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  1. Jade had been with the Durmand Priory for a while now, almost two years. In all of that time, they had never sent him into the field for any kind of mission. Possibly because he'd specifically requested that he remain within the library. After all, before finding his way to the Priory, he'd spent his time wandering the Shiverpeak Mountains, deep in thought and meditation. He'd felt that his adventuring and exploring times were done. There was nothing more he wanted to see. He had seen enough in his time.

    A shudder went down the Sylvari's spine, causing his purple 'hair' to hiss with the movement. He brushed a gloved hand over the fronds to settle them again. Lion's Arch was a huge city and port, and he wasn't entirely sure how he was supposed to find the operative to deliver the scrolls requested. His job in the library had been a simple one. Archive and categorize. Research for those that request it. Writing reports, making amends. It kept his otherwise empty mind occupied. He liked it that way. Ever since he severed his connection to the Dream, his mind has been rather lonely. There was just something he couldn't stand to remember.

    He stopped in one of the many taverns of the city, intent on getting something to drink before continuing his search for his quarry. There was no telling where, what's his name... Wisteria or something like that... where he could be in this city. A dark skinned Sylvari with white hair. That was all Jade knew. He blew out a sigh as he went through the wide open doorway of the tavern and sat himself down on a bar stool. He rather liked the climate here. Humid and warm, a definite contrast to the stark coldness of the Shiverpeaks. Being a Sylvari, Jade wasn't terribly fond of the cold weather, but he dressed appropriately, and the Priory halls were usually kept warm. It was tolerable.

    "What can I get yeh?" The bartender asked. He was a rough looking fellow, but the smile on his face and the cheer in his eyes made him less intimidating.

    "Just some water. Roots are a bit dry," Jade joked, cracking a half-smile as the bartender chuckled. He pulled his pack from his shoulders and set it in his lap, opening it to make sure the scrolls and books he was asked to find were still in it. Safe and sound. He looked up as the bartender set a glass of water in front of him. "Thank you, sir. May I ask: have you seen a dark skinned Sylvari around? A tinkerer. White hair. I believe has an eyepatch, or something of the sort.."

    It took the bartender a moment before he shrugged and shook his head, then went back to tending the other patrons. Jade sighed and sipped his water. Surely this person would show up. Lion's Arch wasn't that huge...
  2. Lion's arch was the largest trading center in all of Tyria. Not only did it have the largest docks with Rata Sum right behind. It contained asuran gates that connected them to all corners of this country. It was a perfect place to blend in and have an easy escape if needed. Wysterion was in his workshop. It was a wreck at the moment. Books and papers covered the floors along with different types of metals and equipment. Diagrams and graphs were pinned against the wall along with side notes on ripped pieces of paper. Wyst had to craft 3 custom ballista for a priory exploration team. They needed them to create a bridge across a gorge to a tomb.

    He was having some slight difficulty with the process since it needs to fire a distance of 600 feet and still have the energy to impact the rocks and hold the weight of the team. It was very problematic and he had a tight schedule. He had needed some scrolls on different kinds of ballista but the local priory library had such a small collection he ended up sending a request to the headquarters. He couldn't leave his workshop because that was time wasted. It would have taken him about 2 days if he ran and if he didn't encounter any dangerous creatures along the way. The local library knew of his request and promised to help make sure he got the material. The engineer should go check again but he was so tired from working non-stop the past three days he was too tired.

    The dark grey sylvari was working ferociously through more calculations. He heard a light tap on his window and looked up. A small dove had found it's way to him bearing a message. He opened the glass panned window to gather the mail before it flew away. A whirl of a warm salty breeze blew it's way through his musty workshop. He glanced down at the letter and hesitated to see a wax crest of thorns sealing it. His heart jumped in his chest but he pushed down his urges and pulled out a stack he kept in one of his drawers that was delicately wrapped in red. Wyst added the newest letter with a sad heart.

    Work. He needed to get back to work. Busy hands kept the devil away.
  3. Jade finished his glass of water, setting it down on the counter softly. His hands tingled and he rubbed them against themselves before pulling out coinage and paying the tender. He stood and left the bar, determined to deliver the materials. He knew what they were for. Schematics of old ballistas. Of course, newer versions had been designed by now, but he has yet to archive them... He would have to get on that when he returned to the Priory.

    Using the clue of schematics for a large device, Jade figured his target would probably be in the crafting district. That's where all sorts of workshops were after all. Right? He looked up, watching a dove fly away from one of the buildings. A slight frown creased his forehead. A solitary part of him regretted going silent, severing his connection to the Dream. He was sure it would have come in handy to locate this other Sylvari about now. His hands tingled again, almost painfully now. The nerves never truly healed--or maybe it was phantom pain. He clutched them, squeezing the sensation away as he walked toward a random building. It smelled like fire and oil, metal shavings, electricity. Another shiver wracked his spine before he stepped up to the door and knocked.

    "Hello? Durmand Priory delivery. Looking for a... uh... Wis.. Whisp... Oh foo..." He stopped and pulled a letter from his pocket--his orders--and read the name from it. "Wysterion. I'm looking for Wysterion." He paused and looked up, the door hadn't opened yet. Another frown. "Hello?"
  4. Wysterion was just about to start the construction of some springs when he heard a knock on his front door. He rose and navigated slowly through his small path he crafted around all of his stuff. His workshop was small and crowded with inventions that he had already made or work in progress. He had turrents, gizmo's and gadgets of his own making, even a golem that he was working on. He had everything stored in a certain spot and though it looked like chaos to him it was organized. He made it to the heavy double wooden door and pulled the heavy leaver upwards and pulled it open.

    Standing before him was another sylvari. He tensed slightly ready to grab the nearest wrench just in case. Was he part of the court, he couldn't feel any connection like he did with other sylvari's. Wysterion stared at the other with his one purple and silver eye "How can I help you?" His eyes lingered and saw the pack on his shoulders. He recognized them from the priory. "Ah you must have the scrolls I needed. Please come in." He opened the door wider to allow him to come into his abode.

    Wysterion walked back towards his table to grab a quill and sign off the scrolls since he was borrowing and needed to return them in the same condition. He rubbed his eye a bit to see past the tired haze and swiped one from a glass vase. "I hope the journey wasn't too bad friend... oh and watch your head I have a few mechanical parts hanging from the rafters.... helps me keep up with what needs to go where." He grabbed a vial of black ink as he spoke ready to sign any paper work.
  5. The green-hued Sylvari jumped slightly when the door opened. He stared at this other one, blue eyes blinking. Seemed nice enough. Fit the description right on. Once the door was opened wider, he followed Wysterion into the workshop--and promptly stopped in the doorway. Eugh. This place was a mess. How could anyone stand to work in this environment. Does he even know where anything is? He pulled his pack from his shoulder, letting it sit right on his own feet. He knelt in the doorway and began digging for the scrolls and the required documents to let this other being borrow Priory property.

    "Don't worry, I won't be moving. I don't trust this room enough to walk through it," he stated rather blandly. "I have the documents here, before you can take these scrolls. I'm sure you are aware of our policies..."

    As he stood in the doorway, watching this engineering Sylvari, he felt dreadfully uncomfortable. Awkward, even. He'd never felt like that around anyone before.

    "I am obligated to remind you that if these scrolls are damaged, you would have to pay a nice fine. But as incentive to not ruin these documents, I will let you know what would happen to those that work in the library if they come back damaged. They would have to recopy whatever was on the page onto a new piece of parchment. If it is so damaged that it becomes illegible, the document would have to be thrown out. That is ruining a chance for further research and in case anyone else becomes curious of these particular schematics. Your name would be left with the documents as the one that damaged them and you would probably be shunned by the rest of the Priory for hindering research."

    He took a breath, then smiled. It was a false one. Jade so hated leaving his library. He straightened the sign-off sheet, hoping that Wysterion would come to him instead of making him go over there. He did not want to trip over anything, or have his head bonked by hanging machinery.
  6. Wysterion wasn't bothered that the other hadn't entered in his abode. It was probably for the best. He really didn't mind as long as nothing was shifted from it's normal position. He dipped the quill in the ink and let it drip a little to make sure that none spilled on his way to sign. He walked back and took the papers nodding as he told him of the repercussions of damaging the documents. Something he would never want to do. To him knowledge was sacred and if lost there could be no way of getting it back again.

    He signed the forms as the other smiled. He gave a small smile back unsure of what to say. "Um... yes I think that is everything...I never caught your name?" he asked politely as he rubbed the rest of the ink off the tip of the quill on a stained rag that he kept in his pocket. Not wanting to accidentally get the dark ink everywhere.
  7. Jade nodded in satisfaction. He blew on the ink to quicken its drying, then folded the document carefully and tucked it away once more. He pulled out the requested scrolls and held them out for Wysterion to take.

    "Jade. My name is Jade," he had nothing else to offer by way of a name. He'd severed his ties to the Pale Tree years ago, and thus lost most parts of himself. Willingly, mind you. There was something he didn't want to remember. His hands itched and his fingers clenched involuntarily, tightening on the schematics.

    He cleared his throat and shook his head, "You can just send these back to the Priory or request someone come pick them up whenever you're finished using them."

    After handing the schematics off, he had to get his gloves off. His hands were itching so badly. They burned, almost like they were on fire. He stood in the doorway a moment more, pulling his gloves from his fingers. The fiber beneath the fabric wasn't green as it probably should have been, considering the rest of Jade was a vibrant green. His hands were blackened, almost withered. He stared at his hands for a moment, trying to remember why they were so damaged. Fire.

    "I'll just.. uh.. be on my way." He stammered, a headache forming in his temple. He replaced the gloves and put his backpack on his shoulders again, quickly trying to turn out of the workshop.
  8. Wysterion took the scrolls from the green sylvari and gently held them. This will help things move a lot faster then trying to wing the basic structure himself. After he was done he turned back towards the other awkwardly. Jade had taken his gloves off and Wysterion examined his horribly disfigured hands. It was as if he had sunk his hands into hot coals and burnt all the fibers. He felt his stomach flip but said nothing. He had his own disfigurement and knew all to well his feelings on them. He just nodded and showed him to the door. "Yes.... um be safe on your travels." Once the door was closed it was back to work.

    After 2 months of crafting molds, casting metals, building, and finally assembling he had completed the three ballista. During the construction he would send notes to the priory and them replying for him to finish faster. Finally done he was ready to collapse though it wasn't over yet. He needed to take them apart and take pack bulls with the parts to the Durmand Priory headquarters in Lonar's Pass. Then reassemble it for testing and then take it apart to take it to the required location for the mission.

    Wyst left as soon as he could taking four of the largest bulls in Lion's Arch to carry all of the pieces along with some extra parts and his tools. It took him 5 days to get to the priory. It wouldn't have been so long if the bulls hadn't attracted so much unwanted attention. Luckily some Lionguard had some soldiers to spare and helped escort him along the way.

    When he made it he made sure to thank them as much as he could and told one of the attendees to put the equipment in the vault and he'd see Gixx later. He went straight to the barracks and passed out.

    His dreams were those of his beloved. Twisted and dark but soothing for him. His silver tongue whispering his love for him. Telling him want he would do to Wyst. At first he wished to wake from the nightmare but soon the corruption seeped into him numbing his emotions. He was rocked gently as machines whirled like a lullaby for him. The other never letting him go, his grip tightening as if Wysterion might slip away from him again.
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  9. Two months. It had taken Jade a couple of days before he made it back to his cozy library in Lornar's Pass. He didn't trust the Asuran made Waypoints to get him there faster. Besides, the journey gave him plenty of time to think. Something was weighing his mind down, he just couldn't figure out what. All the same, though, once he returned to the Durmand Priory's main base of operations, he buried himself in books immediately.

    Distracted enough, Jade barely noticed the sensation in his hands, that strange tingle that blurred the edge of his memories. Something was hiding behind that strange pain. He didn't want to find out what. Instead, his studies doubled. Apparently the Priory wanted him to assist in the upcoming expedition, saying that his expertise in Dwarven language and history would prove most useful. This set Jade grumbling into his notes and tomes, hoping he would be forgotten somewhere in the library. However, given so much time to his own thoughts proved most unfortunate. As he would busy himself with re-reading scripts he's read hundreds of times before, his mind would wander. It would seek out the sounds it missed--songs of the Pale Tree and the other Sylvari connected to it. If not careful, Jade was worried a connection would be built up again. He couldn't afford that.

    One evening, late in the night, his walls lowered as he bordered on the edge of sleep. His mind wandered, repeating Dwarven phrases to itself as it skated through memories. In his time, Jade has traveled many places, but after that one event, he'd never returned to his homeland. Caledon Forest remained distant in both literal location, and figuratively. Something dwelled in that area, something dark and twisted. There was something there that filled Jade with such unbridled hatred, such pain, but he couldn't quite figure out what. His hands burned as he teetered on the edge of memory. Flashes of fire filled his mind's eye. Violent sprays of violet magic--his magic--encircling other Sylvari, breaking their minds like porcelain. He remembered that something happened to cause his rage. Mesmers were known for their cunning control of the mind, especially their own, but what happened to cause him to lose that control? Murderous rampage... Someone was taken.

    He slammed a fist against the table his books were scattered about, causing the single candle he was reading by to quiver dangerously. He snapped the reins on his mind, his imagination, his memories, fortifying that mental wall and shutting out every inch of his past. He needed to prepare for the journey ahead. They would be setting out in two days. Jade idly supposed he should get acquainted with the others he would be adventuring with to this ancient Dwarven tomb. Perhaps in the morning. It must've been midnight by now. Sleep would not come to him tonight. More reading for sure.
  10. Wysterion woke up in the afternoon with a sick empty stomach and a heavy heart. He couldn't remember what he had dreamed about. Which meant his mind had wandered to a dark place. All sylvari were connected to each other by the dream. It's how they learn and grow. There was a darkside though. The nightmare court were a bunch of sylbari that had turned away from the teachings of Ventari's tablet. They wished to corrupt the dream. They do this by turning young sylvari or causing death and pain to resonate throughout the dream. Wysterion was certain the dream he had was an echo of a past he wished would stay away.

    It would be easier if he went soundless. To shut out the dream and what follows it. Yet his heart could never. He knew of both the beauty and dangers of the dream. Wysterion would be turning away from himself. Through the pain and scars he won't turn away from the tablet. He found himself with just his thoughts in the barracks. Everyone was either off doing their daily duties or sleeping for the night shift. He shifted himself slowly and went his way to kitchens to grab a quick meal. He remembered every cobblestone from his time as an apprentice at the priory. He didn't get to work on any of his own inventions now but worked as a help for others. It was odd being back here.

    He stopped by the kitchens and managed to snag some bread and water from a testy norn who was in the middle of cooking lunch. After scarfing it down he went to where his equipment was stored so he could get it assembled for testing. He was happy to see it all was still in it's bundle undisturbed. He carried them off to one of the cube workshops that were usually open for whoever needed them. It was just a square opening that could easily be a pen for cattle then anything else. Though he wasn't going to complain since there was more room here then at his own workshop.

    He set his tools out on tables first then started in order with the assembling parts. Each was labeled with a tag and connected to the matching numbers and screws. In about 3 hours he had assembled the first ballista. One down two more to go.
  11. Time was wishy washy for Jade. He got no sleep the night before, determined to distract himself with studies. He wouldn't have Dreamed, no. He couldn't anymore. That much he knew was certain. Just before he had left Caledon Forest, he did what a few other Sylvari did to escape the torments of the Nightmare and to rule their own destiny: he had gone Soundless. It was a refreshing reminder that he could do whatever he wanted, regardless if his particular path in the Dream said it would happen or not. So many other Sylvari tread their path so carefully, because the Dream told them to. Rubbish.

    Of course, this wasn't saying he'd forgotten Ventari's teachings. They were useful lessons, and good advice. Just because he left the Dream and the connection it brought with the Pale Tree and the other Sylvari doesn't mean he turned away entirely from his culture. In a way, it was a coward's escape. What was he escaping? Well, surely there were plenty of things to run from in Caledon Forest. There were giant wurms, trolls, undead, and those twisted Nightmare--. He shook his head quickly, cutting off his own thought.

    He was hungry, yes, that was it. Hungry. He left the library in a rush in search for the kitchens and food. The breakfast bell had already gone off, for sure, and lunch was still a few hours away, but he was on good terms with the Norn woman who made the food. He helped her out, sometimes. Cooking was a pass-time for him. In fact, he was certain he could whip up something quick for himself, if the woman would allow him in the kitchens. As he approached the vast chamber, he noticed out of the corner of his eye Wysterion leaving and heading down the halls to the Priory's temporary workshops. He made a mental note to go visit him once he had gotten his food.

    It only took a few minutes to fix something edible. The Norn lady was in a mood, but she allowed him to do his thing as long as he didn't get in her way. With the expedition coming up, a lot of outside operatives were back in the Priory, so she had a lot of mouths to feed and not a lot of time to do it. Jade quietly offered to help out once he was finished with his studies, but she just shooed him away and continued working. It was a challenge fit for her, and she would accomplish it on her own. Jade didn't argue.

    He took his cooked omelette with him down the hall toward the workshops. They weren't huge, but they weren't terribly small, either. It was made apparent as he peeked into one of the square chambers and saw a fully built ballista. He leaned in the doorway and proceeded to eat.
    "I see my schematics helped you out, mm?" He smirked, then chewed a piece of egg.
  12. Wysterion was tightening some of the metal screws. He had to make sure that they weren't too tight where he couldn't take them out but tight enough to keep the contraption from falling apart. His thick arms pumped hard with the wrench as he heard a voice call out behind him. He paused from his progress and took out a stained rag from his jumper pocket. He nodded "Yeah... made a few modifications though..." he wiped his brow with the rag to help ease his sweaty brow. "The schematics were of a siege type weapon. I don't make weapons anymore and these do something completely different then their ancestors."

    He stood up actually surprised to see the other priory member here. The facility was extremely large with multiple divisions that only saw other members once in a blue moon. That being a highly operational expedition. He threw the rag over his shoulder as he walked over to the other. He happily munched on a omelette. "Hopefully Gixx will approve of it and the new design. Maybe even get my altered schematic approved to go into that nice huge library of yours." he rubbed his barked chin. Imagining his swooping scrawl across the blue paper and others using his design for their own to tinker with.
  13. Jade nodded absently, looking past Wysterion at the contraption. His expression remained passive as he looked back at the other Sylvari.
    "Are you joining them on the expedition?" He asked, finishing up his own breakfast. "It's becoming a big deal, now, being so close to leaving... They've apparently recruited me to join you all. Said something about needing my expertise on Dwarven text and history..."

    He wasn't really looking forward to it, to be honest. He liked staying in doors, but at the same time, a chance to explore again, like the old days...

    "How'd you sleep?" He asked, inhaling sharply as he redirected conversation. He didn't sleep at all, but maybe this Sylvari, that is still connected to the dream, slept better than his silent mind could.
  14. The other sylvari turned back towards his work. He could talk and fiddle things with his hands at the same time. He picked up an iron canister that he crafted and positioned it in the cubboard that he crafted. "Yeah that is if my invention gets approved. I think they hired two others to come up with some ideas. An asuran and charr I believe." He wedged the can in and began hooking up valves and the wiring. "Dwarven text huh... I can only read some of it... didn't do to well in that class." he snapped on a hose to the canister inside of a propeller.

    He then turned the nozzle on the canister and heard a hiss that let him know that the pressure stabilized inside. Wysterion heard the other and tensed. His hand was clenched around a component inside the ballista. He then tried to casually continue working making sure everything was in correctly as he loaded a steel rod. "I-I.... slept." he said trying to force the words out of his mouth. He took a cable and threaded it through the rod, clipping it to a mechanism that was in the back of the ballista. He pressed a lever down releasing a hiss of gas and a puff of steam. The line whirled on the cylinder until it snapped with a closed barbed arrowhead attached to the rod.

    The arrowhead seemed to have some springs and drills inside of it as well and a smaller canister. Wysterion didn't look back at Jade as he grabbed a clip of steel plates and attached them like a clip of ammo to the base of the ballista. With all the attachments done he went straight to the next pile and started to sort through all the tags to attach them. Busy hands kept his mind away. Keeping his head full of numbers and simulations.

    Wysterion noticed the stale air. "Um... sorry I just don't sleep that much. I can't bring myself to stop working on anything... unfinished." He chuckled to lighten it back up. "Terrible habit." He grabbed his wrench and started to connect pieces together with matching tags. "So do you know what were looking for in that tomb, I know it's supposed to have a lot of goodies since the dredge can't get to it. I think that's cause there's a destroyer nest right positioned to where they can't drill close to it."

    "Hopefully we won't have to encounter those nasty monstrosities."
  15. "If it's right next to the tomb, then we probably will," Jade deadpanned. He watched Wysterion work, and while it was an impressive sight, he did see the hiccup in movement when he mentioned sleeping. His blue eyes narrowed ever so slightly, then he continued eating his breakfast. You couldn't fool a mesmer.

    "I didn't sleep much last night, either," he commented casually. "Something was bugging me, in the back of my mind. Have you ever had that happen? It's like you know something's there, but just can't figure out what, and it itches and.. and.. burns at you.."

    Well, isn't that odd now, his hands were trembling. Maybe he needed to visit one of the other mesmers in the Priory. He can recognize a mental block when he sees one--he's set some up in his time as an adventurer. There hasn't been much use for doing that now, when he wants as much information on things as he can get. Definitely needed to see someone. Trembling hands made for bad manuscripts. He shook his head and took the last bite of his food, crossing his arms carefully while still holding his dishes. He stared at Wysterion, and decided to dive right in.

    "You didn't sleep because something happened. Has nothing to do with unfinished projects. The ballista were complete, only needed to be reassembled. You know that. You're hiding something. If it becomes a problem with the expedition, I would have no choice but to inform the leader of this particular party and probably have you--and your ballista--removed from the journey. Best get it in the open now, where we can deal with it before it becomes an issue."

    Wow, Jade sure sounded like an ass when he wanted information. He briefly wondered if he always sounded like that. Well, if it got him what he wanted out of someone, then damn the consequences.
  16. As he assembled the next portion building the frame he listened to the other's words. A scowl etched across his face. A familiar darkness crawled across his mind and he tried to shake it away. He stood up and turned towards the other. Staring at him, calculating what kind of pressure it would take to bust his skull open with a blunt object. "I don't take kindly to threats." he said calmly. "We all have our little secrets but this isn't the Order of Whispers where we stalk around each other. The superiors already know about my circumstance and understand my position. Quite frankly they don't care due to the fact of how sufficient and capable I am."

    His silver eye darkened even more "With those burns on your hand I know that I'm not the only one with trauma. Our bodies not wanting to heal.... our wounds from the past." He slowly moved his free hand and released the clasps behind his head letting his goggle fall loose. Instead of having two eyes he had a gabbing hole. There were slashes dug deep into his black skin. The wounds were old but should have regenerated. He slipped the goggle back over his damaged eye hiding his shameful disfigurement. He then realized how he was holding his wrench. Usually he grasped it normally so that he can use his arms to tighten and loosen bolts. No this time it was a hard grip to prepare for the impact of hitting someone with it. "I need to get back to work. I have to have this ready for tonight."

    He turned his back on the other and dived into his work again. He was upset with himself. Not with Jade asking such personal questions (in a threatening kind of way). Wysterion was upset because he was acting the way Nexius had taught him to react. He wanted to purge him out of his system and the only way to do that was to not think about him and to keep busy in his work.
  17. Jade wasn't fazed by the reveal of the gaping hole. His hands tingled, a little, as he listened. Seemed familiar, almost. Then he felt something slip.

    "Nightmare Court." He snapped his fingers, wincing at the slight pain. "They've left their marks on both of us."

    He nodded, then turned away. "You have fun with your machines. I'll be in the library."

    It was curious, something about Wysterion reminded him of something dark. Their was a presence about him, brooding and twisted. He left the workshop area to bring his dishes back to the kitchens, and then made a beeline for the offices of some of the Priory mesmers. He needed his mental block gone, and gone fast. Wysterion was right about one thing. They both suffered trauma that their minds weren't allowing to heal.
  18. Wysterion didn't flinch as he heard the name. He did pause but not because of fright or terror that they would like to inflict others with. He paused to reflect that no matter when you were born or what time of day. They were going to try their hardest to push their twisted beliefs into you. They couldn't be stopped either. Something in Twilight Arbor helped them thrive and multiply like weeds. He hoped to never set foot in that wretched place.

    He continued his work. He worked like a fluid machine himself. He could even believe that he could hear it when it came to life. He almost didn't hear the call over his shoulder until they spoke louder. He turned around and saw a tan spotted asuran standing in his doorway. He's getting all sorts of visitors today. "About time I thought something was wrong with your auditory receptors. Is this your contraption I keep hearing about." She walked in without him even asking and inspected the first built ballista. "Oh how quaint you think the propulsion will be enough to create a counter inside the stone. I can tell you know it's not going to work."

    Wyst continued working "Yes it will... the propulsion will also engage a drilling mechanism and it will bore into the rock where the anchors will be activated by the release valves and .." She walked towards the metal planks "These won't do either theirs no way that this is going to be able to withstand the weight of the equipment." Wysterion continued working not saying anything. "I see now that I have nothing to worry about." He picked up a tag to check the number on it as she continued to babble. "My invention is far superior it will revolutionize today's technology." He finally had to put his work down. "Can you leave I'd rather not hear your egotistical banter and for your information we are hear to help the priory out not look to see who has the biggest cow." She gave Wysterion a toothy grin. "Oh but isn't it soon you'll see my name at the head department of technologies and I'll make sure wiff raff like you will never stick their proboscis where they don't belong."

    She left Wysterion back to his work. He continued the same as before. He was used to the type of comments since his kind were empathetic towards plants then machines. Wysterion had just always felt a deeper connection and understatement with the metal contraptions. He finally finished the other two ballista within 5 hours, a shorter time amount that he thought it would take. His legs cramped from being in one place for too long and his arms and back ached with a familiar pain. It was nice though everything was done. It was completed and he could get ready for his presentation. He'd change out of his jumper and into her armor and get something to eat and then begin the hard task of moving the ballista. Good thing he brought EX-3789.
  19. The mesmer had spent hours in the library, non-stop. He refused to speak with anyone, burying himself in tomes and scrolls. Dwarven texts, maps, anything that would benefit them in the coming days during their expedition. Anything to get his mind off of the conversation -- could it even be called that? -- he had with Wysterion. Nagging feelings in the back of his mind, the whole time he was reading. He envied Wysterion a bit, that Sylvari had machines and things that really needed focus to keep his mind distracted. Jade had books. Nothing as intensive as building something that could explode on him.


    The green sylvari blinked his blue eyes wearily, looking over his shoulder. He blinked, staring at the young human man that was standing next to him. He wore the robes of a Priory scholar. Jade smiled, though it was tight, and it made the young boy wince. The Sylvari rubbed the bridge of his nose, then gestured at one of the chairs nearby. The boy sat.

    "Jade, I don't really know if I can do what you're asking me to.." the boy started, sitting down next to the mesmer. "I mean, I'm still studying--no where near the skill level you're asking me for."

    "Every mesmer can learn manipulation of the mind. All I'm asking is for you to delve in and take a peak. I need to know what I have blocked so I can.. deal with it." Jade explained, sighing.

    The boy shook his head. "What if it's hidden for a reason? I mean, didn't it cause you to go Silent?" He fidgeted, "Something like that would be big. What if you can't... uh... handle it?"

    Jade had to focus not to snap at the boy. He was only trying to be helpful, after all. But that was beside the point. Jade removed his gloves, exposing the red-glowing embers of his hands. He stared at them for a moment, then looked at the boy. The young mesmer winced, chewed his lip, then lifted one of his own hands. A pale purple light enveloped his fingers, and he touched the Sylvari's forehead. For a moment, all Jade saw were wisps of pale purple light floating before his eyes before it all went wonky. Then fire. So much fire. Shouting, voices. There were several forms moving in the light, more shouting. He flinched as a sting of a thorn whip bit his side. He felt so tired, and yet so very angry. Nightmare Court. Just thinking of the words made him unbearably mad.

    They had taken something from him. Something else moved among the shadows of the Nightmare Court, something that vaguely looked Sylvari in shape. Yet it was causing all of the fire. A word echoed in his mind, and he felt his hands grab onto this flame-engulfed form. The fire burned the fibers of his fingers, singed them, and the pain was horrible. But he had to shake this creature out of the breakdown it was in. He had to save it..

    The boy gasped and pulled his hand back, having seen and heard more than Jade. The block was strong on the Sylari, but for the human, he saw it all. His eyes were wide, and his hands shook. He stood quickly and turned to leave, but Jade caught him by the sleeve.
    "We aren't finished here.." he murmured, his voice hoarse, like he'd been screaming. Who knows, he might've. "I need to know what that was--.."

    "But you do know. He was your friend," the boy whispered, either out of fear or out of respect for the library, "and you killed him.."

    The boy rushed out of the library, back to wherever he felt safest. Jade was left sitting in stunned silence, his blue eyes wide. His hands burned, not the tingle it was before, but painful to the point of causing him to hiss and clench them to his torso. The boy was right about something. He wasn't entirely sure how much was right. He didn't get to see everything, but something about what he's said rang familiar. It left him feeling empty, angry, and so sad. He resumed reading the tomes.
  20. Wyst had missed lunch and the cooks were preparing for a feast for all who were at the priory. After light conversation with the head cook. The Norn let him take a bowl of potato soup with dolyak chunks of meat. He ate the bowl quickly unsure if his haste was from the time he had left to finish everything or because he was really hungry. Maybe a little bit had to deal with it being potato soup and he really liked to eat potatoes. As he tore of chucks of bread that he had also gotten he thought over with his conversation with the other sylvari. Wysterion was sure that if he was going to go on the trip with him there would be high tension. It might be best to avoid the other. He had already shown him his ugly scar. He didn't want to dive into more details of what he exactly had to do with them.

    Survival rates when encountering the Nightmare court were low but there were still survivors but captive sylvari. They hardly ever survived. Their fate was to either become part of the Nightmare or fuel it with their misery so it can be felt within the dream. Wysterion finished his meal and quickly took his plates to clean them. Then it was off to see his golem. EX-3789 was a dummy golem. Large in size but held no intelligence that normal golems did. Wysterion worked on a prototype he called PK that worked simple instructions but he could never duplicate the large complex thinking system that the asura could. Though he could get his mini PK to perform the functions and EX mimic those functions.

    He hooked up the little golem to the larger one. It gave Wysterion a whirl and a beep and he rubbed the hard metallic head of the golem. The larger one rose to life copying every movement the little golem did. Wysterion did the standard check to insure that all the commands were in working order. Mainly making sure that the larger golem was connection was complete through out it's system. Then he got the golems to lift the ballista like a wheel barrow on the wheel located on the back. It took a while but he managed to get the golems to carry all three ballista to the testing lab and Wysterion walked them back to his lab. He couldn't keep PK very long on the connection or it would drain his battery cell.

    He returned and noted that the other competitors were late setting their inventions up. He turned his head back to his work when he saw the small asuran that he met earlier walk in. Wyst went and connected all the ties together with a large pin hammering them down. Soon he would show off his work. He checked and rechecked all the pressure chambers and vials. Then made sure the line the arrows were on were tight. As he worked a human with a clipboard showed up and had to clear his throat to gain his attention. "Hi, I was just here to re-inform you on the rules. Your project must not over weigh 300 pounds so that a bull can carry it. It must pierce through the marble target, and hold the weight of 2000 pounds for the supplies, aaaaaaand all the members of the party including the needed equipment transported safely. Thane Ripgear will go first, then Kiriix, and you will go last."

    Wyst nodded silently feeling nervous butterflies flutter in his stomach. A human term he's heard in Lion's Arch. He then noticed a crowd drawing in the stands behind a safety force field. He glanced around seeing some familiar faces. He even glanced over towards his competitors. They actually had teams helping them out. Thane had his warband of priory members and Kiriix obviously had her Krewe. Wyst sighed and decided to get back to work. He took out his trusty wrench and triple checked all of his bolts.
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