Princess X Knight (need Princess)

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  1. I had an idea of a princess who has a knight a very strange knight, he has been seriving the kingdom for countless ages how he is alive is unknown and scary to most people till he cokes down with a horrible sickness. She decides to take care of him because she and the knight share a good and healthy bond but the knights secret might be revealed as what he truely is. He isn't a human or a mage ....he is the last dragon alive. Only way to cure him is finding a rare and only one time blooming flower called the dragon Tear flower which can heal anything even death itself.

    MY character -


    Post around 1-2 phargrahs

    Can play more then one character
  2. I would be up for this.
  3. Really Awesome
  4. Yup really! You might just wanna give me chance till tomorrow to go further with stuff, the power is out and my battery is about to die XD
  5. Alrighty, I can wait.

    If anyone like to start this with me i will take on more then one partner XD
  6. Yeah that would be a good idea cause I'm a busy one so I don't reply very often..but I try ma best.
  7. Ok thats fine don't be able to post every week at least
  8. Hey if your up to it I could play this. Seems kind of awesome.
  9. Pm me
  10. I am also interested in this plot! ^^
  11. PM me please
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.