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  1. Thousands of years ago there was a great wizard, who studied the energies and life forces of nature which all magicians draw from. He made his home on a sacred mountain, and exploring it, discovered a vein of mineral unlike any found before or after. This mineral resonated a life that let him channel magical energy more freely and powerfully than ever before; he was a wizard, now he was like to a god. He had this mineral refined in great fires; it blazed with a thousand colours, and he fashioned it into an amulet which he wore next to his heart.

    The people feared this power, but he would not yield it, and it began to drive him mad; he waged war on the world of Riro, summoning all manner of lowlife creatures such as goblins and trolls and witches and werewolves and vampyres to his armies, but they were defeated by a risen hero, and his empowering amulet broken.

    That was centuries ago.

    The mountain is no longer a sacred site, but a Desolation. Evil dragons which had been in the Sorceror's armies made it their home; hoarding treasure and relics in the mountain stronghold the way Dragons do.

    And the way humans do, they lusted after the treasure.

    The great Dragon Hunts began; artefacts and gold were sought out and brought back to great lords for a fortune's cost, every gold coin, every crystal ball, every scrap of broken amulet, was eventually plundered.


    Now while the Sorcerer was defeated all those years ago, his armies were not completely expunged from the earth. Dark wizards and witches, goblins and imps still skulked the earth in the dark places and hideaways of the world; dreaming of the days when they marched proudly in armour of the dark armies. The necromancers worked to bring those days back, bending all their strength to retrieve the soul of their lost lord from the unknown.

    And now, they have succeeded.

    Host after host failed to hold the resurrected soul. The man they were reviving was like unto a god, with a mind of metal and a heart of steel. They would need someone just as proud, just as powerful, and just as strong.

    One month prior to the start of this roleplay, there was a palace coup.

    Dark wizards stormed the capital and took over the palace; double agents and turncoats and enchanted slaves thwarting every effort to stop them: They stole the beloved, Lionhearted king of the nation, and implanted their lord's soul into his body. The dark lord was reborn

    Now Riro looks for a hero to save it from the darkness rapidly advancing across the land: Goblins march in the streets with spears and royal armour; magic of any kind is forbidden, and those who defy this law suffer dearly at the hands of the black-cloaked necromancers. It is said that if someone could master the power the sorcerer had before, they might just stand a chance. But the amulet is broken, scattered in three (or four, if you want) pieces across the world.

    We play the people with the pieces of the amulet; a few details which are optional

    I originally wrote this as the amulet being forged of the mysterious mineral, and set with three enchanted stones, which were enhanced by said mineral;

    • The first stone was sensitive to the pulse of the worlds life, and granted him the power to manipulate anything with a spark of life to his will(Wisdom/Magic manipulation)
    • The second stone granted his body the power of a giant; he could scoop a handful out of a boulder as though it were sand in a bowl, and toss aside a mountain as though it were a pebble. (Power/agility)"
    • The third stone bent the winds of fate around him, turning deathly arrows and converting the hearts of his enemies into loyal minions.(Luck/Minor mind control)
    The people with them might not even know they're magical; for example in the story I made this for, the stone with luck and mind control ended up in the hands of a pickpocket, who has no idea it's magical, but likes the way everything seems to work in his favour lately.

    Magic is the element found in all living things. Mages are people who have trained their minds and bodies to be able to borrow and control that element, they can use it on the things they took it from (eg: Using a tree's life energy to twist the trunk into a knot) or they can use it to summon other things (eg: create fireballs or summon spirits)

    Using the life energy of humans is forbidden and is black magic.

    Character profile form: Please also introduce your character properly in the RP; this is just a reference form for if we forget their hair colour etc.


    Usual clothes:
  2. Name: Arynn
    Age: 22
    Build: Thin, not very muscular, shortish at 5'4"
    Face: High cheekbones, blue eyes, fair complexion, no scars or birthmarks or piercings
    Hair: Black, poker-straight, kept in a long braid down her back

    Hobbies: Reading, birdwatching, cooking
    Usual clothes: Long ankle-length skirt, loose blouse, cloak when it's cold; normal middle-class dress.
    Homeland: The icy northern mountains;
    Job: Former student, presently line cook
    Background: Born in the northern mountains in a small village, she saved her money and moved inland to the bigger cities to study in the Academy of Magic; she was close to graduation when the evil lord was revived, and since magic is forbidden now, she works as a cook in a small cafe.
    Other: Her cousin lives in the city and hooked her up to the resistance; she performs reconnaissance for them from time to time.
  3. (Short because it's just for reference)

    Name: Paige Lugos
    Age: 19
    Build: Slender, 5'5.
    Face: Dark green eyes, narrow/button nose. Pale skin. A black crescent tattoo around her right eye, the mark her father wore after the first war he fought in for the kingdom in which he lived. Six rings down each ear.
    Hair: Long black and silver braid falling to midback.
    Hobbies: Archery, knife throwing, foraging.
    Usual clothes: Black pants, knee high leather strapped boots, black sleeveless frock, belted at the waist.
    Homeland: Northern countryside.
    Job: Blacksmith (as was her father, and his father before him)
    Background: Grew up in a small village. One of many that dotted the countryside between the great sea and the forest that was the edge of the kingdom. Her mother was a Lords daughter who left the kingdom when she met Paige's father, a blacksmith. She had an older brother who died in the war along with her father, so she took over her fathers shop to keep her and her mother alive.
    Other: She wears a stone the same dark green as her eyes around her neck. It was given to her by her father who found it in a field one day while on a walk. She does not yet know how powerful the little rock really is.
  4. Name: Tavar Bainard

    Age: 25

    Build: Tavar stands at 5’10, a lean, muscular sort of man. He’s not the type to have many scars, so his body is free of many markings.

    Face: Like his body, Tavar has a lean, narrow face. He has slightly tanned skin and bright green eyes that always hold just a bit of mischief in them.

    Hair: Tavar has blonde hair reaching down to his neck and it often flies in his face when he’s walking or running. He has ties to bring the ends back, but he loses them too much to bother.

    Hobbies: Tavar enjoys frequenting taverns and bars where he can freely gamble and get a hold on a random girl. When he’s not hopping around, he’s often sleeping in places he shouldn’t be, sometimes a church or a noble’s house. He’s a
    troublemaker, and he enjoys every minute of it.

    Usual Clothes: Tavar wears dark colored pants and an equally dark shirt so he doesn’t draw attention to himself. Boots and sometimes gloves will complete the ensemble.

    Homeland: Tavar hails from the southernmost part of the country, a place free of mostly anything. It remains a no-man’s land, and a place Tavar doesn’t want to go back to.

    Job: Tavar is a freelance ‘mercenary,’ a self-given title, as he doesn’t really have an occupation. He makes any money gambling, having more luck than one should have.

    Background: Tavar left his homeland the minute he was able to, and along the way, he picked up his habit for gambling. After he found he wasn’t very good, he traveled around, doing odd jobs to make money. He discovered a small silver disc with gold, etched writing. Figuring it was worth something, he tried to sell it, but no one wanted it. He kept it, and it started to bring him more luck when he moved around and did anything. It was random in any situation, but Tavar noticed it was subtly consistent. Deciding to keep the thing and call it his lucky charm, he continued to travel and keep up his carefree lifestyle until he was accidentally dragged into a resistance against the expanding darkness.

    Other: He has experience with a pair of short swords, but he dislikes fighting.
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