(Private) Faith and Blood OOC and evilness.

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  1. Blood and Faith, a fantasy and 40k inspired RP.

    This is a PRIVATE RP. If you want to join PM me but bear in mind I won't add too many people and will ask the other players before adding more.

    Basic setting info:

    The universe is centered around The Empire. There is no other name for it. It encompasses all of humanity and knowledge of what lies beyond is scarce and strictly controlled. Centered around the Golden City, its vast domain stretched farther than a man can ride on the swiftest horse for a month without rest or sleep. It is so large that the only viable means of communication to keep her together is magic.

    The Emperor sits at the center of both political power and culture, having forged the empire out of squabbling city stated a millennium ago. His impeccably preserved bones rest on the throne, overseeing the capitol. While he has ascended to godhood, unable to relay his wishes in person the council of lords do his will. Leading both the Empire and the church, issuing edicts, deciding on troop deployments and taxes.

    Below them sit the lords not divine enough to be offered a position on the council. To each a city and small kingdom to call their own with armies, serfs and the ere watchful eye of the church. They may rule as they wish so long as their taxes are paid and they do not disobey imperial law for all who do be they peasant, freeman, or lord would have swift retribution.

    All magic is demonic in nature, powered by a connection between the wielder's soul and the underworld. Those showing magical promise are taken by the inquisition to the golden city for training. Those not deemed strong enough to resist the demons are killed for the safety of all, those who survive the testing are cleansed of their former lives though pain and training and brought before the emperor himself. If they survive his light they are branded and put to service in the empire.

    I'll add more, right now this thread just needs to exist.
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  3. Anyone who wants or needs to see Ian's character sheet: blug entry.

    Also wanted to say that I'm going to be posting this weekend. Woo.
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