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  1. Once upon a time, there was a little prince, who never really felt like a prince. They were drawn to "feminine" things, like dresses and dolls and make up. And while girls don't have to even like feminine things, this royal felt like girl fit them better than boy. They always wished to be a girl since they were little.
    But in their teens they learned more about trans people, and realized that if they identified as a girl, that would mean that they were a girl. They realized that they had always really been a girl.

    But her parents would not hear of such things. Once she came out to them, they refused to accept that she was a girl and banned her from "feminine" things, thinking that would somehow stop her from being a girl. She was forced to remain in the closet, only ever revealing her true self to her best friend. She was forced to only learn and do things that her parents considered "boyish". Sword fighting being the only one she actually enjoyed.

    So the young princess grew up, unable to show her true self to her people. Sheltered by her parents. Her parents kept her hidden from the public as much as her parents could get away with. Her younger brother, on the other hand, they took great pride in.
    He was the heir. He loved his sister and accepted her, but could not do much about how horrid their parents were.

    The princess had to stay in the closet... Until one day...

    On the way to a meeting with a neighboring kingdom (which she of course was not invited to, since her parents considered her the black sheep in the family), her parent's train hit another train head on.

    Her parents were killed.

    She was depressed for about a month, but then decided that she actually didn't care much. Her parents never cared for her. They were ashamed of her. Their deaths would not change the mental abuse and transphobia they had shown her her entire life. They were not worthy of being called her parents. Their deaths did not mean that she owed them any respect.

    Her brother was more torn up about it, but finally got better after two months of mourning. Once he got out of his depression, he made a shocking proclamation:
    "There is no better person to rule this kingdom than Riley. They deserve it more than I do. I relinquish my rights to the crown to them."

    Riley was shocked. A few weeks later, her brother left to fight in a war. He writes home sometimes.

    Today Riley is 17. She struggles with her gender identity. Now that her parents are gone, she is trying to regain the love for her real gender and overcome the transphobic insults, misgendering, and invalidation her parents had forced upon her.
    Will she come out to her subjects? Will she be able to be herself? Or will transphobia keep her in the closet? How will things work out for her?

    Currently a council runs the kingdom until she comes of age, but the council is oppressive to the kingdom. Riley sees this and is constantly at odds with the council and their laws.

    In just two months, she will be crowned ruler of the kingdom. Will she stay in the closet and accept being crowned a king? Or will she accept who she really is, and take her rightful position as Queen?


    See Signup thread for postitions and character sheet.

    Please have at least a paragraph unless characters are having a simple conversation that only needs a short response.
    Though the setting is fictional and some of the kingdom's ideals are rather medieval (i.e. women wearing pants or skirts above the knee are frowned upon, "witchcraft" is banned...) , they have modern tech.

    Respect people's pronouns. There will be transphobic characters, but Don't give me reason to expect that you are transphobic
    Truscum and TERFs are not allowed. Period.

    Slurs are not allowed unless the character you are playing is meant to be a bad person. Don't go too far, and don't give me reason to expect that you actually support people who use the slurs. If I sense that YOU are being offensive, then I will call you out over PM on your offensive behaviors.

    I hope we can have fun! I'm very eager for this rp! I know the rules might seem strict, but I just want this roleplay to be open and accepting for all!
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