Prison Break

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  1. Character A was a simple burglar with countless breaking and enterings on his name, he was soon convicted and sent to prison where he's to share a cell with Character B, a man convicted of countless rapes, assault, arson, and several upon several murders. He's a madman with an odd life style. Character B has taken an interest in Character A, harassing, attacking, doing the unmentionable to the young man who is far more overpowered in several upon several ways. However, Character B is making a plan, a plan to escape - Character A, being a skilled burglar and a little flirt, is able to be of use for Character B - which is why he'll be taken with Character B off in their escape.

    I'd personally like to play character A but negotiations can be made.

    Stockholm Syndrome
    S & m​
    A little BDSM


    Pet play

    Non-consensual acts

    If you're interested, message below or send a PM. c:
  2. PMed, I hope we can work something out with this! :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.