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  1. I wasn't going to post this at first because I just assumed it was something that was going to resolve itself after the updates but it is now happening to several of my friends as well. I've been on Iwaku for about a year now and have never experienced this before.

    This is what happened when I tried connecting earlier:


    After some redirecting I managed to connect but the red X and slash mark over my https is still there and it is still insisting my "connection is not private". I thought maybe it was just a small hiccup you guys were working out but it is still telling me the same thing. It doesn't seem to effect anything I do on the site as far as I can tell but occasionally I refresh only to get an "error 523" message from cloud which I believe has to do with the website's connection.

    This is now happening to at least three other users I know of and I'm wondering if it is happening to anyone else or if this has ever happened before.
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  2. Yeah, that problem's been put in there too. it is frustrating :/
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