Princess X Prince Rp

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  1. Anyone up for a prince x princess rp? I'd love to try a non-typical plot. Something different. If you have an ideas please PM me! Thanks! <3 GoGo
  2. I have a really strange idea, if you wanna hear it.
  3. Sure, hit me.
  4. I am the Prince of a nation of people who feed off love. We are insectode (I'm stealing from the changelings) and you capture me, the Prince of them.
    However, I meet you, the princess. I begin to feed off your love, but I slowly fall in love myself. This starts to eliminate my need to feed on love. But soon my army attacks to get me back, and its a race to get me back.'s a very weird idea I know
  5. @BionicBrony

    Yeah, that's a bit too weird for my taste.
  6. You may wanna find someone else sorry....