(Private) Furuzeki Warzone

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  1. the OOC for a private Rp with @Bob Ross (Rory) and @Ochalla for keeping important bits.

    For those of you who want to follow along this is a Dark Magical Girl adventure where a proxy war is being waged on earth by different alien species.

    Each race owns a side or "team", that correlates to a color. These teams are pitted against each other in combat where the goal is to take the opponents bracelet.

    These bracelets while not the source of the girls' power lets the aliens and other girls track and locate them.

    New girls see it as a sport, with rules and no one getting seriously hurt, but this is far from true.

    Veteran fighters know that the only way to solve a rivalry is to kill you opponent, and among the girls there is are those who seem to take pleasure in it.

    One in particular, simply referred to as "The Witch" is particularly notorious and is known to have abandoned her bracelet to avoid being tracked and kills indiscriminately, even outside of the fights arranged by the alien mascots.

    Char sheets and infovomits to follow.
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  3. Real name: Onigaueara Miaka

    Magic Girl Identity: Amethyst Witch

    DOB: 21/01/20XX

    Living: Furuzeki City

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Blood Type: B

    HT: 174 cm.
    WT: 53 kg

    Age: 17

    Eyes: [In MG Form]: Amber

    Hair: [MG form]: Orange

    What convinced you to make a contract: Living a normal life just never made any sense to me.

    What is your wish: I wish I could be my old self again.

    Family: Father and Mother in the City, she doesn’t live with them anymore.

    Phrase: “Soul of dark amethyst, will harder than diamond. Know that you now face the Amethyst Witch.”



    Magical Attacks:

    Shard Barrage: Small dark crystal shards shoot forth with enough strength and momentum to embed themselves in solid concrete.

    Resonance: This fires a single stars that resonates at a high pitch before exploding in a solid attack.

    Crystal Guard: A flat plate of interlocking dark crystals grows from nothingness either forming a shield or covering part of her body.

    Reflections: Holding up a shard of amethyst and gazing into it reveals a misty version of the truth, Miaka is not yet skilled enough to use this for anything other than seeing through illusions.

    Shattering blow:


    Seeing it has her birthright Miaka’s first demand was a family heirloom, it took a lot of pressure to get her family to hand it over and the moment it touched her hand it transformed. It now serves a dual purpose of both weapon and catalyst for her magic.


    Personality: Miaka’s visage is like the crystal she wields. Dark, hard, and unmovable. She is a woman of extremes, believing that there is nothing worth doing that isn’t worth applying all your strength to. That does not make her unadaptable though and she will change tactics if hers proves ineffective.

    In the current conflict she is the oldest known fighter in Furuzeki City, both in age and time served. This veteran status has not been without it’s cost, however. Since she applies all her strength and will to everything she does she is ruthless in combat, not liking to waste her time with unworthy enemies and likewise has no time for unworthy allies. She has seen too many die and if they fail she is more likely to leave them to their own devices than save them, or so is her reputation to those who know of her.
  4. Real name: Tachibana Hotaru

    Magic Girl Identity: Higanbana (Red Spider Lily, means memory loss, abandonment)

    DOB: 9/23/20XX

    Living: Furuzeki City

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Blood Type: A

    HT: 159 cm

    WT: 47 kg

    Age: 15

    Eyes: [In MG Form]: Red

    Hair: [MG form]: A lighter shade of brown than in her normal form.

    What convinced you to make a contract: I am lonely. Could this allow me to finally make real friends? I want a real friend… I want to be someone else.

    What is your wish: I wish to be someone else! Some bolder and braver than I am now!

    Crisis: My closest friend is dead. No one will ever replace her!

    Family: She lived with her youngest aunt and grandmother until she joined the Aries. While her parents are alive, they live in a different city. Her parents wanted her to be taught at a very specific school.

    Phrase: Durch die brennende Leidenschaft meiner Seele! (By the burning passion of my soul!)

    Costume : Hotaru’s first outfit was very much a traditional magical girl style. However, after the death of her friend Umi, she changed it completely. She adopted a punk goth outfit that has a red and black color scheme. She wears a short sleeved black shirt with red trim on the sides and cuffs, long black fingerless gloves, a red tie, a black shirt, red and black stockings, and engineer boots. The only original element of her original uniform she retains is her ribbons. Sometimes she wears a hooded black cloak, though that is not very often.

    Magical Attacks:

    Energy Control: Allows for her to control the heat in a given area, so that she can use flame spells to greater accuracy. This allows her to also displace most of her kinetic energy into her hands to allow for a very powerful punch.

    Smoke Bomb: A basic elemental spell that strikes toxic smoke in the eyes of opponents. Doesn’t deliver major damage but can blind a foe for five hours.

    Fire Strike: A simple spell that can be shot from the hands while using the heat of the air around her, it is a weak attack but effective.

    Fire bolt: Slightly stronger than Fire Strike, it wields a much longer range since she uses the Flame Katana to increase the spells power. Downside is that it uses up mana.

    Fire Wave: The Flame Katana is now at full power can literally cut foes in half using fire. This is the most mana draining attack in her arsenal and tends to be a finishing move.


    Weapons: The Flame Katana: By itself, the Katana has quick, low damage, strikes that can quickly overwhelm an enemy and defeat those at low health. Combined with her fire powers, it can be a tool powerful enough to slice a foe in half with flames alone.


    Mascot: Saru-san

    Personality: Hotaru was a much neglected young woman. She can be secretive and reluctant to share her feelings due to her reserved and introverted sensibilities. Hotaru is extremely fussy and is a worrier. She conceals too much of her emotions, to which she is afraid of giving way because she does not trust others, nor does she have confidence in herself and her judgments when it comes to her personal life. As Higanbana, she is the polar opposite of her normal self, rough around the edges and a brawler. Higanbana can be very harsh and bad-mouthed, constantly insulting her foes and mascot.

    Features: She has a habit of changing the looks of her civilian form. Since she’s constantly on the patrol or the move trying to avoid detection from both Saru and the Witch, Hotaru’s style is rarely the same. She will often dress in boy’s clothing because it is more comfortable to her. Hotaru wears glasses and has dark brown that is often worn in pigtails or a pony tail. She wears dull colors, mostly greys and blacks. She is rarely seen without her leather shoulder bag.

    Origin: Hotaru’s father was a neglectful, but kind parent. He had nearly constant pressure from his company job. While she enjoyed a more formal relationship with her mother before middle school, this too ended when her mother was required to find a new job when finances became tight. When she turned 13, her parents sent her to Furuzeki City in order to attend the well-respected Furuzeki Academy. Before she became a magical girl and joined the Aries, she lived with her maternal grandmother and her aunt in a small apartment in the middle of town.

    One night she was visited by a strange winged monkey that called itself Saru-san. It wanted to know if she wanted to be a magical girl. If she contracted, then she could make all the friends that she wanted to! She quickly agreed. Hotaru became known as the Higanbana, the Red Spider Lily. Both her personality and looks changed! She was more straightforward and relaxed.

    Saru-san introduced her to a girl named Umi Ueda who was a part of the Aries. The team lasted for more than eight months and their cream bracelets color schemes reflected the Earth and Fire elementals. They were never told the full details behind their fights against the Purple Team, other than they were the bad guys. Hotaru would often buttheads with the founder of the Aries because she was from an elite family. Umi’s sister, Nanami seemed to have a great distaste for Hotaru as well. Being the youngest members of the team, Umi and Hotaru were often left behind from battles altogether or were only called in at the last minute.

    However, one night the Aries were ambushed by the sole member of the Purple Team left standing, called the Amethyst Witch. With all the other girls gravely wounded, both Hotaru and Umi attempted to battle the Witch. Knowing that many magical girls had been killed in this war so far, Umi sacrificed herself to keep Hotaru from being killed. Her last words to Hotaru were to run away and never come back to the life of the Aries. However, Hotaru’s stubborn mind refused to part. She witnessed Umi’s death with her own eyes. In a stroke of pure rage, Hotaru was able to find the Witch’s weakness and managed to force the Witch to retreat. This was the first time that any magical girl had managed to overcome this foe. However, in the aftermath of the battle she was forced out of the Aries and now works solo.

    Hotaru is now in mourning. She has not gone back to school or her true home for over a month. Not that really seems to matter as she’s slowly starting to notice that no one seems to be aware that she is even missing….

    However, Saru-san has mentioned that a new girl with a high level of power he has never seen before has been found. It is now Hotaru’s duty to find this girl and be her partner. Hotaru is not thrilled with the idea of having a new partner just yet.