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  1. As the hands of the clock struck 2pm, the man in the rather expensive looking black suit and sunglasses sat behind his desk looking at his watch, as if counting the seconds. The room, though it didn't appear to be anything significant, was highly secure. The only thing in the room besides the man himself was the desk he was sitting at along with its commodities, everything else was empty space and walls, as they only used this room for recruiting and mission briefing, they didn't need anything else. But, as far as security goes, this room was one of the strongest, it had listening devices in the ceiling, placed about every five feet to ensure liability if someone were to try and turn against the organization. Cameras were set in each corner of the room, both ceiling corners and floor corners so both the floor and the ceiling were being watched. Even the man behind the desk had a camera placed on him at all times. Nothing was going to slip through the cracks here.

    As time ticked away, the man behind the desk began to get impatient, tapping his foot on the floor in displeasure. "They were told to be here at two pm, it is two o five and nobody has showed up yet. You would think ten million U.S. dollars would be somewhat of an encouraging number. But apparently not I suppose, damn bounty hunters, no amount of money is ever enough I guess." The man began to let out a disappointed sigh when suddenly the phone on the desk began to ring. The man picked up the receiver and with clear annoyance in his voice he answered "Hello?!" "Yes I know they are late! But I can't exactly go searching the globe again for all of them just to tell them they are late!" "No I will not send out foot soldiers! Do you have any idea what bounty hunters and assassins do when they see men in suits coming after them?!"
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  2. Mavrik walked into the room as the man was talking on the phone.
    "When you say the word they, who is it that you are referring too? I was under the impression that I would be the only one. I don't exactly work well with others. You never said anything about this before in our agreement."
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  3. Moo wasn't particularly ecstatic about being late. He preferred to be punctual and on time, but sometimes other things just got in the way. He did some slight adjustments to the Moocraft before parking it outside the building. There were several clicks and then there were whizzing sounds as though the mechanism was shutting down. He nodded and watched it for several more moments before he actually stepped away and walked into the building. For a place like this it seemed to be lacking the proper security, at least by his standards. He wondered who would spend a vast amount of money on mediocre defense mechanisms. It would only take him an hour tops to really mess with security and make improvements of his own interest. However, that was nearly for another time and for another place.

    Eventually he made it to a room that had only a man behind a desk and obviously a newcomer. He thought he might say something and then thought better of his comment. Instead he waited for the man behind the desk to finish his incorrect assumption on bounty hunters. He couldn't exactly speak for assassins as that wasn't his line of work.

    "Excuse me," Moo started, "I have a strong interest in your bounty. Ten million U.S dollars? Is that the correct amount?"
  4. Still on the phone, but now aware that people are beginning to show up, he rushed the conversation as much as he could "Yes I know.." "Sir.." "Sir please.." "Sir they are here now I must hang up!" with that last outburst, the man quickly hung up the phone, interlaced his fingers and set his arms down on the desk "Yes, the bounty is ten million U.S. dollars, you are correct. And I do apologize for the delay, my boss does not like to be kept waiting." The man looked at his watch once more and looked around the room "I get I can't expected proper punctuality from people hired to kill huh? Please take a seat you two, I apologize for the wait, as we have more guests that should be arriving, soon hopefully." He said as he snapped his fingers, two chairs materialized in the center of the room "And don't worry, the chairs are real, not some hologram or cheap trick." he said as he motioned for the two to sit
  5. Moo looked down at the chairs. He debated whether or not he would sit. The more the man spoke, the more irritated Moo became. Since when did people like that become so pompous. Moo would have indeed been here on time had the time he received been correct in the first place. Perhaps that was something to work on all on it's own. Hm? Moo decided against sitting. He didn't trust anything that simply appeared in front of him upon request unless it was something of his own invention. The chairs did look real and were indeed not a hologram or cheap trick as the man had worded it. Furthermore, there were more guests or bounty hunters was probably the better word that would be arriving. Which meant that Moo would hold any further questions until their arrival.

    "Punctuality? Sir, I would have been on time had the correct time been properly communicated. Please refrain from making hasty generalizations amongst bounty hunters. Seeing with what you're hired to do, you would be aware that we are not all the same. In fact we are different in ways you cannot even begin to fathom," Moo's lips twitched into the barest hint of a smirk, but it was so faint that it could have gone unnoticed and unaccounted for.
  6. The man behind the desk smiled a rather uncomforting smile "I am well aware all bounty hunters are different, I am, well rather, was a bounty hunter myself. I was assigned to this mission previously. The reason I am here is because I am the only one who survived the mission out of a group of about twenty or so. There have been several groups gathered to try and capture our target, and each time, no one has returned. The only reason I survived is because I ran once I saw one of the members of my group get slaughtered in front of me. So cowardliness aside, I am the best one to brief you on the mission at hand." The man said with a sneer "As for proof of my statement, well, that is information I have yet to see any reason to give you. So you'll just have to bank on my word boy."
  7. A kid in a black baggy hoodie and some pants that had pleanty of room in them was leaning against the wall, just outside the door, eyes closed, earbuds in and connected to an iPod in his pocket, though it wasnt on. Looking up slowly and surveying all who had already come, he smiled slightly and walked into the room. The boy had brown hair with very faint blond highlights throughout and he seemed rather slight of build, though, bound to his hips were two long swords, as well as two more in an x on his back. He had recently broken his fifth. His dark eyes rested upon the man who had summoned this group of bounty hunters together, and seemingly more, to take out a 'target' that he seemed incapable of incapacitating. It was pathetic that the adults in high command couldn't handle a simple task. The boy didnt mind working with others, but preceded his solitude. Less people to betray him that way. But now wasnt the time for deciding preferences.
    "Sir, if I may. Whether the others you have summoned come or not, we have important matters to attend to, and you are paying for the wait. So I suggest you get to talking, snake." The boy's voice was quiet, words spoken slowly, but there was a venom in his voice and it commanded respect. It held power. The boy didnt speak any more than he ever deemed nessicary, and so with those words, he stepped back from the desk a bit, though he still kept his eyes trained on the man behind it.
  8. Mavrik could sense the "presence" coming from the other attendees. They were not to be trifled with. Rarities of spirit, intelligence, and power within this world. The same as he was. It had been a long while since he had witnessed warriors of this kind and was getting kind of anxious as well as to the nature of this target they would be hunting. If these were the hunters, and multiple hunters of this caliber were needed, then the one they would be hunting must of been on another level compared to them. The man had stated it already. Out of twenty he was the only one to survive. This was the second attempt at capturing and or killing this foe. Who knows, maybe more attempts than that had been made. Maybe this was the tenth attempt? Mavrik smirked in anticipation. He didn't give a damn about the money. All it did was entice him into the strength that such an enemy holds. What he wanted was to punish evil. And the thought of fighting and defeating something so strong would bring him one step closer to gaining true strength and achieving his final goal.
  9. Upon the relatively young looking boy's mention of the word 'snake', the man behind the desk became visibly impressed. "Oh, very good boy, less than five minutes and you've already figured out who I am. Well, moreover, what I was." The man behind the desk was a bounty hunter whose alias was Snake. Short for 'A Snake In The Grass'. This man was a world renowned sniper, he could shoot the wings off a fly from twenty miles away if he tried. His munitions were no ordinary bullets either, he had everything from your standard bullet to tranquilizer rounds that could put out an elephant to sniper bullets packed with enough explosive to level a building. His reputation was that of one the most unrelenting, horrific human beings on the planet, he would kill a child for a laugh if he was bored, and his own mother for a dollar if he needed one. He was known for showing no mercy and never turning down a job. Any witnesses whom might been around the area he was conducting business claim they never saw him, and the only victims of his that were left alive, claim they felt like a snake bit them and that was all they could remember. As for that explanation, Snake's signature was a poison bullet with two points at the end of it, leaving what looks like a snake bite scar on all who are hit by it.
  10. The boy growled slightly, the air around him physically heating a bit before the heat vanished and he walked to a corner, resting his back against the wall and closing his eyes. There was no need for him to speak to someone who killed for no reason besides the notion that it was 'fun'. He had purpose in his killings, and never did he accept those who killed needlessly. The very pressence of the boy seemed to change as he had walked over to the corner, and now, behind closed lids, the boy's eyes slowly faded to a pale green. He continued on with just listening, watching without his eyes. He could hear the things that no one ever spoke. He could feel what others locked away. He hated his abilities, but they made him who he was, and helped with his job, so he never worked too hard at getting rid of them.
  11. Mavrik cocked his head to the side as he looked at the young boy. It was weird but he felt as if something had just switched within the boy. At first he thought it a figment of his imagination but now the more he stared the clearer it became. Indeed the boys "presence" had changed.
    Mavrik took note of this and continued standing were he was in the back right corner of the room. He began to make swirls with his finger in the air leaving a wisp of white frost in the air behind it. It was all he could do to keep himself entertained. Then he eventually got bored with that too.
    "Agent Snake? You said that you were the only one who survived a prior attempt at this target. Correct?"
  12. "Yes that is correct." Snake looked around for the room for a moment before he hung his head with a sigh "I do apologize for the wait, it seems the people I set out to gather aren't the most punctual. And please, don't call me agent, I am by no means deserving of a title as such. I'm simply here because I am the only one to survive, and what I saw was enough to make me never want to leave this building again. Hell, if it was enough to show someone like me what evil truely was, I can only imagine what he could do to you three." he said, not in a mocking sense, but almost in a scared sense. "I didn't change my ways to become a better human being or to make right for what I did wrong, I changed for one reason." Snake paused for a moment for letting out a deep exhale "It was either this, or they would send me back with your group, and I'd do anything to keep as far away from that town as possible. I am."
  13. What type of blasphemy was this? Was it a scare tactic of some sort? It was beginning to feel like more of a joke. Moo sighed. There were more relevant questions people could be asking. Who cared who the guy was or what he stood for. What mattered right now was that there are several people all aiming for the same goal and that is to receive ten million U.S dollars. With that kind of money up for grabs, who would care what the risks were. High Risk. High Reward. That was Moo's motto. He scanned the room. Was this money going to be split between all of them? He cringed at the idea. That would certainly put a dent in his plans, but it was nothing he couldn't adjust to.

    "Well here you are. What can you tell us about this assignment in particular?" Moo asked.

    He was curious to know what exactly they were working with. It could mean that he would have to prepare accordingly. Would he need alchemical concoctions or not? That was the real question he was getting at and would they need explosives?
  14. A301 - 'Unnamed'

    Eyes that were a dark shade of blue, an unnatural colour refused to sway from the coloured window decorated with the image of the virgin Mary. They did not move and she did not move other than the rise and fall of her torso with each passing breath. Fingers shifted as they tapped against the pew she was sat upon, creating a repetitive sound to amuse her. Even if the creature sat within the broken and abandoned church was isolated from people she found nothing wrong with it since this was normal for her. Well, waiting was normal for her.

    She stood, casting curled waves of red around her as she glanced around. This was home. Turning, the female headed over towards the doors, fingers plucking the steel rings that hung from the doors. The tall wooden forms shifted with a tired groan as she applied pressure to force them open with a large swing that caught a gust of air. Eyes, still concealed by the darkness of the church roamed the bright outdoors experimentally before she rolled her neck, hair shifting before she stepped outside.

    Now in the light, Project A301 was visible, her features easily noted now that light reigned harmlessly around her pale skin. She was quite tall for the female gender with a curvy figure that was shrouded by red, blood red that cascaded around her form. Her eyes were dark blue that seemed to fade to grayish blue towards the center that were framed by red lashes, opposing the blue. She adorned a white shirt that fell to her thighs, the material ripped and torn in various places from battles she had been in. Black shorts and gladiator sandals reaching her knees finished the outfit she adorned. Her wrists were chained by gold cuffs, remains of the original chains hung from them, bringing the sound of clashing steel along with her.

    As project A301 looked around she eventually peered down towards the town settled there. A few times the artificial angel had visited the humans although hidden and she found it no different. They were unknowing. Cocking her head she turned her gaze to the sky, clouds floating innocently upon the blanket of baby blue. Lips curled up on her cheeks, bringing the soft smile to her features as she raised a shackled hand, fingers spread out as if to grasp the sight that entranced her. "Pretty."

    Turning back to the town she shook her head. It was clear her 'creator' was not here. He was probably dead but A301 had little choice but to try and search for him or another of her 'kind'. Not born human but created from the mad mans twisted habit of creating life she knew eventually her body would shut down due to her method of creation. The government also gave up on the project with his death and so the survivors were waiting till they essentially shut down and were unable to continue without the scientist keeping them running.

    Slowly the angel lowered herself to the ground, hands settling upon her lap as she watched the occasional dot of colour travel across the town, she herself being at a distance that the people were mere specks of colour shifting across shades of grey and black. "Previous orders still intact." She muttered, voice monotone as she peered over at the town with narrowed eyes. "Targets to be found." The robotic voice one again spoke before she shifted slightly. After all, the orders she were given were never classified as completed and so, in her head and many other artificial creatures, they continued.​
  15. "Well, it looks like this is everybody that is going to show up, I say it's about time we got to the reason you all came here. If everyone would please gather around close to my desk, I'll brief you all on the job that is worth ten million U.S. dollars, and how the payment will be given." Snake said as he looked around. If any more were to show, they had better hurry, Snake was getting slightly unnerved in a room full of mercenaries and the only thing standing between them and ten million dollars was him. Fortunately for him however, he had security. "Alright, of course I'm sure all of you have some doubts or concerns as to the pay out. Well let me assure you, the bounty is real and true. And I have it with me right now. BUT, before you all think about killing me and everyone else in the room for an easy pay day, I will assure you, I have security measures." Snake said, and he snapped his fingers. Within a second, several hundred red dot sights appeared on each person gathered in the room, including Snake himself. "Now as you all can see, if anyone, including myself, tries to leave this building with the money, which I'll will show all of you in a few minutes, it will be a blood bath for every one of us. The gunmens' orders are shoot to kill, no prisoners." Snake then reached underneath his desk and slowly pulled up a rather large suitcase and set it on the desk, facing the bounty hunters. "As promised, here is the proof. And remember, any slight movement towards the money, and we all die. Is that clear?" he asked as he put his hands on the latches
  16. The boy in the corner didnt much like the fact that he would have to come any closer to the entire group, but, with a sigh, he approached, hanging himself as far back as he could manage. All this talk about the money didnt really interest him all that much, and now it interested him even less with his body being covered in lazer sights. His gaze was steady and calm, however, as he slowly surveyed the room, takiing it all in once more. All he really came here for was to hunt down a 'man' who had wronged him in the past, and to take up a new bounty job, one that would avenge thousands of deaths. They were all instructed not to make a move for the money, but he didnt hear anything about moving away, so he took a couple of steps back and sat himself down in the chairs that were still in the room.
  17. Moo did not make any sudden movements towards the money either. The actions were hardly necessary. Furthermore, it was quite pathetic to see that they needed hired help to keep them all under control. Many of them possessed means by which they could protect themselves or escape if things got a little too messy. The person behind the desk, or perhaps this Snake, was being a little too over the top for his tastes. After a short moment, Moo actually moved away from the money. Seeing as his questions had more or less been ignored.

    "Excuse me, but is this some type of joke? You just said if we move towards the money at all we die. That would make it impossible for us to move anywhere near your desk. Hypothetically, if we were to get closer to your desk, wouldn't that also mean moving towards the money?" Moo pointed out as he tried to keep as much venom out of his voice as possible.

    It felt like this person didn't know what he was talking about. Moo had been hunting vampires his entire life. There was no way that the guy in front of him or any people he had hired in the past learned to be creative. Moo was the creator of vampire slaying weapons. He created things that would make most vampires piss themselves at the sight of. It was evident that Snake had really lost his touch and needed someone with a brain to conduct his work while he sat here smugly in his office.

    Moo reached in his pocket. He fished around for a device before finding it and turning it on. Nothing was happening yet, but it was simply something he had prepared in case something should go horribly wrong.
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