Prison Escape Plot

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  1. Over a hundred years ago, one man known as "Shichiroji aka Shich" that was the "Earths Most Wanted" killed over half a million people in less then just a week, the Humans thought the end of the earth was just about to come to reality, there was no hop. Till just a small accident, Shich decided to take off in space, little did he know that was how the humans were gonna stop him. At that moment when the man left the atomsphere of earth, the earthings powered up the satelite known as "Contact Zero" a beam came shooting out with such tensity, that once impact happened it absorbed the "Shich" putting him in a giant bubble of prison, stopping him from moving a single muscle with his body.

    A hundred more years passed, Shich was prisoned at a Prison hold up camp, on a deserted planet, that only very few people are taken there for check ups and upgrades/repaires. Last time they had visited the planet for a check up, they had also dropped someone off, they took the prisoner over to the other side of the court yard and threw her/him within its cage.

    Over 3 hundred years has passed in total now, where the 2 prisoners that are alone on this planet have yet to talk or meet each other, no human has returned for over 50 years, a normal check up is once every 3 years.