Princess x (?) Role-play! (Male character needed)

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  1. Hiya! I'm Futaba! And I would like to do a princess x (?) role-play.
    And I do need a male for this o-o or a male character?
    Chooses! (These all have plots to them but if you want the plot then PM me and ask me what it is!)
    Princess x Prince -Arrange marriage-
    Princess x Elf boy -Rivals-
    Tribe princess x Hunter
    Elf princess x Hunter
    Princess x Pirate
    Lost princess x Pirate
    Lost princess x Thief
    Princess x Bartender
    Princess x Servant
    Princess x Guard
    Run away princess x Guard
    Runway princess x Runaway prince
    Princess x young/new king
    Elf princess x Elf prince

    If you would like to do any of these please PM me or comment on this thread!
    And 17-15 don't be afraid to message me either! I would like to do a few flirty scenes ;3 I'm 16 >-> ​
  2. Ooh Princess x Guard
  3. Ayeee still looking for some partners!
  4. I like the lost or runaway princess and who ever finds her. While I lack a Y chromosome, I do play characters who are male!
  5. I'm interested in an Arranged marriage for a Prince and Princess, also interested in servant x Princess. Willing to play male in both instances ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.