Privacy on Iwaku: An Overview of Areas

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  1. In the past, there has been some confusion regarding what spaces on Iwaku are considered "private" and whether the rules count. Let me first say, on Iwaku, the rules count everywhere. From roleplay threads to private messages, as long as they are part of the site, they fall under the domain of the administrators. With that said, I'm going to delve a little more into the ins and outs of privacy on different areas of Iwaku for you.

    Roleplays/ General Chatting
    Privacy: Lowest tier

    When you post on the forums, your comments are visible to the greatest number of people. For roleplays in particular, staff try to make a pass through to ensure both that everything is tidy, tagged, and graveyarded if need be and also that everything is following the rules. It's a hefty task but most are perused eventually.
    Members can also view these threads and make reports if they spot rule-breaking behavior.

    Some privacy settings

    The privacy settings in blogs can limit the number of normal members who can view your content for your own purposes but the blogs are still subject to the terms of the site, even if they're set to private! That means that airing grievances (dirty laundry) about another member on Iwaku, even if you don't name them specifically, is not permitted in blogs. Staff can still see even the private blogs.​

    Private Chatboxes
    Some privacy

    The private chats that you can create can be password protected to limit the number of normal members who can view your conversations. There is some leniency in topics as discussing personal matters in private chats is more acceptable but these chats are still expected to follow the rules. Subject matter like discussion of suicide or airing dirty laundry are still not allowed. Staff can still view these chats and report rule-breaking content.

    Private Messages

    Your private messages have more privacy than other content on the site and it is more relaxed here to chat with friends. To respect privacy, private messages are only accessed by staff in rare circumstances.This does not mean that private messages are a free-for-all! Rule-breaking behaviors such as harassing someone via private messages can be reported and handled by security. Another important note is that the rules regarding sexual content still apply. Sexual content outside your age grouping and prepubescent characters in sexual settings can still earn you a ban even in private messages.


    When you submit a report form, it gets sent tidily off to the security staff and normal members can't see it at all. We don't post records of it anywhere else and we typically handle the issue as efficiently and cleanly as possible, involving the fewest number of people - usually just you if we have further questions and the one whose content is reported. When you submit a Report Staff form, this gets sent off to just the administrators and not even the rest of staff are able to see your report.

    This said, there are still rules. Don't be afraid to use the report forms but remember to use them in good faith. You think that someone is harassing another member? Report it, even if you're not sure. You really want that member that you don't like banned so you report all of their content ever and try to explain why you think they suck? Not a proper usage. Only report things that you think break the rules - if you want to get to help decide who gets banned, you're going to have to try to take Grumpy's job from him first.


    The Iwaku Discord server is still counted as part of Iwaku and is not really "offsite". Other servers that are not directly affiliated with Iwaku are mostly outside of Iwaku's jurisdiction. However, this comes with some caveats, namely when members of Iwaku use an offsite venue in order to coordinate rule-breaking behavior on Iwaku, such as harassment. Members who are caught using Iwaku as a medium to find members outside their age group for sexual solicitation and similar behaviors will also meet disciplinary action.

    As always, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask staff! We'd much rather answer your question and help you understand the rules than have you getting talked to later by Security for breaking them.​
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  2. Handy tl;dr;

    No. No it is not.

    Thank you for this explanation. It has cleared up a lot of things for me. Stories align now.
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  3. Kestrel got woke.

    But yeah, we on the internet. General rule of thumb is to assume that whatever you're posting has the potential to be read by anybody and everybody.
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  4. There is no privacy on the internet. It is a kind of illusion... and the answer is a lot more complicated. Angry birds game harvest data, facebook harvest data, google harvest data and use them to sway you to its offers and even search results.

    What there is on the internet is trust. I am more comfortable giving my data to a small community than any corporate ^_^ .

    These remind me of a random person that refuse to create forum account because they are wary of privacy. All while using the service me and my team provided. Due to how this person acts in kind of disruptive manner, I tell them that 'just by you joining this service, we already able to see your IP and all your PMs are not private.' The person quickly disconnected. If this service belongs to my company, I probably will get butchered although I am just stating the truth.

    And that last part... some jerks think they are smart of circumstancing the whole thing with offsite >_>.... I know how that feel.
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  5. It's natural that the staff gets to see everything that happens. It's their site.
    Unless you're doing something bad, there's no need to worry.
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