Private Magic Academy

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    The early rays of the sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky. The streets were starting to get busy; business men were headed to work, and students were headed to school. One by one, the cars start to pull up in the school’s driveway. Students say goodbye to their parents after being dropped off to this dorm school. Their luggage have already been deposited and are now taken care of by the school’s staff.

    As the students enter the building, they could hear a voice speak through the speakers, “Good morning students, this is the principal speaking. Please head over to the main hall. Check the notice board for your classes and then head to the auditorium for the morning assembly.” Upon hearing this, the students head to the main hall. There were signs placed in every turn; which were marked by arrows and the places they led to. As the students arrive in the main hall, they struggle to have their turn in looking at the notice board. It was crowded, and the students were all enthusiastic and eager to see which classes they were assigned to.

    After looking at their assigned classes, the students start heading for the auditorium. They take their seats and wait for the morning assembly to start. At the background, there was a beautiful song played with the piano. At the right side below the stage, you could see the woman who was playing it. "Everyone, please settle down in your seats." A voice spoke out, which was soon followed by an old man entering the stage.

    "Ah another year at the PMA" Yozuri said to herself stretching out a little in her second year uniform with a smile standing around near the entrance watching all of the new students flood in. She spent the summer on campus this year so she already had her schedule and dorm room already set up with all of her things.

    Silva gets out of his parents car stretching out a bit looking around the school grounds. He walked over to the trunk pulling out his duffle bags and suitcases. One of the staff members asked for his name so they can put his things in his room. He wondered if he had a roommate or a single room. Silva decided to explore around the school standing in front of the notice board looking for his schedule.​
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  2. "For goodness sake," Kotori hissed under her breath as she tried desperately to juggle the jumbled mess of her belongings from one arm to another, despite the soft, pale gray backpack displayed proudly upon her back. She was more than happy to be back at the High School, though she certainly did not miss the copious amount of supplies that she always seemed to end up carrying with her.
    The millions of menial thoughts that always seemed to accompany the first day in the start of a new school year, raced through her head. With each second, Kotori could feel an impatient sort of excitement blooming within her.
    Kotori walked around slowly, an attempt to minimize any chance of her dropping her precarious load, as her eyes wandered from face to face, both old and new. Out of the crowd, one face in particular caught her eye. An excited grin spread across her face.
    "Hey," Kotori yelled trying to get their attention, as she walked carefully towards them.
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    Silva turned around hearing someone blinking a little hearing a familiar voice not sure who it was. Ah it was his friend Kotori he smiled softly putting the notepad he was writing on inside his pocket deciding to go look up his schedule letting. "Welcome back to campus Kotori how was your summer?" he chuckled patting her head gently.
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  4. Sora hummed as his eyes scanned the Notice Board. He only stared at it for a while before turning and heading towards the auditorium. He had a good memory so he didn't have to stay at the board for so long. As he entered the audiotorium, there were other kids there already. Seeing that the assembly was about to start, the teenager sat in the nearest seat that was empty. His eyes were trained on the stage, but a bored expression was evident on his face.