faint sound of cupboard doors opening and closing, along with the clink of tin against tin. Two thoughts passed over his mind: It's either an infected on a diet, or a living human. Either way Joseph was eager to find out.

    Joseph jumped the back fence of the house he heard movement within, making sure he was as silent as possible. He kept his profile low as he paced towards the back door, taking his custom sword from its sheath and gripping the hilt firm in his right hand. The door was unlocked, which wasn't really a shock, so he opened it with slowly and stepped in. The sound of movement within the house continued, but this time it was upstairs, Joseph could only assume what ever was inside knew what it was looking for. Just as he was about to call out to whoever was inside, he stopped himself, the noise of footsteps were getting louder with each breath. Joseph ducked behind the wall connecting the kitchen and living room as soon as the image of a human passed across his gaze.

    Moments later the front door swung open, and a young man stepped through. Joseph increased his grip on the sword and remained still, waiting for a sign this guy wasn't a threat, though he couldn't help but hope he was. After the young man called out, Joseph grinned to himself and shuffled his door back, bolstering his stance so he could strike the man, and maybe the other human, when they least expected it. If it came to that.
  10. Casandra heard noise from inside the house she had just left, and decided to scoop it out.
    she snuck back in through a open window and wandered in, she noticed a young man and ducked.
    when she
    heard him yell out seeking a reply, without thinking shouted out to him.
    " im aliveeeee......"
    she said with a big grin on her face, as she moved around him cunningly with a cocky grin.

    " so leave.....this is my place."
    she didn't want him following her in case he wanted to mug her.
    she didn't want to leave till morning now anyways, and she didn't feel safe with anyone around.
    as tried to look tough to ward him off, she could't help but get to into her act.
    she slowly walked step by step backwards, she didn't think anyone else was around, so totally let her guard down from behind.
    she figured the back door was locked anyway.
    " so are you looking for a fight or not? because i can go totally crazy on your ass."

    she was trying so hard to act like she could kill or even fight, that she let herself get to over the top.
    "....i'v killed, i'll kill again, you, or anyone else who dares enter this house bitch!"

    with each step she took moving backwards, she was only a few inches away from the other stranger lurking in the house.
    " so...think carefully about what you do, HA i'v taken out several men the size of a tank...."

    she let out a cocky laugh as she step back a inch more.
    " i won't lose, nothing can catch me off guard."
  11. Leo looked at the girl confused, she seemed confident in fighting him and he looked rather annoyed by that "I'm not here to fight you, I just want to find a place to stay and this house is fit best, so just let me sleep here for tonight, I won't touch anything that belongs to you!" he didn't make attempts to get closer to her as he noticed she wanted more distance from him. "So how about this, you get this part of the house and I take the basement or the part upstairs, is that okay for you?"
  12. she gave him a skeptical look but, she could tell he had no intention on making a move on her so she decied to act more freindly
    "....we don't have to split long as your not trying to robb me or anything i'll share it with you..."

    she was about to add something to what she had already said but just as she was about to open her mouth.
    she heard a small noise from behind her, and she spun around.
    " WHO'S THERE!"

    she had started to panic, once she
    realized there was someone else in the house.

    she wasn't acting anymore, she was anxious and she didn't know which way to run.
    in the spur of the moment she turned back to the young man, leaving her back unguarded
    " well!?...."
    she said annoyed holding out her hunting knife in case he tired anything.
  13. Joseph took a step out from behind the wall he was hiding behind, knowing his position had been compromised. "I did not come with him." He said in a calm voice, the grin still upon his face. With a quick glance at the woman infront of him he stepped closer, resting the tip of his blade against her spine. "Don't do anything stupid and no one will get hurt. Now, if there are no more surprises, I suggest we discuss terms and desires, calmly." Joseph's grin faded from his face when he looked over at the young man across the room, with blank expression he stared into his eyes.
  14. she froze up unsure how to respond she glanced back at other guy
    "...ahem....little help?"
    she whispered in a low tone.
    she gasped as she realized something.
    "....if you want to slice me....just don't ruin the hoody..."
    she looked down at her dead pool hoody in fear for its awesomeness.
  15. Leo got a better grip at his axe as the stranger went to the girl. "Hey, we are all alive right? Where the heck is the point of us fighting" he put his weapon down and looked the man. "Okay? Lets just not do anything that we might regret...we don't want to cause each other any problems, right?" Leo sighed and slowly took a few steps to the side and tried to signal, he didn't want to get anyone hurt.
  16. Casandra whined as she let out a annoyed grunt
    "....says the one with no FUCKING SWORD pressed agasint his skin."
    she glances down at the sword it was pressed agasint her skin hard enough that it start to make her bleed.
  17. Joseph let put a faint laugh as his grin turned into a full smile. He lofted his sword up and away from the girl and glance over at the other guy. "Well said, kid. We are all here for the same reason; we need shelter."Joseph shuffled to the side and walked towards the man with the axe, his smile fading into a blank expression. He continued to walk towards him only to change direction and sit down on a lounge in the room, sending dust to fly into the air. With a few waves of his hand he cleared the dust and extended his sword out to point to the seats in front of him. "My name is Joseph Slade." He seemed confident enough that he didn't even look back at the two strangers, he just waited for them to sit.
  18. Leo kept standing even as he saw the demands of the stranger, which apparently had the name Joseph. "I'm Leo Raynold, since we seem to agree in our demands, I think we don't need to talk about much more do we?" he picked up his axe again and walked through the rest of the house trying to find where to stay. "Just don't annoy anyone else and tomorrow we can go our own ways again." he sighed and left the room to go upstairs, he disliked the company, even though he always wanted to have company again after all that had happened.
  19. Casandra let out a small sigh of relief as the blade left her side.
    "..son of a bitch.."
    she said under her breath as she watched the cocky asshole take control of the house.
    he was way larger then her and the stranger, so any attempt of over powering him would be stupid.
    stomping over to him she had to make one thing clear
    " You EVER! try and threaten me again, and...well you won't like the after math"
    with that she stomped into the kitchen grabbing some of her things and following the stranger upstairs
    "..hey wait up there....uh leo was it?"
    she sprints over holding out a water bottle to him.
  20. Leo looked back at the girl following him puzzled.
    "Y-yeah..." He took the bottle and smiled at her, why was she going with him? "How comes you follow me?" He asked before he checked the last rooms and found a bedroom with a big bed, which seemed nice too every once in a while. "I guess, you take the bed then? I will look for something else." Leo put the bag in the ground and looked arund the room, he wanted the bed, but she found the house first so it would be only fair to leave it to her.
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