[princessyuna] The red sun rises. [Becky Young-Bae]

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  1. His eyes gazed over the distance of the his land, looking through the trees and on the ground. He was keeping a weather eye, making sure no threats came forth. It was truly bothersome that Orcs were running rampage, but they dared not to go far into Mirkwood. They knew of the Elves who resided here, and they knew well that they would die under their arrows.

    Though, what was strange to the young prince was that Orcs were coming forth frequently. News traveled the land quickly of the terror they brought to villages across Middle Earth, something that has never happened in a few years through peace. Now they had returned, and the Elves kept the guard. Orcs were no match for them, they had never been.

    They were stupid creatures.

    Legolas just watched, and listened.

    He just waited as he did like any other day.
  2. Aly was walking through the forest, Amethyst following behind her. She had been looking for anyone in the forest, someone to take her in. She accepted that her mother was dead and was living on her own. She had been lucky so far that no orcs were in the area. Her legs were getting sore so she gets onto her mare. She rides further into the forest, to a part she hadn't been to yet. She was just hoping no enemies would show up since she had no weapons at all.

    She notices a river and smiles. She knew that there were usually some kind of city or village wherever there was water. She decides to follow the river, hoping to find someone or somewhere finally. She nudges Amethyst into a trot along the river's shoreline. She was looking around, extremely alert, for any sign of a city or village nearby.

    What she didn't know was that there was a city - Rivendale, the most well-known elven city in Middle Earth.
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