Private Group Rp: Anyone know how to upload a pic from the computer?

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  1. I noticed that in a private group the "Upload a File" option isn't there, any idea on how to upload an image file from the computer? =O

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  2. Click on the "insert edit image" button on the font family thing and copy and paste an image link from there (remember to get to the link with the .jpg thing at the end) or upload your own onto a website and link the image (same rules apply with it) using that option I mentioned before.
  3. Or, if you're looking to upload images for the group's image, you simply click on the default images near the description of your group and a little pop up window will come up saying: "Upload A File" and you can choose your image from there. (:
  4. @PinkArrow I've done that already, I'm referring to actually in-thread uploading. Muy dificil lol.
  5. I don't believe you can. The groups section sucks and is not designed for roleplaying. O__O And we don't get updates for that modification now, so everyone who is using groups is SOL on fixes and useability until we're able to beta test the new system. D:
  6. I found a way it's okee.

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