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  1. Fiona sat on the Eastern most edge of a rock formation, water magic twirling all around her. Blues eyes that matched the color of the sky swam in a distant plane of thoughtlessness which allowed for her magic to go beyond it's normal well-controlled boundaries of Fiona's will. A Myhrl - one unfortunate enough to be born without magic - might happen upon this scene and be in awe of the power displayed before him/her. That is because in most situations, one singular person cannot bridle, or control, elements without a great deal of focus; the more focus you have the more power you are afforded access to.

    Even more rare is the FryjMyl - a rare breed of person able to bridle more than one major element at any given moment. Those special people who are blessed with the gift often need to focus little if at all and are therefore allowed to undergo special training. Most citizens of the four elemental regions know nothing of what the FryjMyl learn or what techniques they use. FryjMyl are always taught my other FryjMyl as is customary in all regions. As it stands in our current year, there has not been one FryjMyl who has not become one of the TraMyl'Hra - a great priest/priestess that travels between regions to spread the elements - or a TraMyl'Ecri - a high priest/priestess that praises the elements in their native land to absorbs it's secrets from the first people to bridle the elements or the Kal stored in the sacred statues at every region's temple. Each nation shares the same history of a world in peril - one where the elements and people were not in sync nor working towards the same end. The elements dictated how the people would live day by day often leading to disasters that back then the people were unable to prevent.

    Now-a-days, each of the four regions uses it's dominant weather and elements to it's advantage. They live harmoniously. The only downside is that the elements in each region reigns supreme above all else. For example, in the water region, rain pours almost everyday. Fire has no place to spark besides inside the warm houses of the citizens, wind is all but halted from the wall of rain, and earth flourishes because the nutrients are bountiful.

    There is only one area that balances the powers in a harmonious way: Kal'yh'Myl. This city is at the heart of all the lands - connected to each and every area that harbors an element. There, new elements or sub-elements are studied. TraMyl'Hra also reside there and from there go out to the regions during Nylrsa - the month of celebrating the elements and the gifts that have been bestowed upon them. Each major element is granted one week in which they give thanks and show others the best of their element.

    The Nylrsa was soon to be upon the regions and Fiona was a KylMyl'Hra - a dancer of the highest ability. She was to perform on the final day of the water's celebration. Her best friend Soo-Young was one of the four TraMyl'Hra in Kal'yh'Myl and because of that would not be present on the day of the celebration and was to meet her at the city so as to be able to see her solo performance. The rest would have to be seen through the eyes of the Kal statues in the city square.