Private plot on mind, open to viewers looking for romance..

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  1. Alright, so here's the idea.

    I'm looking for two male characters preferably, I really want to roleplay a love triangle in a fantasy setting. I'd like to be a Lycan (Werewolf) and be a part of a pack. It's up to you what race your character would be but... something attractive please, not an ogre or anything.. Perhaps even a Vampire, star crossed lovers. Or even a werewolf in the same pack as myself. Perhaps even a human being or something it'd be awsome..

    Right now there is a war going on, between four races alike... Werewolf, Vampire, Elves and Harpies. We're all fighting due to the view that we share on the 'Arkonax' the Arkonax is an object which nobody has yet found, however it has lead myths down from generation to generation about how the object is the symbol or peace, and war interwined. Each race wants it, and they're all fighting for it...

    The Elves consider it to be a peace symbol, a magical object which will settle the war and leave Elves in higher power.

    The Vampires believe it to be a destroying symbol, to wipe out any other race other than their own, so that they can rule.

    The Lycans believe it isn't real, however, they will fight the others to stay at the top of the food chain.

    The Harpies believe that they know what it looks like, they've seen it, held it, touched it, and it is to be destroyed for causing such chaos.

    So, that's the storyline.. 3 character, myself will be playing a female character, and I'm looking for two boys.

    Here's the type of settings I imagine when I'll be writing;

  2. sounds pretty good mind if i join in?
  3. Sure looking for somebody who writes a lot relatively, with reasonable grammar, even if it's wrong in places I like seeing comma's, full stops, capital letters. :)