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  1. Its modern day, the world is fairly peaceful, world crime rates are low, but, there are few problems...

    Welcome to the town of Treestump, yea the name sounds a little silly, but well given. This town, which is the size of a very small city, is located in the middle of a thick forest on the far outskirts of a much larger city, Brookside, which about twice the size of Manhattan, its name comes from the Brook river, which runs through the middle of the city, on one side, the upper middle and upper class tend to take hold of because of the nicer, more fertile land. However, the other side, lower middle and lower class take refuge. Our story takes place in Treestump, where the 'Priority Target' (my character) lives. The reason he is being hunted is not for major crimes against humanity or threatening to take over the world, but simply, he isn't like everybody else, and the government has created an organization to hire bounty hunters, assassins, guns for hire, and anyone who's got enough screws loose to go and kill him before the general public gets wind of him and any who partner with him. You are not the first to be hired, but will you be the last?

    The reward set for anyone who can capture Drake dead or alive is currently 10 million dollars U.S.

    Below will be the basic info I would like you to provide if you want to play, if you can, please just copy/paste and answer the categories in the way I have them listed, I posted one of Drake, and I will also be providing a link to Drake's full profile if anyone would like to read on it for any reason.

    This roleplay can, but does not have to, contain any serious sexual content. But swearing, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sexual jokes, and if you are comfortable, sex, are all allowed, so this rp will be rated high.

    The date is currently Friday June 20th, and this thread is completely open

    This is just a signup thread, if you'd like to do this rp with me, just send me a message

    Character Sheet Info:

    Name: Drake Vampiron

    Age: 500+ but appears to be 19 or 20

    Type: Supernatural, Vampire

    Weapons/ability: Drake has a very heavy, straight blade sword that he has strapped to his back underneath his shirt, his abilities are as follows: He has claws, fangs, increased agility, strength and sense of smell, he can see in the dark and he has regenerative capabilities

    Personality: Drake likes to have fun; mind you that fun may be mischievous and harmful to others, but it can also just be relaxing in the shade listening to a good song on his Ipod. He is rather dangerous, but on the inside, Drake is good hearted and will go out of his way to help a small child or defend an innocent person in a fight. But don't be fooled, Drake has no problem fighting if he is confronted.

    History/Bio: Drake wasn't born a vampire, he was actually bitten in his late teens which is why he appears 19 or 20. He doesn't remember anything of his parents and really doesn't have many friends. So he tends to be seen alone, which he doesn't mind, it makes it easier for him to keep his secret.

    Extra information: Everybody has weaknesses both physically and personality wise, one of Drake's personal flaws that tends to get him in more trouble than most people think is worth, he has a tendency to get distracted by heavy chests, which, if your an anti hero or a hunter character, can help in battle situations, and it makes for good comedic relief.

    Looks: Drake stands at 6ft tall, 125lbs, he has a gothic/emo appearance and red eyes, there a pictures of the character I use to personify him on the webpage I created for him, which is the link below.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Character Sheet Info:

    Name:Names, Nicknames or Alias that your character goes by, you can include any combination of the three
    Age: Any age
    Type: Supernatural, Enhanced Human, Regular Human, what is your character?
    Weapons/ability: Does your character have any weapons or speacial abilities
    Personality: Behavior, Mood triggers, etc
    History/Bio:Backstory and basic bio
    Extra information: and sidenotes or extras that you think should be known
    Looks: Picture or description of your character

    P.S. : I had originally created this as a group rp and that version is up and running, but I've had several people ask to do this as a 1x1, so I'm creating this version, I can do this 1x1 any amount of times with whomever would like to, so this will never be a closed thread. Also, if you'd like to discuss a 1x1 rp that is not this ^, just message me.
  2. Name: Elise Liza

    Age: 20

    Type: Human

    Weapons/ability: This young lady can use any weapon she puts her mind to, she also knows martial arts

    Personality: Elise is usually caring and intrigued by information she doesn't know about yet. Determined to get the job done and being an all around sweet and caring girl she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.

    History/Bio: Growing up on the streets, Elise learned over time how to survive. Growing tired of the steal-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-needy she ventured off to find different jobs to help support her street friends in her hometown. Her parents eventually tried to turn her into a prostitute, sending her to different men so her family could eat another day. Never being able to do it, she would show up at the mens house, knock them out and steal their money. As she grew up her father tried molesting her so she ran away. She found a sweet martial arts expert and taught her everything he knew so she had a better chance of surviving. Currently she is an adventurer and traveler.

    Other: Elise tends to care too much, even when she faces a bad guy a lot of the time she has to hide her feelings because they are seen as a weakness.

    Look: 8215942-beautiful-blond-woman-with-braided-hair-and-coral-lipstick-in-retro-cross-process-effect.jpg
    (she has no makeup though)
  3. accepted ^_^ so just send me a message and we can discuss or start it :p
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