Prism Goddess University

Name: Coriandre, Hart

Domain (Goddess of):The plants woods and flowers
Pantheon:The Shrine
Physical Description:

History:Coriandre, was training to be a botatnist when she was visited by the diety. It told her if she chose she would be given a gift, a very special gift. Coriandre, agreed because she wished she could be special and she figured this was a way to do that.
Personality:She is shy and insecure she doesnt think shes worth much. She has a thirst for knowledge and a will to prove herself but lacks the confidence to stand up for herself. She has been told that like the meaning of her name she has a hidden worth. But She believes like the camillia blossom she has no fragrance and her death will be silent and tragic. She hopes that doing this she will bechanged for the better and will finally see her hiddden worth.

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feline.jpgName: Genevieve "Gene" Pierre

Age: 19

Domain (Goddess of):Felines

MountainTop Pantheon

Physical Description:
Bright, Multi-coloured hair. Her eyes have a well-defined shape, a dark blue colour, her pupils shift sometimes, becoming slits (much like those of a cat). She's of an average height, 5'6".

Born in a small town in France. She never really thought much of her life. She liked cats, which was strange because her family was allergic to them. At the opportunity to make her life more exciting, she readily accepted.

Rather hot-headed and short-tempered. Her school-records will show that she also has a rather violent past. Mainly venial offenses though, like pushing and punching.

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Spell-weaver18, she looks good. RockAsian, I'd prefer it if you have her eyeshifting come into play only as her goddess powers develop, but otherwise, you guys seem good to go. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Just a reminder, this game is likely to be light and fun, so have fun and happy writing!
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