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  1. Rhian wasn't sure quite how to approach this. She was stood behind a large table biting the nails on one of her hands and holding her hip with the other. She had actually been advised on her outfit; smart/casual, a nice little dress with nice little boots. She watched the clock carefully, five minutes before the flood rushes in. Not that she typically referred to her fans as a natural disaster. She turned around to look at the panels behind her separating her from the other side of the large communal area where refreshments were provided. There was a poster with her name and a picture of her character in 'Uprising', as well as a description of her role as one of the main writers of the show. It also had a selection of posters fans could chose from to have signed. They had already paid to be at the signing and meet and great event, as well as the panel. This is madness, she thought, people are paying to see me. There were three other members of the cast lined up in a row, all of whom she had become extremely friendly with.

    "Everything alright Ree?" Matthew asked, who was the actor stationed beside her, swaying to and fro impatiently. He wore a casual shirt and informal trousers.
    "I've just never...I mean it's just so-"
    "It's just your first time at a fan event" he responded. "It can be crazy, but I always think I'm a bit crazy so I understand why it reflects on the fans" he added with a shrug, in-directly making Rhian more nervous. He noticed her small frown and quickly put his arm around her. "Now listen, people love the program, they love you too" he explained, to which Rhian just flailed about momentarily while in his caring grasp.

    "Why do they love me?" she cried out, her Welsh accent making her tone that of sing-song. Matthew rolled his eyes and tittered.
    "I thought I was modest" he said with an eyebrow raise. "Just wait until the panel later, I'm going to embarrass you by saying why you're amazing to work with and you'll see why they love you". Rhian started to smile again and pushed Matthew away playfully. Two staff from the venue approached the pair.

    "Hi, we're your runners for the event. If you need any drinks, or just a path to made to go to the loo, anything like that, just ask us" one of them said.
    "We'll also sit beside you during the signings just to make sure no one takes up too much time, we are on a schedule" the other explained. Rhian and Matthew nodded curtly, glancing at each other with a humorous glint in their eyes. Rhian had been warned about these people. They moved away from each other and back to their positions. The woman who sat beside Rhian just pointed out a few general rules, such as Rhian was allowed to stand up and take a picture with a fan providing they moved to the side of the table and neither party went behind or in front of it. Rhian listened intently, she didn't want to make any cock-ups. Before she knew it her runner pointed to the opening doors. Rhian swallowed the lump forming in her throat, time to not look completely oblivious, she thought.
    To not even her own surprise, Adrienne was at the front of the line of frantic fans ready to meet their idols. In the sea of screaming, crying and makeshift livecasts on Snapchat, Adrienne was the lone calm person. It was important that she keep her composure; if she broke down in a screaming-crying-laughing mess as she had when she had discovered she had scored the tickets -- which shouldn't have been a surprise, given her massive wealth -- she would lose her good place in line and be trampled by the other fans.

    She held in her hands her cellphone and two posters. One relatively large poster depicted the entire main cast of the show. Adrienne would have this signed by everyone at the table. The other poster had only Matthew St John. Matthew was the closest thing Adrienne had ever had to a hardcore crush. She wasn't going to start writing fanfiction of herself and the amazing actor, but she had her fair share of almost-shrines and at least seventy photos of him on her phone.

    The doors opened, and Adrienne was the first in. She approached the first table with purpose and poised, her head held high to make sure the other fans knew she meant business. The first table had Rhian; Adrienne smiled at the actress as she signed the poster, before she moved on to the next table.

    Adrienne was composed until she reached Matthew's table. She had had a game plan; she would enter the scene calm, get Matthew to sign her posters and take a photo with her, then leave and treasure the memories in her mind forever. But as soon as she really got a look at him, she faltered; she set her posters on his table with no problems, then decided to ask for that photo that would be her lockscreen photo for the next millenia.

    "H-hi," she stuttered, mentally chastising herself. "I'm Adrienne. C-could I get a ... photo?"

    Bianca was nervous. She wasn't screaming like the other fans around her, but she was jittery and she couldn't stand still. She was near the front of the line, but only because she had arrived an hour early to secure her place. She held one poster, of Rhian, and her cell phone so she could take a photo of the stellar actress.

    Bianca was sad most of the time, but she was happy when she watched the show. Or, more specifically, when she saw Rhian on her TV screen. Or her laptop, when she watched interviews. She had extensively researched the show -- or, more specifically, Rhian -- and she knew that her fascination with the blonde was much more than a girl crush. But she could never make a move. She didn't even know if Rhian was straight or not. She had never said it in any interviews.

    The doors opened. Bianca probably would have stayed back out of sheer nerves, but the relentless crowd pushed her on. Somehow the people organising the event had managed to get everyone into a single-file line, and Rhian's was the first table. Like at home when the sight of the actress temporarily cured her depression, her nerves disappeared when she finally reached Rhian's table.

    "Hi," she said, smiling, biting her lip out of nerves. "Um, I'm Bianca." Her Scottish accent wavered as she spoke. "Do you think I could get a photo?"
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    Matthew had taken off his jacket and made himself comfortable, despite knowing that he'd be up and down relentlessly during his two hour singing period. He had been at events similar to this in the past, but perhaps not on the same scale. This was his major break. There was always one job that made you a well-known chap; this was that job. Not only was he grateful of the part, he had actually thoroughly enjoyed filming series one, and had made numerous life-long friends.

    He hoped he could get that across on the panel later, for now however, his attention was solely focused on the fan approaching his table. A young woman, probably in the older bracket of the fans. He knew most of them would be 14-18 year old girls, it was the case of many 'fandoms'. He flashed one of his, what his fans deemed, signature goofy smiles up at her. She was keeping her cool, much better than the some of the others who were speaking to his colleagues.

    "Hello! Nice to meet you Adrienne" he replied enthusiastically, taking a glance down at the posters to see which ones she had. He raised his eyebrows when she asked for a photo and nodded, quickly standing up and scooting around to the side of the table. He beckoned her closer. "Did you want a selfie or a full-bod shot?" he asked with a humoured smile. "That's what people say nowadays, isn't it?" he wondered with a shrug.
    Rhian had spoken to a couple of fans already. It was a complete shock to have one of them start to cry a little bit when trying to explain how much she loved the show, which made her almost cry in response. She quickly regained her composure though, all hell would break loose if she started sobbing. One of them was rather anxious to meet Matthew and Rhian assured her that while he looked charming, he was a complete idiot on set. She was fairly sure he had heard her but Rhian knew he'd take it as light-hearted banter.

    "See you at the panel Cerys!" she called to the fan who had just left, waving a little. She was determined to remember names, sure, there were a couple of hundred people there, but it was just a courtesy she felt she had to perform. The next fan approached the table, she looked a little more timid. Rhian offered her a sweet smile, and was pleasantly surprised by her Scottish accent.

    "Hi Bianca!" she chimed, standing up at the proposal of a photo. "Love the accent; us Welsh and Scots have got to stay together against the evil English" she joked, earning a loud 'oi' from one of her English colleagues. She moved around to the side of the table. "Sorry I can't come all the way round to the front" she apologised in her sing-song accent. "The staff should be more worried that I'll attack you with love rather than the other way 'round".
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    "Um, just a selfie, please," she said, stepping closer to Matthew. She put her arm around his waist and snapped the photo, making sure they both looked good. Well, he would look good anywhere at any time. "I'm guessing most of the people here are much younger than me," she said absently. Even though she had taken the photo, she didn't step away right away. She wanted to savour this moment.

    She was still incredibly nervous, but she looked up at him and shot him her prettiest smile. "Thanks," she said. She didn't want to mess this up. She wanted to make this perfect.
    "The English aren't evil, they're malevolent. It's a much more posh word," Bianca joked. She stepped to the side and held her phone up, ready to take the selfie with Rhian.

    She was happy and comfortable. She felt like her entire life had just been a build-up to this moment, but that was probably an exaggeration. But she did feel happy with Rhian.
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    As they lined up for the photo, Matthew debated whether to pull a stupid face - then again, he thought it might be distasteful seeing as she was trying to make it a nice photo. She gave him a pretty smile that caught him off guard; he knew what she was saying but it took him a few moments more to respond.

    "My pleasure" Matthew grinned in response to her thanks. "Yeah, it's nice to see someone your age though" he commented, absent-mindedly. "I mean, not that I have a problem with younger fans, it's just-" he blabbered. "You know what I mean" he sighed with a small shrug and a smile. He sat back down and reached out for a pen. "It's A-d-r-i-e-n-n-e, right?" he asked, signing the one of himself first.

    "Malevolent?" Rhian queried, raising her eyebrows and smirking. "Don't let Matthew St John hear you say that, you've seen what his character can do" she joked in response. As the fan approached her, Rhian noticed that Bianca was a couple of inches taller than her. A tall Scott, Rhian thought with a glint in her eye, don't get too excited.

    She edged in closer to the girl and slid her arm around Bianca's waist. "We'll have two shall we?" Rhian wondered. "A nice one and a silly one" she confirmed with a light laugh.​
    "Yep," said Adrienne, nodding when he clarified the spelling of her name. She felt a lot more comfortable now that she had spent a little more time with Matthew. She realised that, just because he was a well-known celebrity, he wasn't as alien as she had anticipated. After he had signed both of the posters, she smiled warmly again and said, "Well, I'd better get out of the way before your other fans decide to attack me. I'll see you at the panel."

    She smiled brightly again, figuring it wouldn't hurt, but she didn't need to try to smile. She was very happy in that moment, despite having to leave it behind. She had just met her celebrity crush, her idol, her hero. Who wouldn't be happy? She was over the moon, and she couldn't wait until the panel conference. As she made her way to the coffeehouse just outside the room the panel would be held in, Adrienne quickly set the selfie with Matthew as her lock screen, background and Facebook profile picture.
    If it were physically possible for Bianca to smile more than she already had been, it would have to have been caused by Rhian's arm on her waist. She beamed as they took the first nice, sensible selfie, then pulled a duck face for the silly selfie. After she snapped it, Bianca put her phone back in her pocket and stepped back to her side of the table. She didn't want to leave Rhian's side -- ever -- but she knew that if she didn't want to be massacred by rabid fans, she needed to.

    "Thank you so much," said Bianca has the actress signed her poster. "This is the greatest moment of my life." And she wasn't exaggerating. Bianca's life, while not the worse possible, had been pretty crappy, and out of the few good moments she had had, this was most definitely the best.
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