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  1. [​IMG]Name: Hiro Tamashi
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Gym Trainer
    Personality: Tempermental, adventurous, and protective.




    Deep in the mountains of the Shibu region you will find Bluecreek Village. Home to the Shibu regions Fire Type Gym. Hiro Tamashi is the younger brother of the Gym Leader, Katou Tamashi. His father had passed the gym to his brother ten years ago, and already he was showing the potential to take an Elite Four spot. If that were to happen he would be expected to take over as the Gym Leader. In preparation for the position, his dad and brother agreed he should spend the next year travelling and growing as a trainer.

    Hiro was packing last minute items into his backpack. Tomorrow morning he was to leave the village on a journey across the region. He was anxious to leave home, but the prospect of catching pokemon he had never seen, and battling strong trainers along the way excited him. He still hadn't told his best friend he was leaving. Lilly was the only person his age in the village, and they had been friends since they were little. Hiro knew she was gonna be upset that he hadn't told her, but he just didn't know how.

    He finished putting his things away, and looked at the clock. It was three in the afternoon, there were still a few hours before night fell. He should try to spend some time with Lilly before he left. What he really needed to do was tell her what was going on, but that would just make it more real. Maybe he dreaded leaving everything behind. Still, he had to if he was going to become a Gym Leader. Hiro walked to Lilly's house, thoughts going in circles. He knocked on the front door before letting himself in, he had been friends with Lilly for so long it this was like his second home. "Hi Mrs. Santana, is Lilly here? I was gonna see if she wanted to go hangout at the creek."
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Lilly Santana
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Trainer
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The day had been reasonably normal for Lilly. Well... Ever since she gained her Pokemon this had been the normal routine. This morning she had gotten up, awoken the lazy Skiddo that had managed to make his way to the end of her bed no matter how many times she checked that everything was closed (Including his Pokeball). She loved the blasted thing it just took up a lot of room... She was just thankful everyday that it hadn't evolved yet. Then there would be issues. After that she had gotten herself ready for the day, taken the Skiddo and her first pokemon, Totodile, out for some training. Thankfully since they had spent some time with each other the two were pretty good friends.

    Training went on for longer than expected, it seemed to every day but this was good! Her Pokemon were getting stronger and at the end of every session she begged for one of them to evolve! Preferably Totodile! But alas it hadn't happened yet, and she pulled the two back into their Pokeballs with a mix of pride and disappointment.

    Lilly was playing in her room with Totodile in the mid afternoon, chasing him around the room as he tried his hardest to steal her food. He was a greedy thing. But it was then she heard the voice of hr good friend, Hiro at the door. This gave the glutinous Pokemon opportunity to aim a water gun and drench her and the food... Perfect. After being called down by her mother she made her way down the stairs, pushing her soaked hair from her face "Hey Hiro..." she said with a bit of an embarrassed laugh "Still training the two cheeky little things. What's up? Mum said you wanted to hang out by the creek or something?" she asked with a bit of a grin "If so, I'm in!"
  3. Hiro's friend, Lilly, came down the stairs soaking wet. He tried to hold it in but laughed at her condition anyway.He tried to chill, but a second look sent him into another fit of laughter. "It's a nice look," he finally managed to get out.

    "Awesome! See ya, Mrs. Santana." As the pair walked to the creek, Hiro released his two pokemon so they could stretch out and play. Quilava was his first and strongest pokemon. When he was five, his parents gave him a cynaquil of his own. Hiro had trained with Cynaquil at his families gym, and the young pokemon had evolved into its current state. His second pokemon was a young ralts he had found crying in the forest. It still wasn't very strong, but was attached to Hiro by the hip.

    Lilly and Hiro spent tons of time at the creek over the years. It was a favorite place for them to get away from the village, and be free. He could remember the imaginary adventures they went on as kids, the skinned knees, and the pokemon battles. Hiro remembered one time when they were kids, he borrowed some of the Gym pokemon without permission, and nearly caught the forest on fire. His dad really tanned his hide for that one.

    "Did you hear my brother may join the Elite Four? Pretty cool, huh?" He needed to tell her he was leaving. She was his best friend, and deserved to know. It was hard for him to say though. "If that happens, I'll become the new Gym Leader."
  4. Lilly glared at him for his remark, feeling like an idiot for looking like this. That damn Totodile... He really knew how to ruin things at the right moment. Either way she let out a sigh and gave Hiro a friendly punch in the arm "Hey! You want to see how good you would look like this?" She asked before joining him in laughter. It was good with Hiro. The two really got along well.

    At his question she nodded rather excitedly "yea! I did, who doesn't know? Don't you think it would be so cool to have someone we know as one of THE elite four? It's crazy!" she grinned, thinking about it now, Hiro's brother was a cool guy, she hadn't talked to him much personally but he had gotten the two misfits out of their share of troubles. Mostly she loved the bond he seemed to share with all of his Pokemon. It's like they were a single unit. All working together to win yet they still managed to goof around and have fun.

    But the net part caught her a little off guard, she'd never though of Hiro being a gym leader "Really? You think?" She asked curiously as the two walked, their pokemon playing around them "I guess you would huh... But if you do wont you have to be a ton stronger? I mean... You're a really good trainer it's just that how are you going to beat someone with five badges with only a Quilava and a Ralts? I just don't see it happening" she said a little glumly "Is that why you brought me out here? So we could do some super cool training? Then we could both get real strong!" she grinned, bouncing a little happily "Is that why you look really nervous right now?" she asked with a sly grin, it was fun being with Hiro, over the years she had learnt how he acted to things and it made it easy to read him like a book. He wanted to tell her something bad... That had to be it.
  5. Life at the Gym could get daunting. His brother was constantly battling, and his father's training could be intensive. The Tamashi's were not only pokemon trainers, but a family of martial artist. The Tamashi family trained in a style created by an ancestor. Whenever Hiro needed to get away and relax, Lilly was there. She always knew what to say to cheer him up, or did something that made him laugh. She was doing it right now, he smiled as they walked and he she talked. He was gonna miss his friend, but he needed to tell her the truth, even though these good times would end.

    "Is that why you look really nervous right now?"

    "I'm not nervous." He half yelled his rebuttal. She had totally called him out, damn girl. "It's just that your right. I do need to get stronger. My dad and brother say the best way for me to get stronger is to go on a journey." Quilava felt his nervousness and perked his ears. "And...Well...I'm kind of leaving tomorrow." Hopefully she wouldn't aim for the face, with the punch Hiro was sure was coming. Hindsight told him he definitely should have said something sooner.
  6. Lilly paused, stopping dead in her tracks as she watched Hiro walk a few extra steps before stopping. Her face was blank, expressionless. She was so confused about the whole situation. Confused but also deathly mad, this was her best friend, hell, her only real friend in this place and he was going to leave so soon? So suddenly? How had she not seen this coming? How had she not heard of this sooner? Thousands of thoughts flew through her head on what she could do to stop him, but with her BEST FRIEND leaving tomorrow there wasn't an awful lot she could do... It always had seemed like the two were going to be here forever... But that was when her eye twitched a little, even her Pokemon looked worried.

    "Totodile... Watergun..." she said through clenched teeth, she didn't even have to pick a target, the small blue Pokemon knew exactly what to do. Within an instant water filled her vision, the sight of her friend disappeared and all that was left was a torrent of water. After a short while she nodded to Totodile with a thumbs up, making her way over to the well and truly doused Hiro on the floor. She stood over him like a disappointed mother would a small child "TOMORROW!?!?" She screamed, she was fuming as she scowled down at him, taking off her satchel bag full of food for her Pokemon, smacking him over and over with it as she yelled "When where you going to tell me this hm!? Your best friend!? What the hell am I going to without you!?" she screamed, continuing to hit him with the bag, not giving him chance to answer as Skiddo and Totodile looked at each other with a shrug, only able to hear the loud yelling of their trainer in front of them.
  7. 'Watergun? This is gonna hurt.' Hiro barely turned his head enough to see the torrent of water slam into his back. He rolled over himself across the ground and came to a stop looking at the trees. As he mentally checked his body for injuries, Lilly's wrath came down on him in screams and blows. It wasn't particularly painful, but he now felt like the biggest idiot to ever exist.

    All her questions were why he had taken so long to say anything, he didn't know how to answer any of them. He didn't know what would happen between them now, and that frightened him to think about. Hiro rolled over on his hands and knees and tried to crawl away from the 'fury attack'. "I'm sorry Lilz, I suck I know. I just didn't know what to say." He stood, avoiding eye contact. "It's just something I have to do to be the Gym Leader, you know, and damn, see I have no idea how to get through this conversation." He looked up at his friend, he had fucked up, but she had always forgiven him before, so hopefully...
  8. She was so mad! Furious even. How the hell did he think he was going to get away with tell her so late? The stupid... Idiot... That's why he hadn't told her... He was an idiot. She knew this, yet her reaction was always the same... Get mad, make her Pokemon hit him with something, scream and hit him herself, then let him bumble like a moron. It was almost routine. Lilly then let out a long sigh, shaking her head as she looked at the ground, a sudden feeling of loneliness waved over her. After tomorrow who would she talk to? Who would she look up to to encourage her to get stronger? Hiro was an idiot but a damn good trainer! And he was her idiot... Her best friend...

    She walked over to Hiro and held out a hand, a forced smile on her face though it was easy to see she just wanted to pout "Here... I'm not mad... Just get up off the floor, you look like a lost Zigzagoon" she said with a slight laugh, shaking her head once again "Look... If you're going... Then I'm gonna miss you" she said with another small laugh, though her eyes shook as she tried to hold back tears 'cmon, you're not gonna cry Lilly! Real trainers don't cry!' she told herself, though it didn't stop a single tear rolling down her cheek "You big... Dumb idiot... I wish I had known sooner... I'm gonna miss you real bad..." she said with a slight sniffle and a little laugh "You're my best mate..."
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  9. 'Now look what you did.' He had made Liily cry. He pulled his friend into his chest with one arm, and brushed her hair with the other. "I'm sorry Lilly. Guess I kinda failed in the best friend department, huh? Look, I know I'm leaving tomorrow, but I was hoping we could hang out for the rest of the day. Maybe have one last battle before I go, Totodile's water Gun felt pretty strong earlier." Hiro let her free, and whistled for his pokemon. Quilava came bounding through the bushes, and Ralts teleported itself onto his shoulder, making a low peep. He looked up at his teary eyed friend. "Hey, I may be gone for a while, but I'll be back eventually you know, so cheer up. We should have some fun."

    Hiro didn't know what lay in store for him after today, but he wanted to cherish these precious moments. Times spent with friend, laughing and playing, the world of adversity and responsibility was uncharted ground for Hiro. Lilly would still be here, hopefully, when he returned and maybe then he would actually have the courage to ask her out. He thought she was an amazing girl and though he often called her his sister, she was more. He could never jeopardize their friendship with something like that though, she would probably feel weird that her best friend was crushing on her. Until then, he had only one goal, and that was to become a stronger trainer.
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  10. Lilly couldn't help but laugh a little, wiping the tears from her eyes as she half laugh, half cried into her friends shoulder "Look what you've done!" she managed to say, pushing herself back from Hiro "Now I look like an idiot... It's contagious!" she laughed, rubbing her damp eyes on her sleeve "well... I guess we could have some fun before you go. And you didn't fail as a best friend. Like I said! You're just an idiot... You'l always be my mate" she grinned, finally back to looking happy, her hand roughing up his hair as she grinned "So we going to the creek or not?" she asked with a slight blush, trying to brush over the fact that she had just been crying. Skiddo butted his head against her leg as Totodile clung to the other, they were big goofs but the two Pokemon had hearts of gold. "It's ok you two, let's keep going" she said softly, giving them both pats on the head.

    A new life without Hiro huh? She guessed it was something she was just going to have to get used to... But somehow it didn't seem right, it shouldn't be happening. But why couldn't she go with him? Surely she could right? What was she going to do without her anyway? Get lost in a cave, have his pokemon feint in the night with no idea where the nearest Pokemon centre is... That sounds right, she knew that it would happen if she left him to his own devices "Hey... Hiro... Couldn't I just... go with you?" she asked with a small smile "Keep you out of trouble?"
  11. "Ya let's go." Hiro fell in step with Lilly, Ralts bobbing up and down on his shoulder. Quilava followed close behind, his flames small showing his relaxation. The creek was quickly reached, and the pokemon spread out to play. Hiro grabbed a rock and skipped it across the water. "Gonna miss this place." He turned to see Lilly lost in thought, no surprise after the bomb he had just dropped on her. She would be alright he was sure, Lilly was a strong girl. He just wished he had handled it differently, but that was the past now.

    "Hey... Hiro... Couldn't I just... go with you?" she asked with a small smile "Keep you out of trouble?"

    Did she just suggest going along? Was that really a possibility? Could they really go together on this trip? Hiro had never thought of any scenario involving Lilly going with him, but it was the greatest idea he had ever heard, but he was partial. Hiro stepped closer to Lilly, looking directly at her blue eyes, "Are you serious? You know it could be dangerous, and like, we are going to be sleeping outside, and walking. There won't be no power for all your girly toys. I mean seriously Lilz, you want to spend a year wandering the countryside?" It would be amazing to have her of course, but was that really what she wanted, the hardship of life on the road. He didn't want his friend to make a rash decision, because she was emotional. He had to do what was best for his friend.
  12. Lily couldn't help but grin at Hiro's words, but that was soon cut short by a small blast of water from Totodile in the creek. She just stood there, water dripping from her face as Totodile dived back under to play more "Why you little..." she growled, shaking her first at the water "I'l kill you Totodile you cheeky little demon!!" she yelled before letting out a sigh and looking back at Hiro "I'm sure. I know it's going to be long walks and camping. But it's nothing I haven't done before! It's just gonna be for a longer time. Plus, it'l be cool to just hang out, me n' you for a whole year! On the road, making new friends, beating Gyms and catching Pokemon! I wont even have to walk that hard when Skiddo evolves!" she laughed as her grassy Pokemon bumped into her leg. "But like I said. Who's gonna take care of you when you get lost?" She asked, nudging hero with a cheeky grin "me!"

    Now that she thought about it more it's what felt right. How strong could she possibly get out here in her home town? Her Pokemon were hardly gaining any experiance in battle anymore and it wasn't helping them one bit. It would be best for her and her two companions if she just moved out with her best friend for a year and took on bigger challenges... Hell... She might even learn more about Hiro... That would be nice. "So... It's a deal?" she asked, holding out her hand with a smirk "Best friends for a year?"
  13. He wasn't gonna talk her out of this, he could already tell. She wasn't gonna let him stop her now that her mind was made up. Deep down he loved the idea of travelling with Lilly. He let out a relieving sigh, and took the dripping girls hand. "Best friends for life." This was truly gonna be the adventure of a life time. "You know there is a lot to do if you plan on leaving with me in the morning, like take a shower." Hiro laughed as he lifted Lilly over his shoulder, and carried her to the creek, Totodile was splashing around amused at her state, and Ralts danced about with a chime like giggle.

    Hiro jumped in the creek, taking his passenger with him. Water was cool but pleasant, and engulfed the two trainers with a splash. Hiro released Lilly, and swam beneath the water away from her. His head popped above the surface, brown hair clinging to his face. He laughed loudly, memories of time in the village cycled through his mind. Things would be alright though, if Lilly went with him he could make great memories anywhere. "Thanks Lilz, I really appreciate you wanting to come with me." He knew that life would be full of fun and adventure come tomorrow.
  14. Lilly's eyes went wide as she was lifted, she didn't know exactly what Hiro was planning but what she did know was it wasn't going to be good, though through her small giggle fit it was sort of hard to tell that she was upset, to be honest, she was surprised he managed to not drop her on the way to the water and as he jumped in she felt the cold water splash over her. He was almost as bad at Totodile. "Let me go!" she screamed while still laughing, only to be dropped into the water. When she rose from the depths she still couldn't stop her laughter and though Skiddo offered a vine to pull her out she gave him a wink before diving under, collecting a mouth full of water before rising out behind her friend.

    It was then she spat out the water at Hiro, laughing hard as memories of the place came flushing back while she grabbed the boy from behind "Water gun~" She whispered to him, the stupid grin on her face showing no signs of fading "No problem Hiro. It will be my pleasure" she said happily, getting more than a little excited "We're going to meet so many people, Pokemon... Everything! It's going to be so cool!" she said with a sigh, she wanted it to hurry up and be tomorrow already... Then adventure would be just in reach "I can't wait..."
  15. 'Water Gun' to the face, what the fuck was up with all the 'Water Guns'? Everywhere he turned he was getting hit by 'Water Gun'. Hiro laughed, then felt his friend on his back. She was his best friend, but that had never changed the fact that she was a healthy and beautiful girl. The were close friends and that found their bodies close too, and it could get distracting at times. 'Right now is not the time for this, or is it actually the perfect time? No, we are not thinking about this right now. Oh, don't lie, we always think about this. All the voices in my head shut up! ...but the way she said 'Water Gun' was so insinuating. I give up, your'a all a bunch of idiots.' Hiro's internal monologue distracted him from Lilly's words, "Ya, so cool, not get off my back monkey butt." Hiro dived beneath the water, hoping to shake off his friend.

    He swam to shore and shook out his hair with his hand, water droplets flying everywhere, Ralts nearby cheeping in protest. Hiro offered a hand to his friend still in the creek."You know Lilz, you're gonna have to pack a bag before tomorrow." Hiro pulled off his shirt, rung out the excess water and pulled it back on. "And I don't want to hear no whining about having to get up early, either." A smile was spread across Hiro face, as he turned to Lilly, "You know, I was dreading leaving tomorrow, but now..." There was silence for a moment, "Now I think it will be the adventure of a lifetime." He still couldn't believe Lilly was going with him, is was like a dream. "Well, we should get you packed up, and talk to your family."
  16. Monkey butt? Well that was a new one, but before she could even think it over Lilly found herself under the water and the slippery little rat her friend was managed to escape her grasp 'damn... He always seemed to get away...' she though to herself before calling over Totodile to give her a hand at swimming to the shore, holding tight onto his tail as he strongly swam to the shore, taking her with him, for a small Pokemon he sure had a lot of swimming power, she could only imagine how great he could become when he evolved! That would be awesome! But as she made her way to shore she found her hand grabbed by another, helping her onto the creek bank. She took a little while to have a breather before responding to his talk "Yea... Packing bags doesn't take that long... I've been thinking about leaving for a while" she said with a grin, looking up from the floor only to see Hiro without his shirt on... Oooh... That's something she didn't get to see often.

    But unfortunately it didn't last long and like hell she was going to take her shirt off to dry it! "And don't even worry about my parents. You know my mum! She's all for me going out to experience the world! And dad? He'l be fine with it as long as you're there! Because for some reason my dads delusional and thinks your trustworthy" she grinned, passing by Hiro and messing his hair before sitting by Quilava "can you turn the heater up Hiro?" she asked with a wink to his evolved Pokemon "I need to get dry or my parents will kill me!" she laughed, feeling suddenly gross and soggy "either that or I can use another water gun!!" she taunted, almost in a tune "Or maybe I could wait till he evolves... then we could get a Hydro pump!"
  17. "I am so totally trustworthy," Hiro mocked offense at her statement. "Between you and totodile, I'm surprise I ever manage to stay dry." Hiro glared back at Lilly, but it wouldn't last, she always managed to get her way with him. "Fine, Quilava turn up the heat" With a quick squint of his face, the pokemon increased the size of the flame pouring out his back. Hiro sat down next to Lilly, and rested his head on his knees. Ralts took the opportunity to teleport on top of his head, a favorite spot of Ralts. He could feel the heat from Quilava drying his clothes.

    Hiro laid on his back, Ralts toppling off to the ground, throw a fit its in strange, high pitch, sing song voice. "Sorry, Ralts," he said plainly, not paying the small creature any mind as it vainly smacked him. He was curious about Lilly's opinion, "So..., seeing as your tagging along, what do you think we should do? I figured we'd climb down the mountain and head for Cyan City, but after that I'm lost." He turned his face towards Lilly, "There are just so many places I've never been to before, and I don't know where to begin. I know I have to get stronger, but how I don't know how." Hiro was feeling the weight of expectation placed upon him. He had one year to become a trainer strong enough to be called a Gym Leader.
  18. Lilly gave Quilava a scratch under his chin with a sweet smile "Thanks buddy" she said with a small thumbs up, she could finally feel herself drying off "Well... I don't know... You're plan seems fine at the start! Over in Cyan they have both a gym leader and a doubles gym leader. We could always do both!" she smirked, looking back to Hiro "I mean as long as you don't drag me down we should get all the doubles gyms in no time! But after Cyan... Hmmm..." she muttered, thinking about a route the two could take "Well... There's always route 109 that heads to Scarlet village... I think they might have another doubles gym and then it's only a small walk through route 58 to get to Dernam City where we could get our next singles badge..." she said with a small shrug, feeling Skiddo crawl up beside her for a small nap so she started to brush him softly.

    "But right now you have to stop teasing poor Ralts! Look how annoyed he is!" she grinned, picking Skiddo up in her arms like a sleeping baby, the sun looked like it was already going down so it seemed the two sort of needed to get home "But anyway we need to get home, sorting out our path can happen later. First I need to deal with my parents" she grinned with a slight wink "and you need to ask your dad if he's ok with having a girl with you" she teased, giving his leg a small kick as she passed by "cmon then, let's go" she called behind her, Totodile wobbling beside her feet as they walked.
  19. "I'm coming, I'm coming." Hiro scrambled to his feet, and lifted Ralts up in his hand, "Time to go home guys." Hiro and Quilava quickly caught up to Lilly and her pokemon. "You know if we did doubles, you would be the one holding me back. I mean come on," he knew how to push her buttons, too, "I'm the one who will be a great Gym Leader, and you will always just be a little girl." Hiro mussed up Lilly's hair quickly, and ran off ahead laughing, Quilava in step. He ran as fast as he could, knowing Lilly would get hit him, or sick Totodile on him if he gave her the chance. He had been so worried about the outcome of telling Lilly about his trip, but now that she would be right there beside him, he was overjoyed. He ran all the way back the Gym, aware of Lilly's threats behind him, but never daring to stop until he was home.

    His house was located right beside the Gym. It was a Feudal Era style home, and had a dojo attached to the side. This was the dojo his ancestor had mastered their secret martial art, based on the attacks and movements of Blaziken. 'Moeru Tamashi no Ken' was passed through the Tamashi family, and Hiro himself was quite proficient. He found his mom and talked with her, about his conversation with Lilly. She teased him a little about being alone with her, but made no objections. His dad was of the notion that as long as he grew strong and took over the Gym he could do whatever he wanted.

    It was after dinner when his father called him to the dojo. Hiro followed behind, tightening the strap on his gloves. Past experience had taught him to be ready. "Your journey will be hard, but you can overcome any obstacle, my son. You are strong, you're a Tamashi." He pulled a pokeball out of his pocket and threw it to Hiro, who caught it with both hands, "That ball houses a Torchic, the preevolved form of Blaziken, our families symbol. If you can train yourself and that Torchic to be mighty Blaziken, you will have the strength to lead our Gym." Hiro smiled, and thanked his father. He retired to his room, releasing his pokemon to run around. Ralts and the Torchic we're soon playing with each other, as Quilava curled up at the foot of Hiro's bed. He gave all three a treat, and scratched the Torchic on the head.

    Hiro booted up his PokeGear and messaged Lilly. -Hey, have you packed yet? What did your parents say?-
  20. "Oi! You cheeky little... I'm only a couple of months younger than you! I'm not a little girl!!" she yelled out, her hair now all in her face after it was messed up... stupid Hiro... He always knew just how to annoy her! Almost like instinct she picked up Totodile while still running, throwing him forward to latch onto Hiro's leg. Yes... He was so close! He!...

    He landed face first in the ground... flailing about manically as he tried to get out.... damn... She watched Hiro run off into the distance with a slight sigh, it took her a good five minutes to dig the poor guy out, and another five of cuddles and constant apologizing to get him to give her a hug, not to mention Skiddo was more than a little upset that he wasn't able to rest in her arms anymore. After the little event she put both of the Pokemon back into their Pokeballs, smiling softly before heading back home.

    As soon as she opened the door she confessed to her mother what she wanted to go, and though it took a small while to convince her that it wasn't 'two lovers trying to hide it' she accepted her proposal to leave and experience the region like she once had at an age a little older than her. But telling her father was a little more awkward... He talked to her for what seemed like forever about 'how she should be treating a boy like Hiro' and again, more and more time she had to spend telling him that the two were not a thing. Though he still winked and grinned along with his Squirtle about how she was only embarrassed... and of course he let her go... By the time the talk was over Lilly found that bags had already been packed by her mother, wanting to make sure she didn't miss anything. Tomorrow was going to be a big day...

    It was then she received the message on her PokeGear and grinned to herself, telling her parents that she was going to have one last night here in Bluecreek. Climbing up the tree to Hiro's window she grinned at him while he couldn't see her "Yea Hiro... I wanted to come here personally... Mum and dad said I couldn't... Couldn't" she started before pretending to cry on the windowsill, her head buried in her knees "It's not fair! Mum just wants me to find a boyfriend and settle..." she whimpered, still pretending to cry "I just want to go..."