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    The floating castle that was Prism University hung somewhere over one of the northern seas, moving along peacefully, unnoticed by any person or machine that happened to be scouting the area. The castle was magically shielded, but even so, Morrow had decided it best that they come to this out of the way area. After all, their new arrivals were gathering in the main hall, and she didn't want to risk one of the neophyte goddesses falling off the side or throwing fire out past the boundaries of the spell above a populated area.

    Adjusting her robes, Morrow stepped out into the crowded hall, smiling at the assembled girls.

    “Good afternoon! Welcome to Prism University! My name is Morrow. I'm the dean of this college and will be one of your instructors, as well.” She held up her hands, which glowed with a flash of bright light and glitter. “I am Goddess of the Sky, so don't hesitate to come and ask me about anything that pertains to astrology or meteorology.”

    “This is unlike any university you will ever know. Your mornings will be devoted to group classes, and afternoons to apprenticeships. This first semester, you will all be sharing many classes, particularly in the morning. As you discover your specialties, this should change. You will stay here as many semesters as it takes you to master your powers and grow into potential. At the end of each semester, there will be a proficiency test to try your skills and thinking prowess.”

    “You will find your room and roommate assignments and class assignments on the board behind me. Please, do try to get to know your roommates!”

    She stepped away, smiling and indicating the list.

    “I welcome you all! May you blossom into wonderful Goddesses!”

    Upon the board was a list of room numbers and roommates. Each girl would find her information there. When they would arrive at their rooms, it would be to discover that each room reflected the girls who would be staying there in color and décor.

    Roommate List:

    Tessa Nox – Dara
    Alaine – Elizabeth Renaldi
    Galya – Jill Crusoe
    Octavia – Talise
    Tasnim Attar – Lauren Nichols
    Coriandre - Genevieve Pierre

    Morning Classes:

    Goddess Ethics
    Goddess Magic


    Kaela: Tessa Nox, Talise
    , Coriandre
    Honora: Elizabeth Renaldi, Dara, Galya, Alaine
    Baneflame : Octavia, Lauren Nichols
    Pearl: Tasnim Attar, Jill Crusoe, Genevieve Pierre

  2. The dean of the college stepped in front of the girls assembled in front of her. Despite the unusual situation at hand, she did not seem the slightest bit flustered or nervous. Instead, she was welcoming and cordial, the sort of person who would made everyone feel comfortable. With everything that had happened in the past few days, Galya couldn't say that she felt exactly as ease, but the kindness of the dean did seem to raise her spirits a little bit. The prospect of being roommates with another girl, though, especially one randomly chosen... that was another thing entirely.

    When the speech was over, Galya strode to the board. She didn't want to sit around looking awkwardly at the other girls or waiting. Instead, she wanted to just jump right into things. She was the first to step to the front of the room and she traced her finger down the list, eyes scanning the names. It wasn't a terribly long list and she found her name easily along with memorizing the number next to it. She was paired with some girl named Jill, she learned. She turned her head to look behind her at the girls assembled there. Which one looked the most like a Jill? She couldn't tell, they all looked like they might be Jill. Shrugging, Galya stepped away from the list. She'd been told that the rooms were already decorated and set up for them. With a last glanced at the schedule, she could only assume that she wouldn't be able to miss her classes anyway, since all the girls were supposed to show up to them.

    Without bothering to ask which of them was Jill and figuring she would find out when the girl got to her room, Galya turned and went in search of her room instead. Even if the girl was absolutely unbearable, she didn't suppose that it would make a whole lot of difference. After all, there were such things as earplugs and, from her cursory glance of the list, she wasn't going to be in all her classes with the girl. If worst came to worst, Galya reasoned, she would just avoid the other girl. It would be best not to get into a fight with her future roommate, however. No one wanted to be warring with someone who knew where they slept.

    Laughing to herself, Galya located her room and turned the handle on the door. She hoped that they would have keys or something that were maybe left inside the room, but she wasn't even certain if she was supposed to head to her room yet. Had she been supposed to mingle? Galya frowned, realizing that maybe getting to know the other girls might not have been so bad. Too late for that now, though. She certainly didn't want to slink back. There would be plenty of time for getting to know one another with classes and stuff.
  3. Jill still found it hard to believe that she'd accepted the position at the university rather than continue to pursue her livelihood. After all, she'd already gone through college once, so why was she now going back to it? But being at the floating university felt right. She looked around at the other new goddesses. Fidgeting, anxious, excited, giddy. So many different emotions played out over the faces of herself and her peers. Once again the gravity hit her: she was training to be a real goddess. Just like the ones in mythology. Jill wondered whether she could bring out her knitting while listening to Morrow speak. She had managed to grab a sock in progress before heading off to the castle in the sky.

    Twenty-five, and back in school. Jill chuckled to herself about how that happened.

    Morrow finished her speech, and Jill smiled at the young woman sitting to her left. "Shall we check the list? It looks like someone else has already gotten up to see where she is." That woman had also sauntered out of the room already... Jill got up and squinted at the lists. "Rooming with Galya. I wonder what kind of ethics we'll be learning? I thought gods and goddesses made their own ethics and moral code. After all, God is the head of the church, right?" Wondering if that god really existed, and if she'd ever meet him as a goddess, she scanned the list again. "We have apprenticeships too? Looks like they're going to keep us busy until we master whatever it is we need to master." Jill realized she was sort of mumbling, and stopped. She absolutely hoped that her room had been decorated with some yarn and needles in it. She was going to need it if she was going to survive this new plan in her life.
  4. Gene listened quietly to the dean as she spoke.

    Looking around the room, she took in everything and everyone. No one in particular caught her eye, aside from the young woman who went up to check the lists first. And even then, nothing about her was far too interesting. They were all just normal woman, kind of.

    Gene waited as other girls began lining up to check the lists. She had hoped that everyone would have their own room and her heart more-or-less sank when Morrow mentioned roommates. She always found that sharing a room was rather annoying. Her roommate could be rude or sloppy, or Gene herself could seem rude and sloppy. It was nothing she couldn't adjust to though, and she only planned to be in the room when it was time to sleep, so maybe she wouldn't see much of her roommate. Then again, her roommate may be an agreeable, friendly person, in which case Genevieve wouldn't mind being near her.

    After a moment, Gene realized that she had zoned out while thinking. She quickly regained herself and, sweeping a hair from her eye, she headed toward the lists.

    "Roommate, Coriandre. Apprenticeship with Pearl," Genevieve read, making a mental note.

    She turned away from the lists and headed off to find her room.
  5. Coriandre waited till most of the other girls were finished looking at the lists to walk up and read her room assignment. She read the least and saw the other girls name, Genevieve. What a beautiful name. she thought. I wonder what kind of person she will be. Coriandre turned and walked away looking for her room. She found it without to much of a problem and stood outside the door. What if she doesn't like me? What if she's a bully? What if she's super smart? What if she thinks I'm really dumb? What if She's really pretty? Oh no what am I going to do? I'm so nervous! She thought. She stood out the door frozen.
  6. Finally, Gene found the hallway where her room resided. She walked slowly, since she saw a young woman standing in front of the door.

    Genevieve checked the room numbers as she walked, finding that the young woman was standing in front of her door.

    -Could this be my roommate?- Gene wondered.

    She cleared her throat casually, not wanting to startle the other girl. "Excuse me. You wouldn't happen to be my roommate?" she asked carefully.
  7. Talise listened intently as the dean spoke. Excitement bubbled up inside her as the reality of what was going began setting in. No longer was she just a simple surfer living day to day; she was now in goddess training. She was now going to be part of all the 'stories' she learned about in school. A slight smile crept across her face; her life was starting.

    The dean stepped aside and motioned to the board. It took a moment or two, but finally someone walked up first then left after finding her roommates name. Talise moved up to the board; her eyes ran down the page until she found her name. Tessa.. Tessa Nox. Nice name. She shrugged then turned to face the other girls, doing a quick scan over everyone's face. Each girl looked different so figuring out who might fit a name was near impossible. Talise decided to give up on the endeavor.

    She knew she probably needed to be sociable and make friends, all that fun stuff, but she couldn't. For the first time she really just wanted to be alone. Calmly, she walked away from the rest of the group in search of her room. Once it was found she turned the knob and walked in. It was tastefully designed in a way that anyone who lived here would like. There was one big window allowing light to flood in. She looked out of the window and sighed. There was no ocean, no soft sea breeze, only clouds. For just a moment her heart fell, but she wouldn't allow that to dictate her mood.

    "The clouds sure are beautiful. One could equate them to the ocean. Someone could almost imagine seeing the fins off a dolphin ducking in and out of the soft billows," Talise said softly to herself making light of the situation.
  8. Coriandre squeaked when she heard a girl's voice behind her. Oh no I wasted all my planning time being nervous. she thought. smile and turn around Coriandre Smile and turn. She turned around smiling in a polite way. " I'm Coriandre Hart." She said holding out her hand. " I take you must be Genevieve."
  9. Octavia was silent, mostly because of that fact that the dean was speaking to them. As Morrow welcomed them all and explained the rules and plans for the school year, her eyes wandered the hall and over the other women. She had gone from learning to be a mortician to learning to be a goddess, how strange...She honestly was rather surprised when the offer had been made, she never thought herself to be of goddess material. They were suppose to be being of light and purity and such...not of darkness and strange things. However, she gladly accepted it, what better way to show people that darkness is not evil than to become a goddess? Of course, it would be a long time before she'd become a goddess so she would have to work very hard.

    She was brought back from her thoughts when Morrow finished her speech and allowed the girls to go up and examine the lists. Octavia waited quietly for a moment as a few of the women went up first, not wanting to get in anyone's way when she went to look herself. She gently straightened out her wide skirt, fixing the black lace and dark purple ribbon that decorated the dress. She then face her over sized bow a small tilt before finally approaching the board. A black lace glove covered her hand as she ran it down the list, learning the room numbers, names and classes.

    "Hmm...Dara. That is a nice name, I hope she does not think me too intimidating...It might be best to change before we meet, something simpler might be less of a shock." She thought a bit before she glanced down at the apprenticeship list.
    "Oh, it looks like I shall be learning from more than jut the teachers...this should be interesting." She thought again, finally pulling back. With that done she decided to go find her room and make sure everything had been brought too it. She wanted to get her wardrobe organized before classes began. If she was lucky she might even have a chance to change before she ran into her room mate.

  10. Pushing the door open, Galya wondered if her partner had run into some difficulties. Or perhaps, she thought a little bit regretfully, her partner was a true social butterfly and still downstairs talking with the other girls. Worried that she might somehow be a disappointment to an outgoing roommate, Galya tried to think of interesting things to talk about and nearly forgot that she had been in the process of opening the door. Opening it the rest of the way, Galya was struck at once by the care taken to decorate the rooms.

    On one side, the first to catch her eye, Galya was surprised to find that it mirrored her tastes in room decoration. There was a delicate metal lamp with a black satin paint finish resting on a dark wooden table. The bed, the same size as one would find in any college dormitory, was made with a charcoal gray comforter and the sheets beneath it were pale gray in hue. She smiled and strode over to it, not even bothering to look at the other side, too enraptured by her own. She was entirely confident that this was to be her bed, especially since she discovered, while running her hands over the material, that the gray was embroidered with small swords that were blood red in color.

    Looking up, Galya wondered who had decorated the room, for who could possibly have known so well what her tastes were? She wanted to thank them for the effort and consideration, making a note to ask the dean or one of the teachers, whomever she saw first. Her concerns about her roommate were almost entirely forgotten as she examined the dainty little lamp on the table.
  11. Genevieve smiled politely. So far, so good. Her roommate seemed to be a nice person.

    Taking Coriandre's hand, she said, "Yes indeed. Genevieve Pierre, but you can call me Gene." She shook the other girl's hand gently while speaking. When she let go, she continued smiling. "So, shall we go into our room?" she asked politely.
  12. Coriandre kept smiling. She Seems ok she thought. " Yes lets. After you" she said and stepped aside so Genevieve could get in.
  13. Gene nodded politely and stepped forward. She turned the doorknob slowly, only to find that it was locked. For a few seconds, she stood frozen in shock and, somewhat, embarrassed. "Oh... Do you have the key?" she asked, turning to Coriandre.

    Genevieve felt her cheeks get slightly hot, but tried to hide it.
  14. Coriandre looked surprised at this question. "uh no I don't have a key." She walked over and jiggled the knob. " oh no now what do we do? what if we can't get into our room? where will we sleep?"
  15. Of course, there were always a few last minute things to take care of, and even goddesses can't be perfect. Rooms were still being decorated, and any that had been missed were soon transformed to suit their occupants' personalities, talents, and hobbies, beautifully themed and designed, though because of the care of what roommates were put together, the sides often looked strange juxtaposed as they were. Locked doors stubbornly refused to let some members in for a moment, then suddenly swung open as last minute enchantments took place. Now, each room was keyed to the occupants and would not let the other students in without permission. Of course, to the girls staying, it would simply seem as if the doors were opening, whom they opened for was an unknown.
  16. Genevieve jumped a little in surprise as the door swung open. "Oh!" she cried a little. Smooth move, she thought. She turned to her new roommate and smiled, embarrassed. "I guess we can go in now."

    Gene stepped into the room quietly and looked around, her mouth forming an O as she looked at the fully decorated room. She smiled as it seemed that one side had been made especially for her, which it was, of course.

    "This is going to be fun, don't you think?" Gene asked Coriandre, still smiling.
  17. Everyone who had been milling about made their way out the door, so Jill headed out herself to figure out the fortress of a university and find her room. A roommate. After living on her own for years. She wasn't entirely sure how to feel. She found the room though, and after taking a deep breath, pushed open the door.

    First thing she noticed: the two sides of the room were VERY different. Second thing she noticed: well, there was her roommate, looking at a lamp on her side of the room. It was very clear whose side was whose. On her roommate's side, elegant decorations in shades of grey. On her side, multicolored yarns splayed about: over the headboard of her bed, on a table, there was even a loom hanging midair with a few skeins tossed artfully over it. She wondered how she was going to get up to it to learn to weave with it.

    Jill took a deep breath. "Hi," she started extra loudly. "I'm Jill. You must be Galya? Please excuse the mess of my side of the room. I assume it's going to stay on my side. I mean they even were able to hang different skeins on the wall... without hooks..." She walked over and leaned in to examine the skeins. Must be mostly wool, by the fuzziness, but she'll have to figure it out later. And the loom? Were there any knitting needles anywhere? She looked around and found a cubby bursting with supplies. Jill let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding. She'd be able to knit through all this training.

    The question was, what did they want with a goddess who knitted all the time? And what kind of interesting ways could she combine her knowledge of yarn craft with whatever powers she'd be taught?

  18. Looking up from her own muted silver tones for the first time since entering the room, Galya glanced over to her roommate's side. It was indeed far more, she wouldn't say messy, but cluttered that her own. It was also decorated with much brighter tones and seemingly strewn with knitting materials. The loom that was hung on Jill's side made Galya glanced up to the corresponding location on her side and she was pleased to find a shield and a pair of crossed swords in front of it. They gleamed and Galya adored it instantly. Her roommate seemed a gentle sort, at least not loud or obnoxious, and Galya was hopeful that they would get along.

    "Even if a bit of mess spills over, it would not be so hard to clean" she replied, trying to look as friendly as possible by setting the lamp down and smiling. "They seem to have decorated to our tastes, so I guess that means that you like to do, uh, artsy things like knitting and all that, huh? I've never really been good at that kind of thing but I can really respect people that can turn some fluff of of sheep into pretty sweaters and socks." This was Galya at her best behavior, since she really and truly wanted to make friends with the girl who was to be her roommate. "I just can't sit still long enough for that. But I'm not calling you lazy. Please don't get that impression. I mean, you could be, I don't know yet but since I don't know yet, I'm not calling you lazy."

    That sentence had not come out the way that Galya had hoped, but it didn't seem to have offended the other girl, not yet at least. The other girl seemed worried about whether or not she would be messy but Galya wasn't thoroughly concerned. Some things you couldn't help and messiness was one of those things, as long as it was not too messy. Besides, things could always be righted and put into proper place once more. Ever moving and fidgeting, Galya's fingers traced the outline of the swords on the bedspread without her even noticing that she was doing it.

  19. It still seemed impossible that she was standing here... and yet, so she was. Three inch heels and all.

    As the dean gave her speech, Tasnim's eyes were peering about the room with overwhelming curiosity at her fellow pupils. They were a mixed bag, and she found herself firmly on the younger side of the spectrum- and certainly the shortest, her full height being just shy of 1.6 meters (that would be 5'3", for those whose country did not ascribe to the metric system). She was not, however, the only blonde. Blond hair was far more common in other parts of the world than her own, and she was excited to see that it was well represented here. Blond hair was just so... so... glorious! She hoped that some of these girls would let her play with their hair; it was one of Tasnim's favorite pastimes.

    She also absolutely had to talk to the girl in Rococo fashion.

    It didn't take her long to locate her room. She paused in the doorway with a small gasp of delight when she saw the decor. One half of the room- hers, unquestionably- was a lush pile of silk and cushions, like something out of the tales of Scheherazade. Her bed was canopied, and there was a fabulous full-length mirror by the wardrobe. Stoppered bottles of essential oils, along with an incense burner, lined the nightstand. She had a feeling they might come in handy, too, judging from the other half of the room...

    There were cages, filled with an assortment of fuzzy critters which Tasnim was sorely tempted to take out and cuddle. The style of bedding and detailing was more modest, but just as pleasant as her own. Homey; was that the correct word? Gingham and floral. A country princess to her sultana. Lauren Nichols was the girl's name, if Tasnim recalled correctly...

    When would Tasnim get to meet her? She couldn't wait. In the meantime, though, she occupied herself with inspecting the animals.

  20. Jill smiled to herself at Galya's rambling and wondered what she was thinking. She turned around from the wall and sat down on her bad, facing Galya. "I do a lot of textiles," she said. "Mostly knitting, as you said. I guess the loom hanging there is for me to do more weaving while I'm here." She paused, a wistful look appearing on her face for a moment. "Kind of weird to be here... it's my second time going through college."

    "Anyway, knitting keeps my hands occupied while I am doing something else. It's rare these days that I have a couple of hours free to devote to crafts. I'm always pretty busy running my store. Well... someone else will run it now." She paused and groped around the bedside table. Finding some small needles and yarn, just like she would have placed it there, she started up a sock. "I hope you don't mind if I knit while I talk. It helps to have my hands busy."

    Busy with her own endeavors, she hardly noticed Galya fidgeting. After casting on she looked back up at Galya. "Are you ready for classes in the morning? I wonder how we'll deal with ethics from different pantheons."